here’s to happiness {by giselle}

10 things that make giselle terribly happy:
  1. meeting new animals that are just as happy to meet me.
  2. mighty tea leaf tea bags. boisterous and beautiful.
  3. driving around town when it’s twilight.
  4. thrift shopping.
  5. thinking about everything my parents have done for me.
  6. drinking water from a glass jar.
  7. swag bags.
  8. everything about my daughter.
  9. clothing swaps.
  10. my husband and his art.
  11. eating straight from the garden.
*oops! looks like it is 11 things!
photo via flickr.
p.s. giselle made me so excited for my *tiny* city garden
i’m planting on my back porch steps this year.
can’t wait for fresh tomatoes!
  1. Frau

    Awesome list! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love driving around at that time too.

  3. what a great list!

  4. hi naomi, any tips on planting tomatoes in a city without a plot of land? i live in NYC and have a fire escape out my bedroom window i'd like to use to plant basil, tomatoes and a few other herbs but i'm nervous because i don't have much of a green thumb!

    a wonderful little list! xo

  5. I love this list, the thrift shopping and clothing swaps are great happies :)


  6. Allison

    yeah thrift stores are fab!

  7. this is so great! you have inspired me to do my own list… tomorrow!

    (will link back to yours of course)

    Have a great weekend,

  8. such a beautiful name! i love eating straight from the garden! i'm working on getting my own soon :)

  9. Wonderful list :).I too, love thrift shopping!! It's awesome.

  10. okay, this might be my favorite one ever! i love drinking out of jars so much, and thrifts stores, and husbands who make art, and being grateful to parents and family, and being friends with animals. just all around warm and full of love! seriously, this list is pure HAPPINESS.

  11. Micaela

    i really love #1 :)

    i want to take home every animal i see out and about and who can resist a dog's tail wag?


  12. it doesn't get much better than food fresh from the garden. i have a tiny apartment-friendly garden on our back porch with herbs, tomatoes and arugula lettuce. it's the best!

  13. Emily

    i can't wait to have my own place. and then i will plant beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.
    have fun with your mini garden!

  14. I love these posts, they make me happy :)