here’s to happiness {by million things}

10 things that make million things terribly happy:
  1. pictures – taking them, but mostly look at them after
  2. swimming in the ocean – i can’t wait for the summer
  3. ice cream, anytime
  4. talking to my family on the phone
  5. cuddling with baby o (kid #1) when he’ll let me
  6. cuddling with pepe (hubby) also, when he’ll let me
  7. feeling the baby kick
  8. sleeping in
  9. the color red
  10. watching old/ new home family videos
thank you so much for sharing!
photo found via flickr.

  1. Swimming in the ocean~ YES!

  2. Ice cream makes me happy as well. Especially in a cone! I love these lists!

  3. You really get a sense that family means a lot. I love this list :)

  4. Great list…i too love the color Red, and watching old family videos.

  5. Love this!

    #1 my favorite! I also Love pictures, both taking them and looking at them.

  6. Love this list x

  7. Ice cream, ocean and baby bumps instant happiness:)

  8. Sera

    totally agree with all these things. love this list! :)

  9. Frau

    great list I love all of the ten!

  10. amanda

    i LOVE the list…but i especially LOVE that picture. i love pregnant bellies.

  11. Min

    Love the photo.

  12. tvmom

    ahh…thanks so much for featuring my list! And thanks for the nice comments above!

  13. The picture is so beautiful! So motherly and pretty!