here’s to happiness {by jilleun}

jilleun’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. when you can feel the warm sun on your skin
  2. lovely white kitchens
  3. my little brothers laughing
  4. making cards with my mother
  5. blessings from my father
  6. tomato basile soup
  7. photographs of weddings
  8. a full eight hours of sleep
  9. the smell of oranges
  10. how my fiance always opens the door for me
thanks for sharing jilleun!
photos via flickr.
  1. Alisha

    Lovely List.

  2. Taza,
    This is a fabulous idea, I find myself challenged to think of the 10 things that make me happy in today's tough world.
    This should not be this way, and now I have caught myself pulling out the small things, and focusing on the fact that they made me happy.
    The boss having the coffee made before I got in for work this morning.

    If it wasn't for you, I would have missed this.
    Give my precious little bully boy, a kiss right on his lips!
    He makes my list of happy!
    The Bumpkin

  3. These lists are my favourite things. This one was cute.

  4. Warm sun on your skin and a full 8 hours of sleep, doesn't get better than that!

    PS Love the photos!

  5. i really like these list keep em up. life is about the small things.

  6. oooh those pictures make me want an orange &for; it to be summer really bad :)

  7. her name is beautiful!

  8. Hailey

    So cute! I'm going to make my own right now!

  9. EVA

    I agree about the thing ever

  10. I love her name!

  11. Lane

    I really love your "happy" list you make they make me smile
    I'd love if you came to check out my blog

  12. Maddy

    Oh I looove photographs of weddings!

  13. Becca

    These lists are the cutest idea. I find myself always agreeing with every different list- how can you choose? They're all so happy :)

  14. amanda

    i love that first picture. the orange lipstick and plaid shirt-perfection!

  15. oh these lists are lovely! what a great attitude :)

  16. i love this little list, it's precious and filled with lots of good things!

  17. Jilleun

    Its my list! Thank You Naomi!

  18. "how my fiance always opens the door for me." that just made my heart swell up. :)

  19. those photos are so bright and awesome!

  20. sun on your skin! ahh so amazing!

  21. Oh my goodness! I am in love with the first photo!

  22. i love this and love my brothers laughing too. xoxo

  23. so i will be in nyc this weekend & are wondering if you have any suggestions on yummy cupcake places!! i have seen all of your burger places and am excited to try some of them! :) thanks girl!!!

  24. kaysi fox– for burgers, try out shake shack, stand, or BLT burger. those are our favorites. corner bistro and the burger joint in le parker meridien are also pretty good.

    enjoy nyc!

  25. so cute. i think i need to go buy some orange lipstick!

  26. 10 Joys that make Jordie Jump with Jubilance!

    1) Getting to work and finding a new e-mail from my baby brother who can spell now!
    2) Smelling Spring
    3) When my students tell me I'm "Prettier than Taylor Swift"
    4) Waking up to sunshine on my face
    5) Surprise tulips from the love of my life
    6) Spring showers and Apple Crisps
    7) finding a new recipe
    8) Dimples
    9) Handmade post cards from my grandma
    10) Love stories

  27. I love this list and I love the photographs you chose! Again, I'm so happy you brought these back. xo