hey! have a lovely weekend!

guess what? it’s beautiful outside.
and it’s supposed to stay nice out there all weekend. can’t wait.
my mom and little brother isaac are flying into DC tomorrow night!
we are very excited to see them!
we also have “clean under our bed” and “organize the cupboards”
on our list of things we’ll be doing this weekend. bleh.
our friends are also getting married in DC tomorrow,
so we can’t wait for the dance party that will follow….
and i hope to eat lots of homemade paella this weekend!
it is one of my favorites.
we always use this recipe from williams-sonoma
which marci brought to our attention. so good!
and… here is a jo totes camera bag giveaway winner!
congrats! please email me your contact info!
p.s. the shop is restocked so if you’d like a headband,
head on over…
*love this fun photo. found on flickr.
  1. Happy weekend lady! Enjoy your nice weather!

  2. Now it's snowing hardcore in Utah. Meh. Not that great of a weekend for me!

  3. Emily

    Enjoy the gorgeous DC weather! We'll have some warmer times in Boston as well! And I so heart the Williams Sonoma Paella recipe! Delish!

  4. Gee thanks for rubbing in the good weather you're having. It's snowing like crazy here in good old Utah. No bueno. We were just experiencing 50 degree weather just a few days ago. Utah can never make up it's weather mind. Enjoy your good weather! I'm jealous.

  5. Happy Friday! I've been eying that paella recipe for months.

  6. ah joni! i wasn't trying to rub it in! haha, sorry. with all the terrible snow, rain and wind storms we've been experiencing in DC i just can't help but be a little giddy about finally seeing some sunshine!!!

    warmer weather is just around the corner for utah too! at least i hope!


  7. lucky for you. good weather.

    currently, provo is undergoing an intense snowstorm. i miss my good weather…

  8. love that picture. hope your weekend is stupendous!

  9. Gah! I can't believe I won! Thank you so much! Yippeeeeee!
    (I sent you an email. Hope the address was right.)

  10. that picture is the CUTEST THING EVER! hope you have fun with your mom and brother. :)

  11. it rained on a friday!– yes, i got the email! thanks! i responded.


  12. Has Kingsley been kidnapped, are you still mad about the designer chew toy? Where is our bully boy?
    Have a great weekend Naomi.

  13. bumpkin on a swing– kingsley is doing great! i just blogged about him yesterday. what designer chew toy are you talking about?


  14. Emily

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Enjoy! PS bell peppers are also good in paella. Slice them into about 4 inch by 1/2 inch strips and toss them in with the onions.

  15. wow sounds like a super fun weekend!!!! family and weddings and lovely weather equals great times!!

  16. Cleaning up is worth it if you also get to have fun visitors. I will be checking out your dance moves at the reception.

  17. how fun that will be!

  18. Meghan

    I hope your weekend is full of love and sunshine!

  19. have a great weekend in the sun!! weddings are so fun!!

  20. yes! im so excited that the headbands are restocked..I just may get one for myself as an early bday present haha Have lots of fun with your mom and isaac!

  21. Just me

    Have a great weekend!!, I an sure you are going to have a lot of fun!!.
    The paella recipe that you post seems really good, but you need to come to Spain and try the real one,I love to cook paella, so, if you ever come to Madrid you , your husband and, of course, Kingsley too :), are totally invited. I am sure you´ll love Spain!!.
    Enjoy your weekend, and thanks a lot for having such a great blog.

  22. :) erin

    Have a lovely time with your family this weekend, so fun! Too bad I wasn't a winner but maybe you can be one on my blog…head on over to my hand cozie giveaway. Nice and cozy.

  23. my father makes the best paella in the world, some day i'll put a photo of it…
    is unbeliveble..

    kiss from brazil

  24. Hey, I saw this on my friend's blog and immediately thought of you. I don't know if you have any love for Glee, but still thought you'd appreciate this. I can imagine you and a group of your dancer friends pulling something like this off where people in the "crowd" gradually add themselves to one dancing mass in the middle of a train station. How fun and uplifting. Except I really wanted the green star sweater girl to be alone again at the end, maybe "finding her somebody to love". Oh well, still cool.


  25. Annie

    seems like everyone is in spring-y good times atm. Here, in the UK, on THE SIXTH OF MARCH, I am wearing a shirt WITH THE SLEEVES ROLLED UP!! that's right. it's WARM.

  26. this blog has gone so downhill. the happy lists are a cop out. i can live with the dog posts, but even those are getting old.

  27. Alison

    Williams-Sonoma has the most sophisticated & tasty recipes. I have their Bride & Groom cookbook, but sometimes it intimidates me just to open it ;D

  28. Karina

    Have fun this weekend!

  29. amy alisa- great video! i haven't ever seen glee but this was awesome!! thanks for sharing.

    theomarchus– i'm really sorry you feel that way. the happy lists and frequent dog posts will continue to stay around though.

    breakingOutOftheShell&It3-; thank you so much for the award! so sweet of you! hooray for sunshine!


  30. fair enough, and i'll continue to read your blog. what can i say? i'm hooked.

  31. Hope you had a lovely weekend! The weather was gorgeous here as well, I soaked up every second of it!