inspiring molly.

the new jcrew catalog came in the mail last night
and i about died when i flipped open the first page and saw this necklace.
then i got sad that it isn’t even sold at jcrew
(although that is probably for the best because i am sure
it would have been way out of my price range.
i’m doubtful i could do it, but how fun would it be to try to make one?)
not only is the model molly beautiful, but she’s the designer behind the necklace!
so cool. i tore the page out of the catalog and tacked it up to my wall.
i love everything about it.
see more of molly’s beautiful pieces here.
  1. that necklace is incredible!!
    and molly is gorgeous! i'm loving her pink lips! i'm sure you could make a necklace like this!!!

  2. Katie

    You should give it a shot – I'm sure you could make something similar!

    I've gotten into jewelry-making lately. I LOVE the whole creative process and having things that are unique.

    Thanks for posting this beauty!

  3. Isn't she the cutest? She makes me want to break out my pink lipstick again from middle school. You should give this necklace a go. And if you do please share:)

  4. ashlina

    yes yes yes! that necklace is stunning. i need it too!!!
    great eye naomi!


  5. there's so much going on in that necklace, and i love every bit of it!

  6. That necklace is fabulous! You should TOTALLY give this a shot! I'd love to see how they turn out!!

  7. that necklace is SMASHING! wow! i bet it would be pretty easy to make! i'm loving molly's windy/messy, but styalized hair cut!

  8. beautiful pieces. I'm very impressed!! thanks for sharing!

  9. I saw this too! I loved it! And you totally should try to make one!

  10. I guess some things are an acquired taste, like caviar and a dry white wine.

  11. i think you could make it if you tried, your hair pieces are GREAT

  12. WOWZA i love that necklace! thanks for sharing it. the model is gorgeous.

  13. I completely agree!!! When I opened up my catalog i swear my jaw dropped because her necklace was just too good to be true! And I believe we are completely able of making them, instead of paying $800…

  14. Molly

    i had this moment where i thought this post was going to be about me. disappointment. cool necklace though.

  15. jordan

    yeah- i wouldn't even know where to begin in making a necklace that fabulous! but i say go for it!! you can do it :)

  16. jordan

    yeah- i wouldn't even know where to begin in making a necklace that fabulous! but i say go for it!! you can do it :)

  17. Oh I love jcrew. wish they would do mail order to europe, as i can only get my fix on US vacations. Love that necklace too. Want, want, want. I shall have to go and browse the website now and look for what I will buy when we come over in May.

  18. Natalie

    That salmon ribbon just gave me sudden urges to buy baby blue damask wallpaper.


  19. THANK you! I had no idea where I could find more of her work!

  20. sam

    cutie cutie

  21. Erin

    i love the yellow in the necklace and how it's so…"bag lady" :)

  22. I have been tempted to try and make one of these myself as well. ah I just don't have the confidence in myself to do a decent job! haha

  23. Alex

    That necklace is stunning!!

  24. i did the same thing! i want one of everything out of that catalog! now if i could only find someone to buy it all for me…

  25. Jamie

    i'm such a huge fan of j.crew and i too received this catalog.

    i love the behind scenes stuff, jennas picks, their fb page and their efforts to help haiti.

    molly is so cute and she answers questions and has photos up on

    more jcrew here :)

  26. wowza! i love those darling charms to it! make it naomi…make it then send me one, love!

  27. They have some similar necklaces at Anthropologie.

  28. la

    thought the SAME thing when looking in the catalogue. i must find beautiful broaches & create my own!

  29. Caitlin

    I saw it too and scoured the website trying to find it. Like you I was also completely disappointed that it was on there. But it would be really fun to make. Has been put in my "craft it" folder!

  30. i got the catalog yesterday, too, and thought the exact same thing! i love that necklace and really want to try and make one. thanks for linking to her site. lots of good close-ups!

  31. so weird that they would feature a necklace that striking and not even sell it… bizarre! It's so lovely though!

    Also, I'm hosting my very first blog giveaway for an ANTHROPOLOGIE scarf, if you want to swing over and enter! :)

  32. I bet you could make something just as lovely… Especially with all the awesome headbands you make… You've got the skills :).

    Oh…and that tea house in your below post makes me want to fly to salt lake asap! What a lovely little place.


  33. oh I hope you try! I believe in you!

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  35. Peri

    ok… that's hilarious bacause i just picked up that catalog today… opened it up… and thought to myself how amazing that necklace was. no joke.
    love it.
    if you were to make that necklace what is the back… a peice of felt???

  36. when i saw it too i thought id try to make one as well! already got a great vintage brooch stash to use :) so fun

  37. when i saw it too i thought id try to make one as well! already got a great vintage brooch stash to use :) so fun

  38. i did the same thing when i saw it! it is a very lovely necklace, and i love that she is in the catalog wearing her own design!

  39. Maddy

    AH! I got my catalog yesterday too and I haven't gone through it yet. I love that necklace, especially the flowers on it.. I wish I could pull something like that off!
    Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna go crack my issue open right now and lust away… haha

  40. oh my gosh, it's gorgeous (and she's gorgeous!)! i'm loving these types of necklaces lately – with brooches and rhinestones and ribbons. :) i kind of want to try to do it myself – i have a bunch of my great grandmother's old flower brooches and lots of ribbon… i think i'm going to do it! :)

  41. taylor

    i love, love, love the new catalog and how they're featuring the designers! it's such a fun & different twist. love the pretty spring colors!

  42. fantastic! that necklace is amazing! ive been wanting to make a neckpiece for some time, i guess i should get to it!

  43. so pretty! i bet you could definitely make it! you're so talented!

  44. Kelsi

    girl, you could make that! oh my GOSH, i am in love with this.

  45. Yes you can do that. You are super crafty!!! AND you will make it your own and special…. I will save this too. I might make one for my colors and taste. Thanks for sharing.
    We find Zacky. Hope your doggy has a microship….
    Gros bisous!

  46. I ripped this page out too! So gorgeous!

  47. Juliet

    i love her haircut! too bad i will never have the guts to go that short!

  48. Monika

    It's gorgeous!

  49. jenn

    so beautiful. i'm going to attempt to make one as well. let us know how it goes.

  50. :) erin

    oh my! I must try to make that. So perfect.

  51. such a unique necklace. im sure you could find some way to make one!

  52. Ericka

    I think this is totally inspiring.

  53. Alicia

    i love these bib necklaces, i've been wanting to try to make one for a while now. you've finally inspired me to sit down and do it!! ;) xoxo

  54. I've seen your amazing headbands you could TOTALLY make this necklace! I love it!

  55. Becca

    Isn't it adorable? The whole catalog is so fun to look at, but that first page kept me coming back to look at it. Love the colors!

  56. agreed! i was so obsessed with this shot. the model and her necklace are gorgeous. i totally want to try to make one…

  57. Naomi,

    This post has inspired me. You may or may not be interested to see how.

    From your posts, you appear to be someone who doesn't take life too seriously….make time to smile. Make time to laugh.

    Thanks for providing the inspiration.

  58. You inpsired me….You may or may not be interested to see how. I've dedicated an entire to post to what I've seen here.

    It's Friday, so remember, don't take life too seriously, take some time to smile, and maybe even laugh. :)

  59. Gwenevere- Hahaha, your post made me laugh. (And for the record, I'm not sure why you didn't see your comments go through? I don't have anyone blocked on here- everything gets published.)

    Everyone has different taste- it doesn't mean one is more rockstar than the other necessarily, although I DO believe this is the most beautiful necklace ever made. Hahaha.

    Have a good weekend,