happy friday! [and giveaway winners]

i took this photo at the park last sunday while we were walking kingsley. i think every tree on the hill is in full bloom, and it is a stunning sight. how i wish they’d stay like this forever.

also, excited to announce our giveaway winners! the first is cornflakegirl, winning the large 5 foot wall graphic of casey’s deep down:

and our second, winning the lap top sized wall graphic is j.loo:

also, if you use the code ROCKSTAR-2010 at checkout on any order from ltl prints, you will get a free laptop graphic of when freckles collide! i think that’s swell!
have a lovely weekend!
  1. what are you going to do this weekend?

  2. Emma

    What a stunning photo, the trees look beautiful. Happy weekend!

  3. tess

    hey megan! just found your blog off of jens and I love it already. you have great photos and you obviously love cheese fries which makes you awesome in my book! haha also I see you live in DC? I go to college here. glad to finally find a fellow DC blogger. looking forward to reading more!

  4. hollie

    Found your blog via Elise's blog. When I saw you had a bulldog I was hooked! I also have a beautiful bulldog whose name is Wheezy…. and when I saw the post about the bulldog birthday party in the park!?… just about died from cuteness overload. Looking forward to following your blog :)

  5. that's awesome – I already bought but we don't dance… so now to decide which other one to buy to get the freckles freebie…hmmm. Have a great weekend!

  6. J.Loo

    Aw, sweet! I haven't won anything from the interweb before. Am I supposed to email you my address or umm… or you email me types of deals?

  7. Julie

    Gorgeous photo!

  8. Fawn

    you have the best view! i wish Miami had such wonderful trees!

  9. what i wouldn't give to see the dc cherry blossoms!

  10. Gorgeous blossoms! I'm shooting a wedding in D.C. in a couple of weeks and am so excited to see all of the trees!

  11. amanda

    have a great weekend!

    the paintings are too fantastic. i shall be ordering one pronto!

  12. that photo is absolutely stunning, naomi! the blossoms are so cheery! :)

  13. Cambria

    I absolutely am going to have to buy a print!
    Thank you leading me to these great paintings! :))
    Looking forward to your next post's!

  14. Jaimie

    that is a gorgeous photo. inspires me for when our spring finally starts to bloom.

  15. Lane

    congrats winners!! hey everybody theres a giveaway going on at my blog come check it out :)

  16. Sera

    oh how i love the cherry blossoms in dc!

  17. s a m

    this photo is spring magic!

  18. great photo, I love the colors.