blossoms and boys.

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photos taken around capitol hill with our canon a-1 film camera (it was my dad’s camera from back in the 80’s!)
i’m not very good with this old film camera because i’m intimidated by it, to be honest. but i’m determined to take it out and practice more because i love the look of film and how these photos came straight out of the camera with this coloring. i love it.
  1. Rhianne

    I love film, we have an olympus (which was also my dad's) and I heart it. These are gorgeous, what a great start :)

  2. I am so jealous! I love film and really want to get into it.

  3. I can't even remember the last time I used film. These photos came out so nicely though!

  4. Kay*

    i have the exact same camera (with a broken light meter no less) & have been teaching myself to use it too. i LOVE the look of film and can't wait to get my rolls developed.

    great pics!

  5. these look great! Seems like you're getting the hang of it pretty darn quick. I'm intimidated by film too. I think it's scarey because if you mess up you feel like you wasted something. At least for me anyways!

  6. Tracey

    Gorgeous pictures!! I love the colour and 'texture' which seems to come through these images … beautiful! :)

  7. aw what a handsome pair

  8. I love these photos. They are amazing. :]

  9. Katie

    you seems to already have the hang of it! your pictures look great. you're right, the color is magic.

  10. The trees are gorgeous.

  11. Melanie

    Beautiful photos — the cherry blossoms are to die for right now. I'm so lucky that I work in the city and get to seem them!

    …and I want your dog!!! Bulldogs are so, so, so cute.

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  12. Nikki

    Gorgeous photos. They look antique!

  13. scroll down in this cup of jo blog entry for something sweet and bulldog inspired!
    i'm in london and it's cool and cloudy – cabo sounds dreamy right now

  14. oh these photos are great! i'm just starting to learn film…anything you can give advice on?

  15. beautiful photos :D
    i love the weather.

  16. aww i take all my film pics on a canon ae-1 that was my dad's! don't you love it?? it's my fave.

  17. Holli

    I have just rededicated myself to using my 35mm Rebel that I got in college…There's just nothing like the look of a film photo. I just wrote a post on it myself :) Beautiful pictures!

  18. The blossoms in D.C. are sooo pretty! Yes, you should not give up on that camera because these are such lovely pictures.

  19. Emily

    Lovely photos – spring in DC really is quite incomparable! I just purchased a Holga and am learning to use it, so I understand your intimation/excitement about a new type of camera!

  20. so pretty. I love that you didn't tweek them… they're gorgeous!!

  21. josh is wearing a CSX shirt!!! go jacksonville. :)

  22. Gorgeous colouring and I just love blossom trees right now – they are everywhere and so beautiful!

  23. Great photos! I'm a DC girl too :) Love your dog! Soooo cute!

  24. Chaucee

    I just love the blossoms in DC. There is no place like it. Such beauty in the city!

    I can't wait to get my film developed. I hope to have some good ones to share.

  25. Love the coloring in the pics. I can't even figure out how to work my silly Nikon D40 much less a vintage cam!

  26. ~L~

    I still use my Dads Canon A-1 35mm and LOVE IT!

  27. Hannah

    I've been dreaming of getting an "older" camera for a while now. Love love love your pictures!

    My photography skills are pretty lacking though, but I suppose other than taking a class, the best thing I can do is practice.

  28. Ariel

    i use a film camera too, an old nikon 35mm, and i also just love the color you get straight out of camera. i understand though the intimidation, its stressful to meter and focus everything!!

    these photos are beautiful though, i especially love the first one. lovely glow.

  29. these are positively beautiful! i love shooting straight from the camera! i wish we had beautiful blossoms like this!

  30. i love those blossoms… so beautiful! i wish we had more of them in colorado. boo.

  31. these are great photos! and I so love shooting with film – always such a real feel to it.

  32. Mikaela

    such pretty pictures!
    I was wondering what you did to get the beautiful color, that's amazing it came right out of the camera like that.

  33. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i love all of the pretty blossoms.

  34. When I was little, I wanted a camera like dads. So one day I asked him how much it was and he thought I had broken it. It was funny! I love the pictures though. They look good no matter what camera you use.

  35. those are beautiful! there is something SO pleasant & natural about FILM!!! i miss film.

  36. Natalie

    i have the same film guy :) i love him. though i love my digi better, film is great fun.

  37. janis

    LOVE these. what beautiful quality…

  38. Beautiful! Hope you have a great time in Mexico, I am jealous!

  39. That Color is lovely!!I have an old Canon that Im also afraid to take out because of the intimidation factor.
    Be strong!

  40. CM

    These are soooo beautiful! You should definitely use this camera more often.

  41. film cameras give out beautiful colors on the shots. dreamy-like. and capitol hills looks so lovely with the flowers in full bloom. I'd love to live in your city.

  42. jesska

    These are beautiful photos! I'm inspired to get out my camera again.