the beehive tea room.

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the first time josh and i discovered the beehive tea room
in salt lake city utah was back in winter of 2006 on a little date.
we were home in utah from nyc for christmas break.
and…we maybe had our first conversation
about engagement rings at the beehive tea room that winter.
just sayin.
you should check it out for the decor alone.
each room is beyond beautiful.
i always feel like i’m back in time when i am there.
i do believe i was born in the wrong decade.

glad my husband is willing to go to these kinds of places with me.
if you’re ever in salt lake city,
we think the beehive tea room is a fun place to check out.
and who doesn’t love a little tea party every once in a while?
  1. Liv

    The first date that my husband ever took me on was to a tea room/botanical garden/museum in San Marino, CA. He was so cute trying to know what to do in a tea room, of course, that was his first time.

    He planned the whole thing. Amazing.

  2. Tara

    What lovely pictures! It's so sweet that such a beautiful place has such happy memories for you! x

  3. It looks like you are in a Sherlock Holmes novel. And your attire is so fitting for such a pretty place, Naomi!

  4. this place is amazing. And that outfit is perfect ! My boyfriend and I are hoping to do a roadtrip around America in May – if we make it to salt lake city we shall have to seek it out !

  5. Emily

    That is definitely a good man that will go to a tearoom! Such a cute story!

  6. JenRem

    Oh my, this place is amazing. I LOVE IT! Wish I lived closer to Salt Lake City to go. We have nothing like that in Detroit, unfortuntely :(

  7. I have been thinking about going there, these pictures sold me!

  8. I love the tea room. I love going there with girl friends and chatting or escaping a cold day and snuggling up to your lover. Their herbal berry tea and quiche is my fave!

  9. What a beautiful place! I'd love the power to click my fingers and go back it time! I'd go there! xxx

  10. Maria

    You should try Ching Ching Cha on Wisconsin Ave (near M Street). Admittedly, the decor is not quite as charming as this cute little spot, but the tea is amazing and I can't help but take a billion deep breaths whenever I am in there – the tea smells sooooo good.

  11. sophieh

    My first thought as I was reading this is how lucky you are to have a husband that will accompany you to a tea room. How sweet.

  12. I love that you are all dressed up for the tearoom. You made it like an event! Totally something I would do too.

  13. Cathi

    We've never bee to the Beehive Tea Room but it's now on our list of places to see the next time we're in SLC. It's too late this year however I would really love to see Temple Square at Christmas time. That might be a good time to visit the Beehive Tea Room too.

  14. Amanda

    In my best Holly GoLightly voice, this place is daaarling!! I am seriously considering a trip to SLC just to visit this charming little tea shop.

    The picture of Josh is very Mad-Men-esque. I think it's great that this tea shop holds such pleasant memories for the two of you!

  15. What a beautiful place!

  16. This is absolutely my "cup of Te!" Incredible! So much character!

  17. How have I never been here and I've lived in Utah for 7 years?

  18. What an amazing place! I want to visit!

  19. I would have nothing to wear.

  20. Maria

    wow, it truly looks like you belong, like a fixture in the room-stunning!

  21. That looks like so much fun! I want to go there!

  22. If I lived anywhere near Salt Lake City I would so go!! Tea parties are my favorite!! =) I like your outfit!!

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    Wine Glasses Giveaway!

  23. Rachel

    I heart tea. and I heart tea cups.

    I adore vintage.

    this place sounds perfect and so whimsical. =] lovely photos!!

  24. this place is adorable! love it :)

  25. Meghan

    I die. These are amazing. You guys are way too cute!

  26. That place is BEYOND adorable!

  27. 7upkels

    i can't believe i've never heard of this!!! easter weekend, i think i am well over-due for a springtime tea party at the beehive tea room!

  28. Britti

    Oh it looks gorgeous! And you both just fit perfectly in!

  29. Sandy

    ooh, love that selection of herbal teas. i don't go to utah much (read: ever), but if i do, this place will be on my list of spots to hit.

  30. from the pics, I do believe the place is so awesome! I'd go there to taste it someday!

    you're so cute in there, anyway! what a woman! x

  31. Hunter

    That's so sweet how you and Josh do those things together. I hope I will have a husband to go with me to places like that one day.

  32. looks so cozy! i love little tea shops :)

  33. I totally agree! I love going there!! def. a favorite in good old SLC!

  34. most gorgeous thing ever. next time im there im going. but i don't think my hubby will oblige.

  35. how pretty! it looks like something from Alice in Wonderland!!
    xox alison

  36. Love going out for High Tea with my mom & niece (it's our little treat as we skirt away from the men for a bit)! Cute tights btw!

  37. Becs

    What a fun place! I love those brown betty teapots.

  38. I love this place!

    I always think I was born in the wrong decade as well…it's a good thing this decade is so expressive and we can be whatever we want to be

  39. Melanie

    That place looks simply lovely! Sadly, I live no where near SLC :(

  40. Too cute! Your outfit is perfect for the tea room!

  41. Naomi, I'm moving to Seattle in May and we have to go through Utah and we need to know of some cool thrift stores or diners and antique malls to go to off of I-80 west? thank you

  42. I go there almost weekly! All their books helped me plan my wedding…with a little herbal tea on the side.

  43. Mara

    Matthew and I have a place like that too! Aren't tea parties the best! I loved them when I was little. I brought out all my bears :)

  44. I love how well you and your outfit fit in at that place. You know I have lived here for 2 years and have never been?! &I; am a huge herbal tea fan… I might just make the hubberz take me :)

  45. Mary

    wow that place looks amazing! i am definitely going to have to go there soon! and i absolutely love all your pictures you took there!

  46. Chloé

    i have lived in utah my whole life and never been there.. maybe i need to check it out! looks fun!

  47. the beehive tea room looks incredible! i love the decor! all the tea cups are so pretty and beautifully decorated! i'm really loving those big arm chairs too!

  48. Celeste

    this is so beautiful. i love hosting tea parties with my friends and i've only been to a tea house once, but this is really seems to transport you back in time (:

  49. Jessica

    I love going to tea rooms! I wish my boyfriend liked tea.

  50. R.

    Love this! And your outfit is divine. xo

  51. mj

    wow. what a lovely little place you discovered. it's really so cool.

  52. Natalie

    LOVE your shirt. HAVE that skirt. NEED to hit up this tearoom.

  53. Beautiful photos! You look like you are from another time – very feminine and delicate.

  54. Ruth

    amazing photos!

  55. Those photos are pretty nice, they look like scenes from a movie.

  56. My roomies and I are in love with your blog. I'm gonna make them come with me to this place! (Not that it'll take much force!) This looks so cute :]

  57. sam

    tea parties are the

    i have them often at home…complete with crumpets!

  58. honestly one of my top three favorite places in america.
    ps, how cute is your outfit? very.

  59. cinzia

    love this mood

  60. Riley

    That place looks amazing!

  61. Hillary

    This looks so, so, so fun!

  62. ugh, i wish they had lovely places like this in South Florida. *sigh*

  63. Looks like an amazing place… want to go now! (Except might need to get changed out of my pjs first!!)

  64. love that place and colors! wonderful blouse, Naomi. kisses

  65. Indeed. A tea party once in a while – is good for the soul! :) Happy Thursday.

  66. We've always meant to go here, but haven't made it yet. I'm not a big tea fan, but my husband enjoys it to an extent, I think.

    Have you been to Elizabeth's English Bakery & Tea Shop across from Trolley Square? It's a fun little place to visit.

  67. Oh wow! That place is so beautiful. I'd love to have a little date there with Brian.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  68. Rach

    Ohoooo….. Me to! Me to! I luvs going there with my sissy! My fave is the tomato sammich and the lemon myrtle tea! The Beehive Room is my sweet escape…. back to yester year…. sigh…

  69. oh, this is my kind of place! :) too bad i live in california, not utah. but if i visit, that's the first place i'm going to! ;) it's so lovely.

  70. megara

    i live in salt lake and will now be going there! p.s. you look like a model in that pic – so beautiful!

  71. Mc

    I have to know where you got those tights!!!

    I fell in love with them in the Christmas card picture you posted when you first got Kingsley!

  72. Emily

    actually, your entire outfit is just lovely.
    as is that place, so cute.

  73. Kelsi

    so lovely! i want an identical tea room in my house! i love tea & tea parties & victorian era decor, so this is pretty much my dream place.

  74. *amber*

    I LOVE the tearoom too! That's where I had my bridals taken. It was lovely. I would recommend it to any bride. The pictures were gorgeous.

  75. Cambria

    I feel like i was born in the wring decade too! hahaha
    ohh well.
    Looks like an awesome place!

  76. I love the Beehive Tea Room! (and ps I LOVE that skirt you're wearing)

  77. Gorgeous photosssss

  78. oh i just love the beehive tea room!!!! :) one of slc hidden treasures!

  79. Sum

    Gorgeous. I need to go there.

  80. Abigail

    Makes me want to go to Salt Lake City for my next vacation.

  81. In love with the neckline on your shirt. Ok, I just have to say, I'm loving how you are inspiring so many people to savor the sweet things in life. Thanks!

  82. What an adorable place. I want to possibly live there. I live near salt lake and have never even heard of it. My husband would never go for it and I don't love tea but I might have to pretend for a night.

  83. so cute! i love the decor

  84. i LOVE the beehive tearoom! best hot chocolate on the planet.

  85. aw, this place looks great! I didn't make it to SLC when I was there last (only provo) but hopefully next trip – it looks like such a little joy!

  86. Lindsey

    I have yet to try the Beehive room…and I think there's no way in you know where that my husband would ever be caught dead there. I think this would be such a fun place for a birthday party, or a bridesmaids party! I did go to high tea once at the Great America Hotel when it was brand new…that was a blast!

  87. jordyn.

    sooooo great :)

  88. KATIE

    Over a year ago my boyfriend took e here on our second date. He picked it out on his own. It was a two hour lunch and I've been in love with him ever since. I wonder if it would have worked out differently had he taken me somewhere lame…
    His brother was taking girls there on first dates and they were all falling in love with him even if he didn't. It was kind of a problem so we made him stop and it solved the problem. That place is magic!

  89. Selene

    You look so pretty in your leifsdottir skirt!
    I feel like I was meant to be in another time as well!

  90. I always thought these pictures were adorable – and I love tea. Well, work sent me to Salt Lake and yesterday I was able to pay the Beehive Tea Room a visit. Thank you for the post! It's oh, so pretty <3

  91. Luuuurvely!