1. Love that first picture with the Polaroid camera. Love it!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  2. agreed.
    green means the start of spring, and to me spring brings lots of happiness.

  3. Lindsay

    i love these photos!

  4. AmyK

    I should have saved my post about green smoothies for just one more day! What was I thinking?

  5. Fun!

    Happy St. Patty's to ya'll too!

  6. My goodness you're gorgeous! I love your headbands and all the pics! Happy st. pattys :)

  7. Amanda

    i agree completely!!

    i got my rachel headband in the mail today and it will be absolutely perfect to wear out with my friends tonight! it's so beautiful i can't wait!

    thanks so much and i hope you have a lovely day in the sun!

  8. as always…love the pictures!

    happy st patricks day!

  9. Amber

    loving the pictures! And happy st. patty's lads

  10. love your green pictures. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  11. Sam

    happy st pats! i also love the color green; makes me think summer!

  12. tiffany

    what beautiful pictures! i love green too :)


  13. i looove the color green! i feel so bad not knowing it was st. patricks day! life has definitely been busy!

  14. ashlina

    wow. such great shots! happy st. pattys day to you!!!!

  15. What beautiful photos! Looks like Taza (and husband) in Wonderland! Wishing you lots of Irish luck and pots of gold at the end of every rainbow!

  16. I didn't realize it was St. Patrick's Day until about 4pm! Hope you both have a fun day!

  17. Cathi

    Love the green!
    Gorgeous houses in the background.
    It looks like Josh is riding his bike in Palm Beach.

  18. Green is so beautiful! Like you in the first picture!

    -Miss Mayhem

  19. What an incredibly cute take on St. Patrick's Day! These pictures are so beautiful and bright. Hope you're having a great week!!

  20. Soo pretty :) I love the photo of husband biking as well! Who can get away with such fetching plaid pants?

  21. the gourmet traveller, i never thought as soul could get away with pants like those, but then i met my husband. i think he is probably the only one who loves them so… but they've maybe grown on me too!