welcome, march!

how is it already march 1st?
i’m not complaining.
happy to welcome spring and *hopefully* with that,
a few warmer days, less snow storms (or NO snow storms),
the first little signs of cherry blossoms on the trees,
& maybe even one or two nights where we can drive with the top down.
believe it or not, i’m actually looking forward to my snarly hair
after it’s experienced some crazy wind from driving
with the top down on the freeway. weird.
love to you all!
happy march!
  1. I welcome March with open arms….Spring is my ultimate favorite time of the year!

  2. snarly hair really isn't so bad when it's springtime.
    huzzah for warmer days!

  3. alexia

    My bday month! And spring is just around the corner! Yay!

  4. yeahh, February just flew by!! I'm ready for spring too!!

  5. I can't to put the top down on my car and have my hair be sexy tousled. sigh. I had the top down today in Utah. It was wonderful.

  6. Frau

    So happy if Spring would show up…this winter has been crazy across the globe. Have a wonderful week and hello March!

  7. I like Spring because that means an end to cold weather and that summer is near.

    p.s. snazzy hair!


  8. kate.

    yay march!!! i couldn't be more excited! i've been craving some warm sunshine!

    great photo!

  9. Bri

    happy march to you too!
    hope this month brings inspiring and sunny days to you <3

  10. I know! I tore off the February off of my calendar today! Crazy!

  11. Natalie

    I drive a bug, too.

    I noticed it via handle in picture above :)

    Nicely done, miss.

  12. Lucie

    Yesterday a big storm was on France, lots of damages… But this morning there is sun, the sky is blue so i enjoyed a little walk in Paris' streets. I 'm excited, it's march & i can't wait for Spring to come !

  13. Taza, I couldn't agree more! We are still under a blanket of snow here in Ontario – I am so looking for to spring, being outside, not having to wear a coat or socks.

    I can't wait. Thanks for the encouraging picture… it's getting closer. – Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife

  14. Riley

    I love March too!(mainly because my birthday is this month) Also I'm ready for all this snow to be gone.

  15. Emma

    Yippee, spring is finally here! London is full of sunshine and happy people!

    Love that the pic of you!

  16. I am hoping for NO snow storms! Happy March!

  17. Yay March! Cannot wait for spring to be here!

  18. I'm with ya! I'm so glad it's march! I can't wait for spring and summer!!

  19. sarah

    oh, march couldn't have come at a better time! when we were all haggard from the winter, spring came like a thief in the night.


  20. Annie

    typically, it has been gorgeous and sunny here today (uk, I'll ignore the fact it chucked it down around 4pm). Cannot WAIT for spring!! gorgeous picture, as always!

  21. you are a doll, my friend. i adore you and all your freckles. xoxo

  22. I can't wait for all the snow to go away! My high heels are getting too small and I can't even where them anywhere!

  23. Mara

    I'm so excited for March..and the spring that's it's bring along :)

  24. leahrae

    I'm also very glad it's March.
    We've had our cherry blossoms blooming for 2 or so weeks now!

    Have a happy month!

  25. spring time spring time….go away snow storm winter. it has been a crazy winter. way too long. soooo looking forward to the sun. woo hoo.

  26. CAPow!

    I'm with you! Bring on the spring! I can't wait to see all the trees flowering and have a warm breeze blowing!

  27. 7upkels

    gah! cherry blossoms in dc during the springtime is enough to make me wish i lived there, even with any threat of insane snow storms during the winter! so happy it's march!

  28. yay! happy march, naomi!
    that picture is so carefree, i love it.

  29. jen.

    i don't know if you read these all- but i was wondering- since you have such lovely fashion sense and you're always looking lovely, if you could give us ladies a few ideas for swimwear, since it's march most swimsuits are coming out- and i would love your always great ideas!
    your sister in the gospel

  30. Crystal

    : ( boo for March. First day of autumn here in NZ…..

  31. hi jen,

    down east basics always has some great (and modest) swim wear options. i bought a couple suits from them last summer.

    i also saw a couple really beautiful ones at target last week.

    if you ever come across any let me know too! always looking!

  32. i'm so exciting for spring! i want warm sunshine so bad!!

  33. You are crazy!! I hate snarly wind-blown hair! :)

  34. YAAA! Bring it on Spring – I am ready in my sundress & flip flops.

    Thanks for this post, I am in Florida its 46 here this morning (which I know is nothing to complain about) but its nice to remember that 85+ weather is on its way!

  35. so happy march is here too and just think how quick Feb blew by that you didn't even get to think twice about your Jan blues! March came just in time ;-)

  36. I can't wait for your Tidal Basin cherry blossom photos in just a few weeks!!!