a broken diana.

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my diana camera is broken.
when i figured this out it was a very sad day at our house.
i took her out for one last hurrah around capitol hill last week
even though i figured she was done.
she still managed to surprise me with 4 little photos,
regardless of being broken.
i thought that was nice.
we will miss you, diana.
  1. aw, frigging love you guys.

    ode to a camera.

    sweetest posts i've ever seen in my life.

    PD x

  2. emily

    oh my goodness. what happened? i feel so sad right now. i guess you'll just have to get a mini so we can shoot and develop film together. right? (remember how ben and i bought our own chemicals?) hope you're enjoying the beach for me.
    p.s. your film shots are bomb. you impress me.

  3. Oh, what a shame! Your Diana pics are so dreamy. You have inspired me to try out a Diana! Hopefully you can get her into the shop!

  4. what a shame and a sad sad day for you! your pictures still turned out whimsical though! you live in such a beautiful place!

  5. Seyma

    farewell Diana.. god rest your soul :))))


  6. Melinda

    Yeah, Diana's are kind of cheap-o like that. Mine took two rolls and since has had really bad light leaks and winding problems. I hear Holgas tend to last longer, especially the modified ones. I'd stick with the AE-1 though. That's a good one!

  7. Chloe T

    Condolences for the Diana, Naomi! Will you be buying another in its place?

    Also, I actually really like the way the pictures have turned out.. The broken, fragmented parts of the photos give a lovely effect, especially the second and third photos. Love it!

    Chloe X

  8. Rhianne

    oh gosh, this is so heartbreaking, I would be devasted if mine was broken. I'm sure you wont be able to resist buying another one though :)

  9. Jane

    sorry about your Diana. Great shots for it's last hoorah.
    Would you like to buy mine? I bought it from Urban Outfitters and have only used it a few times. (Two rolls)
    It is in great condition with all of the goods that came in the package.
    email me: [email protected]

  10. my mouth dropped open at the second shot. beautiful.

  11. :( you are not the only one that will miss her

  12. this breaks my heard. cameras are something so personal and precious if they have accompanied one for a long time.
    but the photos are wonderful, as always. ode to you, diana.

  13. awe… so sad. these pictures are SO beautiful though! i absolutely love them!

    oh & btw- i am offering a fun giveaway at my blog this week! check it out: http://thebrightsidestudio.blogspot.com

    thanks! & happy monday!

  14. ahh sadness!!

    At least those last four pictures were beautiful! A beautiful time of year for her passing…

  15. $mith

    still pretty neat

  16. i actually really LOVE these shots! they really looked like they've been edited and cropped to look this way…sometimes messy imperfect pictures are better.

  17. aaww, r.i.p little diana :( these are lovely, though!

  18. Ack! So sad! I had to give up on plastic cameras for a bit when I took in a roll of Holga film & found out no pics were taken and that the camera was already busted. : (

  19. Kate

    These are very pretty shots! Looks like Diana has done you well!


  20. Sad. She was such a great pet. You'll be missed Diana!

  21. Lainey

    Awww, that's so sad! How did it break?! Well, at least you were able to get 4 beautiful pictures out of it. <3

  22. Shauna

    that's so sad!!! but these pictures are so beautiful (of course) i'm going to desperately miss diana.

  23. but what a great way to leave. these 4 pictures are magic.

  24. Niki

    that's so sad, i'm so sorry.

  25. janis

    are you getting a new one?!

    i JUST got one for my birthday this weekend – so excited!

  26. my camera recently broke too…I know the feeling :( I love your diana shots.

  27. Rose

    the final happy accidents! such beautiful photos to remember your lovely camera by though…x

  28. Kara

    Lovely photos! I love my lomo camera. I've got a Holga and it's amaaaazing.

  29. I love my Diana, she always surprises me. These photos are awesome.

  30. Naomi,

    Through your posts and other friends love of Dianas I borrowed one from a friend to try it out and I am saving my money to buy one!

    The Lomography store in NYC offers Diana Dialogue classes too where you learn more about the camera and you get to go on a shoot with a teacher. I am going to take one soon. It's on 10 bucks! If your ever in town you should check them out. I want the hot Mr. Pink camera!


    Anyway they have lots of cute camera options in case you decide to replace her!

    Hope you have fun in Mexico! Tell Josh Hello for me!

  31. she still took charming photographs. that's sweet.

  32. Jacob

    sorry about your camera :(

  33. those are absolutely beautiful. i love blossoms. there are many here in provo right now.

  34. Annie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious I LOVED your pictures off that babe :'(

  35. B

    I'm sad for you!! I'll miss her lovely photos.