1. Oh my gosh that is so precious!


  2. Your brother is pretty close to being the cutest kid in the universe.

  3. I'm glad to see my dog is not the only one who enjoys sleeping right next to my head.
    Makes for a fitful night of sleep but it is incredibly cute.

  4. this is so precious.
    i can't get over his bottom lip!!

  5. the pics of kingsley just keep getting more adorable!!

  6. Jay

    Now that's just adorable :)

  7. That photo on the right is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! I'm so happy you had a great time with your family. xo

  8. That is so sweet! I would probably get better sleep if I didn't let my dogs sleep with me, but I would miss them so!

  9. We call this "The Fur Collar"
    Love that underbite!

  10. Y.u.A

    omg cuteeeeeeeeeee!!

  11. ahlin

    ohhhhhh my goodness that is so adorable. and i am so jealous.

    glad you had fun with your family! :)

  12. kingsley is way too adorable! I never had a thing for bulldogs till I see your collection of pics of Kingsley. :)

  13. Amanda

    cutest pictures ever! i love kingsley posts :)

  14. Although I'm not usually a fan of your dog posts, this one is adorable. Your little brother couldn't be cuter. He looks like a mini congressman.

  15. Maddy

    Those pictures are adorable! You guys are so lucky he tries to fit with you instead of sleeping completely on top of you haha

  16. Seyma

    O..M..G.. they look super cute out there!! how magical they look :)


  17. amanda

    he's so darling!

    both of them! :o)

  18. awww so cute and cuddly. there is nothing better than having a little puppy to snuggle up to.

  19. Kingsley will eventually let his little tongue poke out just a little. It's so cute when bulldogs do that!

  20. Britti

    oh my gosh this is so darn cute!
    i want to adopt both of them! :)

  21. Riley

    Awwwww this is adorable! :D

  22. omg he is so adorable. i bet kingsley is a bit of a heater when he sleeps with you like that!

  23. AWWW! I love Kingsley! He is the cutest bulldog I've ever seen!

    I think I say that every time I see him!
    -Miss Mayhem

  24. rori

    Oh be still my heart, those pictures are pure sweetness!

  25. the bottom lip is lovable indeed! they are so cute sleeping together!

  26. Rasha

    so cute.

  27. That photo is a riot. Hoe you're feeling better :)

  28. absolutely adorable!!

  29. That pic is too cute :) Those little pups make life so much better.

    And you probably dont remember me, but I believe we were at UVU the same time for a bit and had a couple dance classes together. Looks like you have done great things since. Love the blog!

  30. annie

    thanks! these photos got me through finals today.
    such babes!

  31. sanchez

    Aw so cute.

  32. abigail

    cutest photos. ever.

  33. Hi Whitney! Do you remember which dance classes? I took a bunch there my senior year before Juilliard. So crazy! Those dance classes were always so much fun!


  34. Cathi

    Adorable – both your brother and Kingsley! :)

  35. I bet they absolutely loved him :) And Kingsley love them too!

  36. CAPow!

    so. cute!

  37. rachel!

    SO precious