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when my mom landed in DC on saturday night,
she brought with her the greatest gift ever for josh and me…
2 freezer bags full of her homemade pierogi.
(we call them pidohi or vereniky at our house.)
josh and i were in heaven for the next 24 hours…
we heated those puppies up over the stove for
lunch, dinner, another late dinner, & breakfast monday morning.
(we ate them too fast. i’m ready for another helping.)
have you ever had them?
my mom stuffs hers with a homemade potato filling
or cherry filling from her canned cherries.
all i know is that they are the best thing ever.
as are most of the ukrainian dishes she makes.
i love food.
  1. Any chance your mom would share her recipe with one of your blog friends? :) I've never tried Pierogi before, but they sound delicious!

  2. Ella

    Growing up in Ukrain, one of my best childhood memories are the days when my mom and grandma used to make pierogi, or as we called them vareniki. I absolutely love them and it's always reminds me of our little kitchen in Ukrain, me and my sister grabbing them the second mom digs them out of the boiled water. The funny thing is, my mom also used to fill them with potatoes, cherries and cottage cheese. The yummiest in my opinion, are potatoes vareniki, likely crisped with butter over the pan, then topped with fresh (homemade is the best!) sour cream and loads of fried onions.
    Vareniki with fresh cheriies of course are the second best, also can be served as a dessert, as far as I concern :)
    Is your mom from Ukrain? Or is it your grandparents? Where from?

    P.s.: LOVE your blog!!!

  3. just saw an article about it in this months martha stuart magazine… what a coincidence! they look delish!

  4. yummm! my step dad makes those (he's polish). my favorite is potato with cheese inside but he also makes ones with onions inside and cottage cheese inside.

  5. abbey

    loooove pierogis. so delicious. homemade ones sound even better.

  6. biforek

    "pierogi ruskie' or with blueberry are the best!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Ulaa

    Kocham piergoi!!
    I'm Polish so I love pierogi as well as you do. But my faves are sweet pierogi with a white cheese and strawberries! Yummy!!

  8. omg! i blog about pierogi all the time! my boyfriend is polish and when i visit poland, his mom makes them for me. loveeeee them.

  9. Meghan

    Do you know about Russian Gourmet, the store in Alexandria? Despite the name, they sell really great Ukrainian food, including frozen vereniky. (My husband was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine for three years and he turned me onto the shop.)

  10. pierogi are POLISH! not Ukrainian :) have a nice day! I love your blog!

  11. I'm Polish! It's very sweet ! <3