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it was the first day of the cherry blossom festival in DC on saturday so we ventured out with kingsley to check out the events. our wedding photographer leo patrone was in town, so we met up with him for a bit and kingsley showed off his mad posing skills for the camera and crowds. we had lunch at rugby cafe in georgetown (the burgers are pretty good!) and i maybe waited in line far too long at georgetown cupcake (but leo had never had one so i had to wait in line!)

my sisters drove up with friends to the DC Temple on saturday so we got to meet up with them for a little in the afternoon too. aren’t they gorgeous? i am SO proud of these two.
this weekend i also realized i am stupider than stupid and had mixed up some medications i’d been taking since i have been pretty sick. who does that?! seriously. we talked with my doctor last night and sure enough, i messed up big time. i’m still kicking myself. i mean, who doesn’t read the labels?! the good news is i am still breathing today and hopefully will be breathing tomorrow too. i would also just like to say thanks to josh for taking care of me and not rubbing in the fact that i am a complete moron most of the time.
also, josh started teaching kingsley how to “shake” hands this weekend. and hopefully soon, we’ll be teaching him how to “wave.” i love.
how was your weekend?
  1. How sweet! I just love little kingsley! :)

  2. cute puppy + your shoes & tights = very cute picture!

    glad you're alright. be careful with yourself, girl!

  3. Krysta

    Oh man, shake was the hardest trick for my pup to learn. Seriously it took her like 3 weeks. She sort of gets lay down and roll over, but mostly only does those is rapid succession to get a treat. Ha, bulldogs can be quit stubborn!

  4. Kay*

    LOVE leo patrone's work! that's pretty awesome that he shot your wedding.

  5. Love leo patrone's work. Sounds like you had a really great weekend (with the exception of the medication mishap-so glad you are okay!)

    glad you got to enjoy yourself some yummy cupcakes! And you look adorable in the pictures!


  6. Alison

    I think that might be my favorite picture of Kingsley yet!

  7. hope you're feeling better! so happy you're still alive!!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad nothing bad happened with the medicine mixup!!!

  9. Liz

    oh my gosh! so glad you're okay! mixing medicine could've had some terrible outcomes.

    Hopefully we get to see the pics of Kingsley Leo took!!

  10. Your pup reminds me of mine. So cute! I just want to give him kisses.

  11. scary!! glad you're doing well though!

  12. love it all. sounds like a fabulous weekend. i love how you and all your siblings look so much alike, it is darling. i hope you get feeling better, easy mistake:)

  13. Annie

    hope you're fine after the mix-up. I'm going onto some heavy-duty stuff for my acne soon and I hope that doesn't happen to me!

  14. Aw, stop being so harsh on yourself. Get better soon so we can keep seeing you enjoy DC life =)

  15. kelly*

    you and your sisters all have the same exact smile!
    i hope you post pics when kingsley can shake…
    and i'm glad the medication thing didn't make you stop breathing!!!!


  16. cherry blossom festival in DC? who knew, I bet it way fun!
    &Don;'t you love when you get to hang out with family :)

  17. I've heard that the cherry blossoms are amazing! my bro and sister in law lived in DC for two years and that was their favorite part!

  18. Oh I did not see your first picture when I came by earlier. I love love love your shoes (it could be the nice prop you had them against…)! Where did you get them!

  19. ooh, I was recently thinking about getting those flats, but in orange/tan. Now you have me reconsidering my color choice! :) I always vow, "no more colorful shoes or bags, I need 'normal' ones," but then I keep buying the crazy colorful stuff. Do you have that "problem" (for lack of a better term), too? :D

  20. You and your family are just adorable. All so photogenic! Sorry, but I just had to gush. I love seeing pictures of stylish girls out there representing Mormons in such a positive light. Thanks for such a happy blog.

  21. sam

    that pup's got some attitude on him!

  22. Sydney

    I love that picture of Kingsley! And kind of a random question…do you and Josh ever get recognized because of the blog? :)

  23. Cassie

    My weekend was quite. It's still colder here.. 50 at the MOST. So I envy the Cherry Blossoms you have right now.

    Georgetown cupcake looks amazing. I'm a sucker for a good cupcake. I have a place near me that makes one called a Fat Elvis. Banana cupcake with peanut butter cream covered in chocolate. MMmmmm!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  24. I think you should teach Kingsley to sit by asking him to "please have a seat."

  25. Kingsley just looks sooo adorable! :) i love it when dogs "shake" hands. very cute indeed.

  26. gorgeous girls. <3 and i hope you feel better soon!

  27. $mith

    Leo did my wedding, too. He's amazing. Most of my friends didn't end up even printing out their wedding photos, but we have all of ours. We love them!

    I attended a Mormon Choir concert at the Visitor's Center last night. It was lovely.

    Thanks for posting uplifting things.

  28. pen.ny

    one of the best brunches i ever had was at rugby cafe:)

    lots of strawberries, waffles, fries, and burgers. delish!

  29. Riley

    Kingsley just keeps getting cuter in every picture plus you guys are extremely lucky to have a cherry blossom festival. It's still freezing in Kentucky.

  30. Get well soon girlie! I love your shoes – and Kingsley is looking cute as ever!

  31. Maddy

    that first picture is such love. ahh.

    hooray for seeing family! that's always a good thing :D

  32. Love your tights!

  33. Your ballet flats are adorable! As are you and your sisters. Your husband is so stylish, too, with his bowtie! And Kingsley, as always, is beyond cute.

  34. Kate

    Is it just me or is Kingsley getting more adorable with each post? Love it, keep them coming!

  35. laugh about it… because if you don't laugh about it you'll cry about it… and you can't change what happened. {my dad always tells me that and as much as i hate to hear it sometimes… it helps so much} it's ok!!! so glad you're alright! take care though!

  36. Rhianne

    oh no, I hope you're feeling better now love and yeay for Josh looking after you. that top picture is perfect, I love your shoes and tights and obviously Kingsley :)

  37. Love your shoes!!!!! (and the rad tights and cute puppy only add to the fabulousness of the photo)
    I hope you feel better!!

  38. You have the sweetest little family! Your dog is so cute it hurts.

  39. Harlow learned how to "shake" and it is the cutest thing ever. I love her little paw. Gah.

  40. Hope everything's okay now! I recently taught my dog to shake, lay down, play dead, and high five! :)

  41. rachel!

    aww, well it looks like you had a fun weekend! your family is absolutely lovely. and ughh about the medicine. but i'm glad that you caught it and that you're ok!

  42. Natalie


    i think i am coming to NY for dance nationals this summer. you should come and we can dance our little hearts out. you can show me how it's done :)

    random tangent.