let’s go to france together this summer!

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nicole and candice (two of my favorite ladies and rockstar photographers)
have put together a french photo retreat for this upcoming july!
it’ll be taking place in the gorgeous french village of
beynac (about 5 1/2 hours from paris)
where the movies chocolat and ever after were filmed.
the retreat will offer three days of learning and shooting together
in the french countryside with a class size of only about 20 students.
(first come, first served– so go sign up!)
if all works out with some personal summer plans, i hope to be there too!
see a few shoots i’ve done with nicole and candice before,
here and here and here too.
  1. jones

    amazing! I wish so very much that I could go!!

  2. jones– having a baby is literally the best excuse for NOT being able to go! i am so excited for you!

  3. janis

    oh that would be incredible…if i didn't already have summer plans, i would definitely consider it!

    i hope it works out for you naomi!

  4. tvmom

    what a fun retreat! If I wasn't like "jones", having a baby this summer, then france would be calling my name!

  5. good lucky , naomi!!

    whay dont you come to brazil?

  6. Amy

    Doesn't that retreat look incredible?! Soo tempted.

  7. Cassie

    Sounds heavenly. Wish I could.

  8. I.Would.Die.

    And now I'm going to go sell everything I own so I can go. Take me in your bag will you? I'll pay the "overwieght bag" fee!

  9. That's such an awesome opportunity. That's the type of thing that I have always wanted to do! And what a gorgeous location!


  10. i will be in paris then! maybe i can sneak away for three days…it looks amazing.

  11. I love the whimsy in all these pictures! J'espere bien que je voyagerais en France cette ete!! I'm brushing up on my French, and that trip would be wonderful motivation! May have murdered that sentence ;)

  12. eden

    i hope they do this again. i can't go this year, but i would love to go sometime!

  13. marilee

    wow. dreamland! how perfect. hope you enjoy it.

  14. BAH! I wish I could! My heart just melted into a puddle in my chest at the thought of being there. Beautiful picture. I can only imagine!

  15. Lainey

    Oh my gosh, that's so exciting. When I was thirteen I was obsessed with the film Ever After, and I always wanted to go to Beynac! So stunning. I wish I could go!

  16. Trisha

    Guess what!!?! My friend and I signed up for this on Monday! We are so STOKED to go!! This is going to be AWESOME!!! :)

  17. becca

    Hi! Okay so I have seen that photo with the umbrella all over blog world but had no idea that was you until now! Should have made that conncetion! I love it.

    And I'll try to take my husband into letting me do this retreat tonight. It'd be so fun to learn in Paris and meet you!

  18. I saw this on a little sussy! I would love to do something like that! It's a bit pricey though!
    I'm moving to France in September!!

  19. Britti

    This is amazing! And the great thing is… France is not far from Germany! :)
    Maybe I can figure out a way to get together the money… Thanks for sharing this Naomi!

  20. jlc

    you're to going to France too?!?! I've been reading this blog forever and it's so strange how our lives are parallel. I'll be in Nice from the end of June to the end of July!!

    It'll be fun to read your posts! Hope you can go to!!

  21. Emily

    I'm Trisha's friend who's going with her! (She posted a few posts up.) :) When she told me you were thinking of coming, I was so excited! We've followed your blog for a while and think you're one of the most adorable people ever! We can't wait to meet you! :)

  22. Caty

    Ugh, I wish!!!

  23. How amazing would that be? The price for the trip is such a steal! I know my girlfriend & I would love to go together! We'll just have to see about that!

  24. isadora gometti, i'd die to go to brazil someday…

    emily and trisha, excited you're going! it will be so fun to meet you both! i think the whole retreat will be a blast!

    jlc, if you'll be in france, you should come to the retreat with us!

  25. This sounds amazing!

  26. Sini

    Great! welcome to France, this is amazing country. I have been living here 1 year, and find it everytime so amazing when i step outside.
    But, this place is bit far away from me (5hour drive),I live in southern france.