here’s to happiness {by mary}

mary’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. the taste of chocolate & peppermint together
  2. headbands that make a statement
  3. surprise hugs
  4. snail mail, sending & receiving
  5. monograms
  6. a classical melody that gets stuck in your head all day
  7. the relief you feel after a really good cry
  8. going home after being away for so long and it still feeling right
  9. knowing that i’ll graduate in less than 70 days!
  10. skinny vanilla lattes
thank you for sharing mary!
photo via flickr.
email your happy list to naomi.megan{at}
if you’d like to participate.
  1. :))) nice! x

  2. That's a great picture. Maybe I'll do it when I graduate in a couple of months.

  3. Maria

    I love this! I'm so excited for graduation also (:

  4. Becca

    Aww, I love the lists!
    Life is so fun and beautiful.

  5. tegan

    agree with all of those! except the graduating one, of course.. :) omg YES vanilla lattes are my FAVE! xo

  6. oh i just love this!

  7. Love the list! I love chocolate and peppermint too!

  8. like that picture. and chocolate with peppermint is a very good choose. kisses

  9. yay the happylists are back!
    just in time for spring. makes me happy.

  10. dbbg

    ahhh most of those are my happy things tooo!

  11. aahhh, this list is so phenomenal!

  12. i love really good cries. that was a fabulous list.

  13. maryp

    yay! I'm so glad my list made it up :o)

    and I'm glad most of you share my happy things too!!!
    here's to happiness!

  14. ohh chocolate and peppermint!! yyeeahhh

  15. i 100% agree with loving snail mail (and giving), the relief after a good cry, and headbands!!! i wish graduation was that close for me. sadly i've been really taking my time though. :(

  16. Jenn

    What a great list. I love #7.

  17. Knowing you are about to graduate is an amazing feeling!!!

    Best of luck & I LOVE your list… choco & pepppermint together is sinful.

  18. mary! if you like chocolate and peppermint you will go crazy over this lipbalm/lipgloss i've found. i've got all my friends to buy it because they love it too. you put it on and you feel like you're having a giant mouthful of after-eights, seriously!
    It's called 'Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter'
    Go and buy it now! You will thank me :)
    it also makes your lips look gorge.

    also, lovely lovely happy list :)
    PD xxx

  19. jenn

    yes, i graduate in about 70 days, and it is an amazing feeling. it makes me very very happy.