here’s to happiness {by stephanie}

10 things that make stephanie terribly happy:
  1. bike rides in the sun
  2. cuddling up with roxy on a rainy saturday
  3. the smell of sawdust after my husband has been working on a project
  4. closing my eyes and listening to music i’ve heard live – it’s like i’m back there again
  5. giving my nieces piggy back rides and hearing their laughter in my ear
  6. making cheesecakes
  7. nights with girlfriends when i laugh so hard my tummy hurts
  8. sending cards for no reason at all
  9. road trips with stephen to see our closest friends who are too far away
  10. talking to strangers
thank you for sharing, stephanie!
photo via papertissue.
  1. aw thank you so much for posting my happy list! i guess you can add that this makes me happy :) ha!

  2. You always put up the BEST pictures – love this one!

  3. that's so true about live music! once you see it live, the songs have a certain magic to them that they never had before. great happy list!

  4. "talking to strangers"
    cool! thats a new one.

  5. ashlina

    cuuuute! i love bike rides in the sun too!


  6. that`s a really sweet one! :) xxx

  7. Riley

    I really love that picture!

  8. Rhianne

    a perfect list – number 4 might be my favourite thing ever!

  9. Mindy

    aww I miss my puppy roxy everyday, and also love sending cards.. which tend to often have puppies on them.. hmm..

  10. Hillary

    This is one of my favorite lists yet!

  11. she looks like reece witherspoon (if that is indeed stephanie pictured!)

  12. EVA

    making cheesecake…totally!

  13. Maria

    Happy lists are so awesome (: I love seeing all of the different things that make people happy and being able to relate to them!

  14. I'm not sure if you have enough hours in the day to read all your comments– but, thanks for your kind words on my blog a few days ago. So sweet!