the story of when i conducted an opera by puccini in my car and got rave reviews.

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these last 24 hours have been the weirdest, most upsetting and frustrating hours i’ve experienced. i make mistakes all the time, but the mistake i made with my medication this weekend has put a number of things in jeopardy.

i didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because i felt like such a loser. all day i just wanted to scream. i dread the day i have to see my doctor again (later this week) only because i am certain she and her entire staff at the hospital have been rolling today on the floor over my case. “did you hear about…” seriously. i wish i could tell you just how embarrassing all the facts really are.

i made a costco run this evening and on the way home puccini’s la bohème came on the radio. it was really nice to listen to and before i knew it, i’d put down my half eaten chicken-bake sandwich on my lap and was conducting musetta’s waltz with my right hand (something my sisters and i used to make fun of my mom for doing while she was driving us in the car….how ironic that i have inherited her “pretend conducting the opera” skills while driving.)

by the time i arrived home, i felt much better. they can laugh at me at the hospital. it’s really ok. hopefully someday i will be able to laugh at all this, too. and yes, i made a really big mistake, but i can’t go back and change anything, so i just have to move forward and stop beating myself up about it (which has proven to be a rather unproductive method of spending my time the past 24 hours).

and when all is said and done, i am so thankful for soothing car rides, beautiful music and for my husband josh. it’s crazy just how safe and loved these things (but mostly i’m talking about my husband now) make me feel…

also, it appears that kingsley still loves me, too. and not just because i carry dog treats in my pocket.

*i realize i am being vague in this post and i apologize for this. but somethings are just too personal and private to share on this blog.
  1. Maddy

    no matter what's wrong with you I certainly hope you're okay!

    once upon a time I got really sick all of a sudden, and it didn't go away for the entire summer.. it made me really upset, self-conscious, etc. i was on so much medication and definitely messed it up once or twice (guilty as well!). having someone there like my boyfriend made it a lot better though. people you love will love you no matter how gross/silly/idiotic you feel!


  2. Hope you feel better! And thanks for the reminder about life… Sometimes we make small mistakes and sometimes we make big ones… because we are human. I admire you for being so honest about it, and for finding some yummy food and good music to make it all better!

  3. Aw hon, we all make mistakes! Don't be too hard on yourself!

  4. Cassie

    It's all good, sometimes you cant spill the beans on every detail of your life. We understand <3

    Saying one for you though, just so you know.

    Love the look on his face. LOVE it

  5. Aww Naomi, we all make mistakes. Keep your chin up girl!


  6. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and we all deserve a chance to redeem ourselves and make things right. Don't fret. You are loved. Hope you feel better soon! :)

  7. Maria

    Im a nurse, so please rest easy when I tell you that everyone makes medications mistakes….doctors, nurses, and patients!!! glad your safe and no harm was done.

  8. i'm sorry! it must have been a scary experience…

  9. Logan

    You're alive and that's what's important! It's crazy what a car dance party can do for your outlook, huh?

    Onward and upward girl, it'll all be okay!

  10. i know i probably have said this before, but i think this might be my favorite picture of Kingsley. sadly, i've had to hold back from sharing his photos with my boyfriend since he wants an miniature english bulldog like you wouldn't believe. so glad to hear you're having a positive attitude about this whole situation. it's always the best solution and hopefully one day you'll look back and be able to laugh about the whole thing! xx

  11. Chris

    you are not a loser. you are cool :)

  12. ~KS


    Hope your mistake doesn't cost you too much. Hang in there…
    Your pup is adorable!

  13. amanda

    don't be so down on yourself. seriously. if those doctors are laughing, shame on them.

    glad you're on the right track now. head up, girl.


  14. Becca

    Shush, girl! It's all going to be fine.
    Conducting an imaginary opera in your car is charming, and there is nothing wrong with you. Don't worry about it.

  15. We all make mistakes, that' s just life. Some of us are more distracted some not so much but don´t be so hard on yourself, don´t think about what other people may or may not think about you, you have a lovey family and lots of readers that care about you!

    I hope you get well very soon!

  16. don't worry everything will be fine. tomorrow's another day!

  17. I'm glad you are being so positive about things lately, I'm sure you are dealing with a lot and whatever is going on has been very difficult. Keep your chin up buttercup! This really is the cutest picture of kingsley and your little red heels!

  18. lots of xoxo's

  19. keep your chin up.

    good things are happening all around, and most of the time nobody but us notices our mistakes. i'm sure they're more worried than laughing.


  20. I'm so sorry for whatever you may be going through. Best of luck and best wishes to you :).

    Hope your week improves!

  21. You should NEVER have to apologize for what you do or don't post on your blog–I mean, it's YOUR blog after all!

    I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Your yellow/mustard skinnies are so cute. To quote the ever shrinking Rachel Zoe, "I die!"

  22. Meg

    I made a medical mistake too last week… makes me so mad and sad! But in the end, I'm just glad to be alive, and that I live in a day where we have all these amazing medical advances that make what used to be impossible, totally possible. Life is good, don't feel bad… you are not the first and you wont be the last. We will both do the walk of shame into the docs office this week! Hang in there!

  23. it happens to us all.. to me more than i'd like to admit.

    but you have an uber supportive hubby and a loving son that will help you get through anything.

    stay strong!

  24. Kingsley would make me happy no matter what.
    I hope your medical issues get better.

  25. Shann

    So lost…. but I hope you're okay! We all make stupid mistakes and people may talk about it, but your tag is right tomorrow will be better!

  26. Amy

    Glad you are okay! And ps-isn't it wild how we totally adopt some of our moms crazy habits? My mom makes hand gestures when she orders water with lemon…and now I do too.

  27. megan

    naomi, you are the ultimate rockstar! remember that. :)

    and we all make mistakes. remember that, too. you're not alone.

    (p.s. kingsley is the cutest.)

  28. Kristen

    I came across your blog from Elsie's blog….and I just wanted to say that I think you and your husband are the cutest! Thanks for reminder to always appreciate the small things in life even when it seems hard to do! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  29. aw i'm sorry but i hope things get better! everyone makes mistakes, i promise!
    and your dog is just so cute. can't get over it.

    xo tiffany

  30. Micaela

    i love the honesty of this post, vague or not.

    i hate when i cringe at something i can't take away… can't become a blank slate about and i have a tendency of beating up myself about past wrongs…
    it may not be medication, but this post of yours gave me the bit of comfort i needed.

    i'm just exploring for the first time what the comfort of my future husband's arms are… from every day troubles (bills) to little things, like nightmares at night.

    thank-you! and i hope you're feeling better, and i imagine you are cos how can you not with that king for a dog child and your rockstar husband! xo

  31. Tomorrow will be better :)
    "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end."

    p.s. i love la bohème, it became and instant favorite a few years ago when i got to record it with my choir and the ATL Symphony… such a beautiful piece :)

  32. quip

    If only you knew what dumb things doctors do! I work in an academic hospital in Richmond, va and let me tell you, they give the nurses some giggles. Don't think you are the only one! And try not to be too hard on yourself, like all the ladies before me have said, we all make mistakes.

  33. Sum

    Naomi! It's ok! I'm just glad you are well and alive! :)

  34. Cortney

    Ugghh, the "my medical professional things I'm a nerd" guilt is the worst. They can already be so reserved and short anyway, I've been there, same kind of mistake with meds where she was like "seriously? what the h*ll were you thinking??". Glad things are looking up, hope you get to feeling better soon.

  35. Riley

    Your going to be fine and trust me don't feel bad at all about what you post and don't post it's your blog do what you want to!

  36. pensive

    I love your blog soo much i read it every day and its just makes the day better no matter what is going on thanks so much for sharing you life in such a great and creative way!

  37. Never worry about what you think a Dr may think…THEY HAVE SEEN IT ALL. Nothing is surprising, and people make mistakes. Medication malfunctions are way more common then you think, and easily made no matter what. Plus (having worked in a hospital) there is always something way more humiliating going on, and nurse's and doctor's don't bat an eye at it.

    You're only human :)

  38. never forget that you are the daughter of the King and He loves you unconditionally
    and it is so wonderful to have a supportive husband!
    hope your day tomorrow is wonderful and relaxing

  39. Jay

    I hope you get what you wish for and that you don't beat yourself up too much over the mistakes along the way :)

  40. Caitlin

    That dog of yours is getting progressively cuter every time you post. How is this possible?!

  41. Rhianne

    I just commented on your last post saying that photo was perfect but I think this one beats it – yellow and kingsley might be my fave combo!

    I'm sorry everything seems tough at the moment and I really hope everything gets better for you, all three of you are in my thoughts x

  42. oh sorry to hear that, but don't beat yourself, mistakes happen and there is no reason to feel bad about it

  43. Cheray

    i hope everything works out for you! don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you – i'm sure the nursing staff didn't even think twice about it! they would see things like that (and other craaaazy things!) all the time!
    ohh – and by the way, i think your blog is so so lovely and your pup is absolutely adorable :) (and you and you hubby too!)
    Cheray x

  44. Louise

    So sorry to hear about your medication problems. I really hope and pray everything works out ok for you. I loved your opera car performance though, that made me laugh so much – I love doing that!! xx

  45. It's a lovely and heartfelt post. Don't worry, you'd be surprized at how many things we all do.

    And I hear ya about how some things are just too personal to share.

    Wonderful husbands are great!

  46. Tomorrow will be better!! Don't feel pressured to share your personal life. Everyone just wants you to be okay: ) We are here for you (in a strange cyber sense).

    Husbands & doggies are the best!

  47. Hi darling, don't be to hard on yourself – we all make mistakes it's part of life. Luckily it can be fixed and it will be. You are still a darling person with loving family & friends…. oh and the CUTEST PUPPY to hit the blog world since I don't know when. Keep your head up… we all love you!


  48. hanner

    i was just thinking about la boheme the other day–when i put my cold hands on rob's face i like to sing "che gelidaaa maniiinaaaa…" haha.

    also, i was just thinking about how i am lucky that throughout the big changes in my life and my often-ridiculous gaffes and missteps i have my husband to be there with me and to make me feel better. glad you have that too.

  49. Joan

    i'm terrible with taking medications too! i always seem to mess them up or double dose. i keep a little note pad next to the pill bottle and write down exactly what time i took it and how many. that way i won't forget or get off track. worst case scenario i make hubz oversee the pills so i can't mess up. hang in there!

  50. emily

    i hope today is better. and i hope the nurses and doctors are professional enough to not laugh. chin up pretty lady.

  51. sounds like you aren't alone in mixing up meds. i did it just a couple days ago! for a couple days i was sure that i was pregnant. NOT fun and SO emotional and SO embarrassing to tell my husband it was just a mixup! oh boy. hang in there :)
    oh, and i think it's perfectly wonderful that you don't share too many personal things on your blog! some things were just meant between you and the people you know and love.

  52. Naurnie

    i hope you start feeling better very soon.

    nothing is better than a little unconditional dog love.

  53. Naurnie

    oh, and p.s. love your shoes!! where did you get them?

  54. oh girl, i hear ya. this week, i did SO many stupid things all i could write in my journal was "a week riddled with stupid mistakes and terrible decisions."


    chin up, buttercup! and i love that you were conducting in your car. my mom used to do that as well and i LOVED it!

  55. Don't beat yourself up lady, we all do stuff like that. Just forgive yourself, love yourself and move on!

  56. Jessica

    I also have a story that involves the words "accident," "opera," and "someday I will be able to laugh at all this:"

    For our second date, my husband bought me tickets to the Opera at the Kennedy Center. I was ecstatic. MacBeth, the Opera. Sounds amazing right? He was living out of the state at the time, so he booked a hotel in Georgetown where we could make a weekend out of it. I bought a fabulous white dress for the very special occasion and he booked reservations at a very nice French restaurant.

    …But when we showed up at the Kennedy Center (in head-to-toe black tie apparel), they informed us the Opera was the previous night and it wasn't running anymore. He was mortified, I was ticked. I married him anyway and we laugh about it now. But it's still a story we share with everyone when asked, "So when did you fall in love?"

    Moral of the story? Don't worry about it. You WILL be laughing about it sooner than later. Oh yeah, and the cherry blossoms are out. There's no pouting when the trees are blossoming. :-)

  57. Hang in there! I get so angry with myself for mistakes I make – but I guess that's just pride. I need to learn to laugh at myself a bit more. I hope your week gets 100% better! I love the photo of Kingsley with the petals and your shoes!

  58. i hope things are okay with you.

    and you're talking to the queen of ambiguous blog post. ambiguity away, my friend. :)

  59. we are only human and all mistakes! let them talk…who cares! at least you are ok!


  60. la MER

    Being completely honest here, your blog makes me feel brighter when I am having one of those days where I want to hide under my bed and never come out from the darkness. Sadly I don't have a fab hubby like Josh, or the most adorable pug Kingsley, but you inspire me to find the little joys in life and focus just on those and not the things that make me blue.
    I used to have my own doctor too but stopped for the exact reason you're afraid of. I just hope that one day I can have of my own the things that pull you out of that dark hole and brings that smile out.
    lots of hugs taza!

  61. Kara

    Hope you feel 100% soon! Just started reading your blog recently and I love it. Everything is soooo pretty :)

  62. hope your back up to 100% soon! & don't worry im sure there have been a lot worse mistakes made out there! i absolutely love your blog & i have one too if you want to check it out

  63. Cathi

    Vague is okay Naomi. One time I took my husband's daily meds by mistake. (He was too smart to take mine though.) Because I took his prostate medication I had to phone the doctor and admit I was a door knob. The doctor had a good laugh and cautioned me to never do it again. hehe

  64. kwistin

    oh, i'm so sorry to hear that! honestly, though, i'm just glad to hear that you're okay. things like that can be really scary. i'm also glad you have your supportive husband!

    i hope things look up for you–dunno if this is weird, but we say prayers for people we've never met all the time–missionaries, general authorities…right? so i'll say a few prayers for you and your little family. : )

  65. carly

    i love "conducting" in my car.
    and no worries, we all make mistakes…and whatever happens, you will be okay. :)

  66. Amanda

    i'm so glad that loved ones, sweet puppies and good music can make you feel better! hope things smooth out soon :)

  67. Brittan

    psh, i sometimes confuse which day of the week it is and oversleep or go to the wrong class/job/internship. life is hard. don't beat yourself up over it.

    i'm not a dog person (horrible, i know, i'm sorry) but that picture of kingsley is to die for. i can't stop looking at it. soooooo cute!

  68. Often times it's the simplest things in life that make us the most happy – and it's usually the things that are right beside us that give us the most comfort. Be thankful for all that surrounds you and know that you'll be here to fight another day. With your husband and your little bully buddy beside you as well a friends, family and even all of us that read your words every day.

    *HUGE HUGS* Mistakes happen, no matter what the ones you love, will love you through the thick, thin and silly and even embarrassing! oxox


  69. Often times it's the simplest things in life that make us the most happy – and it's usually the things that are right beside us that give us the most comfort. Be thankful for all that surrounds you and know that you'll be here to fight another day. With your husband and your little bully buddy beside you as well a friends, family and even all of us that read your words every day.

    *HUGE HUGS* Mistakes happen, no matter what the ones you love, will love you through the thick, thin and silly and even embarrassing! oxox


  70. Often times it's the simplest things in life that make us the most happy – and it's usually the things that are right beside us that give us the most comfort. Be thankful for all that surrounds you and know that you'll be here to fight another day. With your husband and your little bully buddy beside you as well a friends, family and even all of us that read your words every day.

    *HUGE HUGS* Mistakes happen, no matter what the ones you love, will love you through the thick, thin and silly and even embarrassing! oxox


  71. Lately I've had to learn to not beat myself up over past mistakes too… all it does is raise stress levels. Just gotta love yourself, past mistakes and all.

  72. eLPe

    kind of late in the game, but i've had a similar experience with doctors. i broke my foot about six months ago and i swear, i was the on going joke at my doctor's office and the x-ray unit. super ridiculous. i broke about four bones in my foot because i was pushed off a curb. then i lost about 80% of my muscle mass in my left calf. they liked to show me off.

    hope my insane experience makes you feel better, or smile!

    p.s. big fan of your blog, the life you share is so adorable!