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since i’d never been, josh took me over to checkers
for their seasoned fries with cheese and bacon on top.
have you ever had this? delicious!
  1. Oh my gosh I love fries with cheese and bacon on top. So yummy!

    Btw your outfit is absolutely adorable!


  2. Tori

    that bow is amazingly adorable.

    and those fries certainly do look delicious.

  3. ♥Lola

    They look so so yummy! Love your hair scarf, it's so pretty :)

  4. Ashley

    Sounds sinful but oh so yummy!

  5. Amanda

    I love the color of your lipstick. What color is it??

  6. Yummy! those look divine. I really love your blog and your head band. You two are seirously my favorite!

  7. Looks so delicious. I'm jealous. Your shirt is so cute!

  8. Chelsea

    how are you this adorable! this is probably the fanciest outfit ever worn to checkers, by the way. love it.

  9. ahhh yummy! love the lipstick and the headband as well! :)

  10. Gosh that looks yummy….but im a vegetarian :P

    By the way, you look so vintage and cute!

  11. Kari

    I am so in love with your headband/bow!



  12. la

    YUM. Their cheeseburgers are amazing if you don't think about how many calories you're eating…I went for the first time a couple weeks ago. I'll have to have the seasoned fries!

  13. emilia.

    Oh my word… They look yummy. Darn it, I'm on a french fry fast (no frenchy fries for a while…) AND i'm vegetarian. But still… They look SO good! :)

  14. Drool. They look so delicious.

  15. You're rockin' thaat scarf lady!!

  16. wow, that sounds really good. we don't have stuff like that over here! darling bow and your pink lipstick is so pretty!

  17. yeah, i don't think the cheeseburger is worth the calories, so i stopped eating it mid way. but the cheesefries? worth it. i want more right now.

    and amanda, the lipstick is sephora rouge and the color is R11.

    thanks ladies!

  18. Amanda

    I've never haddddd…must….haveeee. :)

  19. i've always wanted to go!!
    it looks DELISH!!

  20. Sarah

    gosh you are gorgeous! even holding bacon cheese fries! super cute pic

  21. Natty

    sort of reminds me of poutine (fries with cheese and gravy)

  22. Rudi

    It always cracks me up how a professional dancer and her thin husband love the nastiest, greasiest food there is!

    Of course, I'm in the exact same boat with you, but I'm no athlete.

    love, rudi

  23. Riley

    I love your bow and outfit. Plus those cheese fries look really yummy.

  24. Cheesy bacon fries! They were my favorite college indulgence. I have never been to Checkers, but now I need to find out if there is one in Philly because that photo set off a craving!

  25. Lindsey

    Bacon on top of fries! Gosh you are making me hungry!

  26. please naomi,

    tell me how on earth you eat this delicious stuff and stay so slender and gorgeous.

    i need to know your secret.


  27. Caty

    They look SO good!

  28. ok so seriously you look amazingly adorable and knock out gorgeous- all the time. you should just know this. its gotta be a gift. and you are very lucky my friend.

  29. It's so good! Even better with ranch. I love the bacon cheddar ranch fries. I miss checkers….

  30. Elise

    you look so cute!! checkers is soo good… i haven't been in years!

  31. Cathi

    We would eat at Checkers when we lived in Florida and had one down the street a bit. We loved it!

  32. I love your blog, and all your pictures. But that is the most disgusting bit of food I have seen in a while! Greesy cheese, and over cooked bacon, on grease fries… ewww. Hope your tummy is okay!

  33. I'm a sweet potato fries girl ~ but your up-do with the scarf…awesome!

  34. you look super cute! love the lipstick color and the bow :)

  35. That sounds amazing! Fries are always so good, cheese and bacon is even better!

  36. how cute!!! This is such a funny and wonderful picture because you're wearing this beautiful light pink top and that adorable little bow headband and pretty lipstick but are about to dive into some serious fries with back and cheese?! I love it. =)

  37. sanchez

    Ahh I love your smile!

    Though the food looks questionable :P

  38. Cassee

    homegirl, how are you not fat. all you do is post pictures of you eating all kindsa delicious foods. hahaha!

  39. Karina

    those look as gross as you look darling, hahaha! I'm happy you enjoyed them anyway :)

  40. Gisela

    Dear Naomi!

    Could you please tell "Checkers" to open some restaurants in Germany? Thanks. Can you imagine that Germans never eat their fries with cheese…I really have to change this!



  41. Louise

    Oh wow they look sooooo good!! It's morning here – I should be craving museli or porridge but am now just wanting those fries!!

  42. My favourite comfort food of all time!! Delicious!

    p.s. love the bow on your head.

  43. Kristen

    its 7 am and i am now hungry!


  44. girrrrl those are like instant heart attack fries haha

  45. Chaucee

    Wow that looks delicious! If you're ever near Philly you must try out Nifty Fifty's fries – the best!

  46. your lipstick is perfect! yay for spring and eating dinner outside!!

  47. mmmmmmm that jusk looks amazing. fries? good. cheese? good.bacon?? gooooood. :)

  48. Emmy

    Oh looks good.

  49. Yes! I have been to Checkers. YUM! Your headband is so cute! I am a huge fan of burgers. There is no doubt.

    Check out my recent post about them :)

    Thank you!


  50. almalu

    you look so sweet and adorable!!!

  51. Meghan

    I've never been to Checkers – looks delish!

  52. Maddy

    We haven't been to Checkers in ages! I didn't know we were missing THIS. They already have suuuuper good fries!

    Love that hair bow!

  53. Echo

    I think you need to take a trip north to Toronto and check out all our different types of Poutine (fries cheese and gravy) delicious :)

  54. Yum!

    You look so pretty in that blouse and headband x

  55. I've had the fries, but not with the cheese and bacon. Perhaps I should try them out some time.

  56. tvmom

    good stuff, you're making me hungry!

  57. My boyfriend seriously LOVES Checkers… I just have to say Welcome to DC — head a little further south and enjoy some of my favs… Bojangles, Rally's (Checker's fast food cousin), and Cook Out

  58. I love chips and cheese (fries are chips in Scotland), it's a bit of a national delicacy in Scotland (though so are deep fried mars bars – yuck!). x

  59. You are beyond cute!! I love everything about this photo!

  60. Amy

    I love the way you have done your hair with the scarf!

  61. Jen

    I've never had them but now I WANT them! They look very yummy indeed!

  62. i love the new headband look. can i be you? you are just too darn adorable

  63. amanda

    love me some checkers late night. josh is nice to take you!

  64. you are so adorable. i love your outfits.

  65. Connie

    if it looks like a heart attack in a box, it betta be in ma bellay! :p

  66. Terri

    I've never experienced Checkers – have high cholesterol – runs in the family. However, I'm writing to say: You look beautiful with your bangs back! They are cute either way, but this is a fabulous look.

  67. 7upkels

    i LOVE your bow!! love, love, love, love, love x love it.

  68. Sydney

    I am dying over your scarf and lipstick! So cute!

  69. bethani

    I miss checkers. We use to have them in Dallas and then one day.. POOF.. they were gone.

    so sad.

  70. Becca

    Tell me, how does a girl who looks so dainty and sweet eat fries like that?
    Ha ha I love it, so funny. "

  71. Becca

    Tell me, how does a girl who looks so dainty and sweet eat fries like that?
    Ha ha I love it, so funny. :)

  72. Becca

    Tell me, how does a girl who looks so dainty and sweet eat fries like that?
    Ha ha I love it, so funny. :)

  73. hello! love your blog and i think your absolutely darling :) anyways i was wondering how do you get your scarf to look like that beautiful headband style???

  74. Can I just say, you are STUNNING! I love your blog and my hubby served in DC so he likes to peep over my shoulder at the pics occasionally too!

    We heart DC and the Rockstars that live there!

  75. checkers fries are amazinggg

    and i love your lipstick color!

  76. Mandi

    Naomi, I have been obsessssed with head scarves lately, but you're absolutely the cutest with your little bow on top! So cute.