1. he's getting sooooo big. what a doll.

  2. Lauren

    Love this photo!! Such a cute top!

  3. Elise

    jeans!! you look adorable! so does the little guy!

  4. omg he is so big now, so cute !

  5. I think Kingsley loves being featured on your blog. Look at his face!! He makes me want a dog sooo badly!

  6. Jay

    Oh wow, look how big he's gotten!! And such a cute top you've got on :)

  7. It looks like that might just be the case!

  8. oh kingsley…how is it possible that you are getting MORE adorable?

  9. oh my goodness, i love your shirt

  10. Kelly

    he looks pretty darn happy there!

  11. he looks so proud and confident sitting on mommy's lap. kinda like he's protecting you a bit. soo sooo cute. i saw a HUGE english bully last night (i mean huge) and i thought of you guys and kingsley.

  12. He's stinkin' precious!

  13. My dog likes to sit on my lap too!

  14. i can't wait to get a puppy that i will love just the same! (hope mine will sit on my lap so nicely, too!)

  15. elycia

    wow! he's getting so big! i love pets.

  16. Briel79

    He's getting so big! Soon he may not fit on your lap! :)

  17. Micaela

    i love your guy's expressions in this photo! :) TOO CUTE!

  18. look at you in your cute blue jeans! he is growing up quite nicely!

  19. ok so cute. i love hi in this pic. he loooks darling. and i love your shirt. where is it from. wanna start selling me your clothes? cuz i love them all. and if you ever need cash…hit me up. i hope you know you are seriously terribly gorgeous.

  20. Riley

    He has gotten so big and I absolutely love your top!

  21. Maddy

    Hahaha what a cutie! This is a great photo :D

  22. Rhianne

    gosh, he has grown fast, he does look rather happy to be there :)

  23. megan

    he is so, so, so super-cute! that face! aww!

  24. hahaha, he's awesome. He looks like he should have a cigar in his mouth. I just LOVE all his skin!!!

  25. How big will he get, by the way? Your lap is surely his favorite place. Zeus is 80 lbs and STILL tries to sit in my lap when I sit on the floor to visit with him, annnddd I secretly like it (shhhh…)

  26. aaww, he's getting so big! i love his look in this photo – so dignified! ;)

    p.s. love your cute top!

  27. Emily

    kingsley looks so regal here :)

  28. I think that about my pups as well! My favorite place for them is snuggling on my lap, so they must feel the same :) Great top, by the way…

  29. he's getting big :D

  30. Colleen

    He's getting so big!

  31. Looks like that to me.. look how proud he looks up there!

  32. ohmylanta he's getting so big!! what a cutie!!


  33. That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! He is just adorable!!!

  34. i can't believe how fast he's growing!! i feel like it was just yesterday he was the size of your hand!

  35. CAPow!

    he's getting so big!!

  36. from the look on his face i reckon it is! he looks very content!

  37. Suxh a delightful frame worthy snapshot!

    Ps: I was browsing your store and your hair pieces are stunning:)

  38. um excuse me…where did you get that shirt?! it's amazing!

  39. jenn king- it's from top shop in nyc. :)