i can’t really think of a title for this post.

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there are a bunch of things i’d like to share and post here, but guess what? i’m still not feeling too dandy. i’m not writing this for a pity party, because i’m really not that sick. so don’t feel sorry for me. it’s not like i’m on my death bed or in the hospital or anything to that extent. so i will stop complaining.

here is a photo from our weekend. at one of my better feeling moments. it’s from 7th hill pizza. we like that place a lot.
in other news, we had flood warnings in DC all last weekend. kingsley has learned to “sit AND stay” which we’re thrilled about. and we have 24 glass bottles of mexican coke from costco in our fridge. so life is good! and coke really does taste better when it’s made with real sugar. what else? next week marks the 1 year anniversary of when we moved from NYC to DC! we can’t believe it. it’s flown by! we’re excited to see what year 2 in DC will look like!
and we’re counting down the days until we see the ocean, a few palm trees and feel sand beneath our toes. currently, only 32 more days…. (sigh.)
  1. Being any kind of sick always sucks. Colds are the worst because you feel terrible, but you should still be out and about.

  2. Aw sorry to hear you're not feeling to well. Hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. that headband is gorgeous! Is that one of your own lovely creations?


  3. sunshine and little trips are sometimes the only things that give me hope in spring. i'm going to florida in a couple of weeks and i can barely wait that long. i hope you feel better soon lady!

    also, you and josh are beautiful in that photo!

  4. I love Mexican Coke! Did they sell it in a 24 pack or individually? If it's in some sort of pack I've got to get on that asap! However, Jones Soda does sell sugar soda in 12 packs, which has made life delightful since other people at my Kroger will clean out the Mexican Coke shelf ever so greedily.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog! :)


  6. I just love the outfits you've got on :)


  7. brigitte, thank you! yes the headband is my sarah headband. i just restocked a couple in the shop too!

    victoria, we've discovered they sell the 24 pack at our costco for a killer deal. i kind of wish we hadn't discovered it, actually. we were doing so well keeping our distance from soda! but yes, i agree it's so much better and worth a bottle every once in a while. i've never heard of jones soda, will have to check that out!

    and thanks for the feel better comments! i'm getting there!


  8. that pizza looks so good.
    I have never heard of Mexican coke before…sounds good!

  9. Jay

    Them pizzas look yummy!! Will you send one to Norway? Anyway, hope you feel better soon :)

  10. Naomi,

    For a sick, gal, I think you look fab! Loving the pink lipstick! Get well soon!

  11. Kari

    What a cute picture! :) don't you just love young married life? I do!

  12. Sam

    That pizza looks yummy! :D I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :( And I'm jealous you're going to the beach soon!

  13. I LOve Love your headband, and thats a great photo of you two!!!

  14. rbandj

    naomi. you are stunning.

  15. I love reading your posts. You always have great pictures and a positive attitude on everything. And I wished I looked as good as you when I'm sick!

  16. what is going to happen in 32 days??

  17. You two are too cute for words!

  18. You two look quite dapper in that picture!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  19. Maria

    great picture and I love your pink lipstick!!

  20. Emily

    hope you feel better either way!

  21. I am feeling sick and and a little sorry for myself, too. Instead of wrangling 19 first-graders, I am home on the couch.

    I didn't realize how much I usually talk to my cat until I was home sick with no voice.

    I'm crossing my fingers and toes that we both feel better.

  22. 7upkels

    you and your husband are beautiful in that photo. you must just look at each other some days and say "wow. lucky me." haha, hope you feel better soon!

  23. Sunshine is the cure for anything!

  24. Lainey

    You look gorgeous for being sick! And those pizzas look yummy. I long to go to DC to see all of the cherry blossoms and brick houses.

    P.S. I didn't get a chance to comment on the post before this, but man those pics of Isaac and Kingsley are too cute for words!

  25. emurlee

    That picture is too cute! I hope you feel better soon!

    I wanted to give y'all a heads up that since Pesach (Hebrew for Passover) is just around the corner, if you go to a grocery store near a Jewish community (and there should be plenty in DC!) look for Coke bottles with the yellow cap (instead of the traditional red). Jews don't consume corn products on Passover so every year Coke sells sugar-sweetened instead of corn-syrup sweetened Cokes! I don't know if you can buy them in the cans (I'll have to find out for myself so I can stock up!), but they do have the liter bottles.

  26. heather

    you two are such a beautiful couple! definitely cannot tell that you are sick. hope you feel better soon!

    ps. i love your headband!


  27. whatever i get to DC next, i am definitely going to try that pizza! love the photo too!

  28. Meghan

    Adorable, as usual! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  29. Carolee

    Mexican coke is awesome! Hope you feel better soon!

  30. Morgan

    For some reason, when I saw you tweet this I thought it would be a pregnancy announcement. Maybe it is? :)

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  31. Hi Naomi – Per usual, your lipstick is amazing. That is such a great shade of pink…what is it? I HAVE to know!

  32. R.

    In love with Josh's bow tie! xo

  33. my husband loved the coke a cola in mexico! unfortunately, coke only reminds me of having the stomach flu.

  34. o my goodness! mexican coke at costco?!?! we go to our neighborhood mexican market to get it but i will now be on the look-out @ costco

  35. Laura

    That pizza looks to die for! I am sick as well and the boy is only allowing me to eat soup. Yuck, breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Which do you like better? NYC or DC. Sorry, I'm relatively new, you may have discussed this before. :) Feel better!

  36. Have you ever eaten the pizza's to-go from costco? We got one the other night and warmed in up in our oven, it made it crispy and sooo delicious! I never thought it would be that tastey!

    Mexican coke is the BEST! Love your headband!

    Hope you don't get flooded! That is no fun at all! Trust me. Living in Hawaii has brought some crazy storm's the last few years I've lived here, but they are fun stories to tell!

  37. aww you guys are adorble! such a cute couple

  38. i've felt like that lately myself… not "sick" persay, but just not myself. hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon. and can i just say….you always look so lovely in all your photos :).



  39. Larissa

    your husband wears bow tie and I love it :)

  40. Maddy

    Ooooh wee I love Pizza, and that kind looks SO good!

    You look beyond amazingly, way gorgeous (pretty sure that didn't make sense, haha) in that photo! You guys look adorable, tell Josh I love his sweater + bow tie combo!

    Feel better!

  41. Maddy

    Oh AND congrats and sit and stay! don't you looove when they learn their commands so well? :)

  42. such a cute photo! feel better. xo!

  43. Sure wish I look that lovely when I'm sick!

    Mmm… A pizza and vacation sound great to me, too…

    Thanks for always having entertaining posts to read! Get feeling better!

  44. Amynicole, yes we've had Costco pizza, it's good, but their Chicken Bake's to go are our favorite! And i'm so sorry you have experienced flooding before! We are crossing our fingers that doesn't happen here. Although it's likely.

    Byubrandy, thanks! it's made by Sephora and the color is R11. i think it's called Sephora Rouge or something like that.

    Emurlee, We will keep an eye out for coke with yellow caps! I've never seen those before so thank you for letting me know!

    Laura, we've found NYC and DC difficult to compare. they are very different. We certainly do miss NYC but we are loving life in the district at the moment.


  45. I feel like we should be best friends. I love all your posts and just wanna go shop with you.

  46. This photo makes me wish I was married. You two look adorable! How do you edit your photos? I know you said on iPhoto but I can never use iPhoto successfully – I always have to use Photoshop. xo

  47. You are so beautiful! And your husband is adorable. I really enjoy reading your blog! :)

  48. Your hair is so cute! Hope you feel better soon!

  49. Kelsi

    you guys are so cute! and that bowtie… AH! swoon.

    p.s. feel better!

  50. Chelsey

    You both are beautiful! Thanks for being {my} outfit inspirations <3

  51. my bro and his little family lives in dc and i can not wait to come visit and go eat at 7th hill pizza. and get a yummy pizza and then a nutella calzone for dessert. or are those a meal of themselves? hmmm. and i adore that shirt. where did you get it?
    is it weird that i feel like we are friends? maybe a little. but i just like you!

  52. cute picture!!!!! hope you feel better sweety!

  53. Megan

    I really wanna know how the devil you stay so thin! It appears that all you eat is delicious forbidden food! No but seriously how do you do it? And don't say it's genetics or I'll die! BTW your dog is the cutest!

  54. Amelia

    i love and covet your shirt (or is it a dress?), is it vintage? or is there hope that i can find it somewhere?

  55. Sera

    so, i totally need to try mexican coke now .. it sounds delicious!!

  56. brittany barney, i got my shirt at UO. and i'll be excited to hear what you think of 7th hill if you ever make it out here! i hope we haven't talked it up too much, but we certainly do enjoy it!

    megan, that is a really sweet comment. thanks! i really believe in eating what you want but just having smaller portions and knowing when you're "full". the times i've tried to diet or cut out certain foods are the times i've ended up bingeing on those foods later and everything backfires. so i'm no fan of dieting and counting calories and all those programs… but that might just be because i have no self control when it comes to food. ;) also, exercise!


  57. amelia, it's from UO. it's still in the stores and online too!

  58. Check your local markets, and especially Jewish markets, you can usually find real sugar sodas around passover time, which conveniently, is right now <3

  59. Naysel

    Your blog is so wonderful! Marriage is a delight. I hope you feel better soon!!

  60. Hannah

    Seeing your bangs makes me want them again.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  61. Becca

    How do you always look so cute! Both of you are so adorable All The Time!

  62. aww feel better. your hair looks awesome in that pic. love your bangs!
    yay for kingsley!!

  63. Jen

    Feel better! And happy DC anniversary.

    I'm actually going to be moving from NYC to DC here in September. eek! Scary but exciting move. I'll be sure to look back at your old posts to get pumped.

  64. Echo

    Sit and Stay! Very crucial pet commands. Glad to hear it…and now I am curious to try Mexican Coke, not sure if Canadian Costco has any, but am determined to look next time.

  65. Echo

    Sit and Stay! Very crucial pet commands. Glad to hear it…and now I am curious to try Mexican Coke, not sure if Canadian Costco has any, but am determined to look next time.

  66. tvmom

    my husband bought the 24 bottles of coke too from costco…he loves them!

    feel better soon!

  67. love your blouse!
    great photograph!

  68. rachel!

    you two always look so lovely

  69. I was catching up on your blog.. last week I was in Mexico with my church.. Completely had an obsession with Mexican coco cola.. I do not even like coke. My husband who was not on the trip did not believe me when I told him how absolutely delicious it was. Thank you for posting of its awesomeness that made my day. I was so excited while writing this that I completely ignored all rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  70. kingsley called me the other day and said he was tired of this blue dress. he wanted you to give it away…he also briefly mentioned someting about the pink tie blouse. i know how much you love him and want to make him happy…i'm just saying.