rockstar giveaway!

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you by recycled rings!
recycled rings is giving away this beautiful
with a 20 inch sterling silver chain.
the necklace was inspired by charles bukowski.
(have you ever heard him read his poems on tape? it’s brilliant. he’s brilliant.)
you can read the poem here.
to enter, please visit recycled rings
and leave a comment below before friday, march 12th!
  1. Where has recycled rings been all my life?!?!?! Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!!!!

  2. KK

    Teal and red together, what an eye-catching necklace! And so sweet… Charles Bukowski would surely find it hilarious that such a cute object be inspired by him!

  3. Katey

    I love these colors

  4. BM

    Simply fantastic!

  5. nicole

    I have heard him read on tape. Brilliant, indeed. Thanks for the chance to win this charm necklace. xo.

  6. Amander

    Winning this little bluebird would definitely make my lame week better!

  7. I love this necklace so much! I have a bracelet that would go perfectly with it! I'm in!

  8. How beautiful! Love the color combination.

  9. Zoe

    Once again another great giveaway! This is gorgeous!! I need new jewelry :)

  10. tracey

    everything is SO lovely, from the flapper headbands to the jewelry!

  11. EB


  12. this necklace is so beautiful. i hope i win.

  13. so sweet and delicate!

  14. LOVE IT!

  15. so pretty i love the colors!

  16. sanchez

    Am I too late D:

    That necklace is gorgeous and I love Charles Bukowski :)

  17. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POEM/POET. I have never loved a piece of jewelry more. There is a blue bird in my heart.

    Pick me! ! ! ! ! How else does a girl get something like that? Sigh…

  18. Krystle

    comment commment comment! I am diggin this cute piece :]