saying hello.

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i am sick.
and my mom and brother are in town.
(talk about timing.)
so i’m going back to my warm little bed, but i leave you with this….
my little brother isaac and 7th hill’s nutella calzone.
there is nothing else to say….
have you tried it yet?

and our giveaway winner:

congrats! please email me your info!
hope you are healthy (and happy, of course)
going into the weekend!
  1. Mandi

    Hope feel better get plenty of sleep!

  2. Ah a warm, cozy bed. Sounds so nice! Hope you feel better and that calzone looks amazing!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! The calzone looks delicious.

  4. Nutella calzone, the stuff dreams are made of.

  5. Oh dear one, I hope you get fine so soon! xo

  6. even though being sick is no fun, maybe it's perfect timing. moms make the best nurses :)

  7. Lisa

    He is so adorable! I love your guys' freckles! So cute! Feel better soon!!

  8. ooooooh boy. i want that calzone! i just had a nutella milkshake…

  9. Kari

    Your little brother looks JUST like you!

    What a little cutie :)

    also, do you think maybe you could offer that nutella calzone for your next giveaway?!!! He he ;)

  10. Oh my heavens. A nutella calzone sounds soooo wonderful. I am looking up a recipe at once!

  11. you guys look SO much alike. How cute. Nutella is amazing so I can only imagine how yummy this would be.

  12. Melissa

    That is one happy little boy!! How fun! =)

  13. He's such a cutie pie!!
    I've never tried one but i will be up for the challenge should i come across one :)

  14. Your little brother is too adorable. Hope you feel better soon!

  15. Looks like he enjoyed it! Feel better!

  16. sam


  17. Ali

    I have never seen a family that looks so much alike before yours. I love it!

  18. Feel better soon!
    Might I add that calzone looka A-Mazing right now!!!

  19. oh yum! thats look so delicious
    you are your little bro look so much alike
    feel better

  20. Dara

    feel better taza! your brother is adorable!

  21. Nutella calzone? That sounds amazing.

    Hope you get better, dear.

  22. Hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy your weekend!

    Your little brother is a doll!

  23. EVA

    yep, that sounds delicious. and you and your brother look very alike. feel better soon.

  24. feel better!
    Love your blog!

    Love for you to follow mine!



  25. omgoodness – that looks so amazing – enough just to make a trip to DC!

  26. feel better!! i'm sick too. strep throat given to me by my gracious 2nd graders.

  27. Adele

    you guys look so alike it's crazy!

  28. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ THE freckles!!!


  29. malia

    holy cow. he looks so much like you. and that kind of makes me want crepes right now. hope you are feeling better!

  30. Glimmer

    Your parents' genes melded in such an amazing way because you all are quite beautiful!

  31. Yay Lindsay for winning the giveaway! She's one of my favorite people in the world!

  32. Your blog is such a highlight for me. Feel better soon!

  33. mmm a nutella calzone, how yummy!

  34. nutella calzone? sounds like heaven :) hope you feel better!

  35. Ella

    Hope you'll feel better real soon! :)

  36. Rhianne

    oh no, I hope you feel better soon – I wonder if I could make one of those calzones at home… I might have to look into it :)

  37. im jealous i want one! im sick too right now – hope you get feeling better soon!

  38. Cassie

    Sending get well wishes your way and hope you feel much better soon and are able to enjoy your visitors a little xx

  39. Hope you feel better soon!


  40. CAPow!

    that calzone is my heaven!

  41. LindsAy

    I hope you feel better soon! I emailed you my info, and am so excited to have won the adorable giveaway!

  42. Riley

    That looks delicious! I hope you fell better soon.

  43. Caty

    I hope you rise above the weather soon!

  44. That's no fun you're sick! Hope the bug inside leaves before your famliy does! Feel better soon pretty girl!

  45. Hannah

    Feel better soon!

    BTW, you and your brother could be twins, except for the age difference of course. :-)

  46. Whoa . . . that nutella calzone is pretty much the yummiest looking thing I've ever seen. Worth the 4592 calories I'm sure it is. :)

  47. oh that looks divine. the nutella. but your bro is pretty cute too.

  48. sippy

    really love reading your blog. that nutella calzone looks like yum in my tum. your little bro is a cutie pie…he reminds me of a young mark wahlberg.

  49. So cute to see the pretty boy version of you!