friday night date night (with kingsley, ofcourse.)

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we took a walk around the hill tonight with kingsley
(since it was 68 degrees and gorgeous out)
& eventually made our way to the park
where we snacked on some dinner
& made friends with other dogs (and their owners).
we love taking walks around the neighborhood as the sun sets
because everyone is out and friendly as ever.
& the flowers & tree blossoms are in full bloom!
i love just walking and talking with josh, too.
he makes for some nice company.
it was the perfect start to our weekend.
hope you enjoy yours!
photos taken with the iphone ShakeItPhoto app.
  1. Maddy

    So lovely! I'm jealous you had such nice weather today :) I love walks… we just need to train our girl to walk better on her leash! (right now it's just soo painful to walk her, haha)

    p.s. I love that shirt, do you mind me asking where it's from? ;D
    p.p.s. the shoes are AWESOME as well.
    p.p.p.s and little King just makes my heart melt. such an adorable little guy!

  2. ♥Lola

    You look so pretty! I love this blouse :) Walking my dog at the end of everyday is the best thing ever, I always meet the nicest people with her!

  3. You look so adorable! I'm super jealous of your nice weather.

  4. You look so cute. I love your entire outfit. Looks like you all had fun!

  5. You rock Naomi, love the shoes, and that little bulldog of yours is pretty cute as well!

  6. You rock Naomi, love the shoes, and that little bulldog of yours is pretty cute as well!

  7. First of all you look amazing! I love the outfit!

    Secondly the weather has been gorgeous lately. Warm and sunny, a perfect intro in to spring! Walk dates are so cute!


  8. sounds like a perfect evening!!!

  9. Ashley

    Love your bow! And your whole outfit for that matter! :)

  10. Lainey

    You look gorgeous as always. I'm usually in my beat up sweats and tee shirt when I walk my dogs. :) I love your top. So romantic and springy.

  11. Ashley

    so jealous!! your night sound amazing :) have a great weekend!

  12. Let me know if you see any for rent signs on your walks. ;) Sounds like a super fun night!

  13. that's so damn cute! ANd you look darling, very pretty indeed.

    Have the best days,

  14. that's so damn cute! ANd you look darling, very pretty indeed.

    Have the best days,

  15. megan

    i love this post. :)

  16. you look adorable! xo.

  17. What a lovely evening! Those photographs are so inviting! I love the blossoms! And of course your outfit is darling!

  18. omg!!!! i love your outfit it's soo cute :)

    and the day was beautiful today and this weekend will be amazing too!!!

  19. Leslie

    Looks like a lovely evening!

  20. I love your clothes, although it might be a bit selfish for me to say that, since i have that blouse, and the flowered anthro top! But you put everything together with a unique flair.

  21. eden

    how do you always look so blasted darling? it's just not fair…

    and now that i've had a taste of dc (went there for the first time two weeks ago – and completely fell in love with the city!) i'm jealous that you get to be there all the time. (:

  22. maryp

    the three of you make such a darling little family! and the bow headband is to die for… it makes me want to grow my hair out real long and pile it on top of my head like you do.

  23. oh my, thanks for the kind comments everyone! and maddy, the shirt is from H&M;.

  24. aw this post made me happy. i hope the warm weather sticks around.

  25. Riley

    Kingsley has gotten so big!

  26. You live in such a beautiful place! those houses are so gorgeous, because they are so much better than the generic 'new' house. and i've been to DC and it's wonderful, and that weather you described, i'm so jealous. Have a great weeekend!!

  27. R.

    I love your headband and Kingsley is so darling! xo

  28. Ashley

    I think that sounds like a perfect evening out. :)

    i love that you started wearing jeans. you can rock anything.

  29. I'm gonna get that photo app immediately–those pics are adorable! And sounds like such a sweet evening!

  30. Caty

    Very cute outfit!!

  31. Fenke

    it seems like only yesterday, when you were snowed in… and now you are parading the streets in sweet spring-y outfits. aaah – i wish the weather changed so drastically in berlin aswell!

  32. Ruth

    These pic's make me feel good!

  33. yay i love when we have the same top! i bought that blouse in a blush tone as well…they are my go to shirts! beautiful pictures!

  34. Juultje

    wow already that warm…only weeks ago you had snow. We had that here as well…but now we have rain and its still not that warm. I am envious. Enjoy these beautifull walks and I love the photos. What camera is this?

  35. I love those photos the 3 of you look so cute and happy!!

  36. Your lovely Taza! xoxox

  37. Your lovely Taza! xoxox

  38. Seyma

    oh gosh, you guys look amazing altogether!! so warm :)


  39. Tiffany

    yay for good weather! happy weekend! you *and the puppy and the husband* all look cute as usual!

  40. You look so cute. i really love your outfit, with all the bows <3 And Josh and Kingsley are pretty cute too!
    Have a nice weekend!

  41. Annie

    ah dying to be there where its warm and springy and the blossom is out. its raining here, but I dont mind too much b/c it reminds me that spring is coming. best bit of spring/summer is evening walks…

  42. Meg Fee

    you're so beautiful, i can't get over it. and man would i like to look like you in those jeans!!

    ps: maybe i could visit dc soon?

    loved your last comment–dyed laughing.

  43. JenRem

    You are so cute. And so in Kingsley. And Josh too I suppose ;) Just kidding! You three are the sweetest most adorable family in all the land :)

  44. Great post! photos are beautiful.

  45. cute bow, and I wish I could be walking around outside… still too cold. boo.

  46. CAPow!

    that looks like the most gorgeously perfect date night!

  47. how fun! what a lovely date night :)

  48. How lovely! My hubby and I did the same thing last night. Chinese food and a beautiful sunset with our little sparky.

  49. amanda

    capitol hill is so pretty. love it! as well as beautiful weather that allows for big bows in the hair and short sleeved blouses.

  50. Jen

    This is exactly why I must have a dog in my life – sunlit walks with my Mr and a pooch. Sounds simply stunning.

    I've just discovered your blog, it's such a great read! :)

  51. Love it! Lincoln Park is GORGEOUS right now!

  52. the blossoms are beautiful!!
    enjoy your "warmish" weather! :)

  53. Oh my gosh – would you believe I have almost the SAME blouse? It's from Banana with smaller polka dots. How funny! So excited it's spring on the Hill :)

  54. Emily

    I love your bow! How fun!

    I know you get this stuff all the time, but I wanted to let you know that I gave you a lovely blogger award today! I really enjoy looking at your pictures, and reading happy lists :-) plus, Kingsley is adorable.

  55. Sam

    i must invest in an iphone after seeing everyone post pics from this app on their blogs! quick and fun, best kind of photos!

  56. Aw you guys are so cute!

  57. Naomi,

    I was just given a link to your blog, told you would be an awesome resource for fun things to do while we (my husband and I) are in DC this summer. However, I'm wondering if you might have any advice to give concerning housing. We're LDS and just want to find relatively cheap (knowing we want to find something in DC won't actually be cheap) housing from the end of April to the end of August. I'm sorry to be asking you, seeing as I barely even know you… but we're a little desperate at this time. If you have anything, you can shoot me an email at [email protected]! I really appreciate anything information/advice you might be able to give us! Thank you!

  58. aw the bow on your head is adorable!!!

  59. Cherry blossoms! They are blooming in Philly, too, finally. I love your outfit, so fresh and perfect for spring.

  60. I would love to know where you got your headband from…I love, love, love it! Thanks so much.
    xoxo, Meg

  61. Britti

    Beautiful pictures. I love spring!
    Happy Sunday!

  62. your kingsley has grown so much! He's so adorable.

  63. Looks like you had a great time!!

    p.s. kingsley, I love your rain coat! So cute! :)

  64. floreal, these were taken with my iphone using the shakeit photo app.

    megan and melissa, the headband is actually just an old scarf i got thrifting in brooklyn a few years ago. i wrapped it around my head and tied a bow!

    alena kelly, i'll email you! you will love living in DC! excited to have you!


  65. 68 degrees?! Well I hope you're happy. You just made me hate living in Albuquerque that much more!
    How's allergy season over there? Long? Short?
    It might be time to plan a little trip!


  66. Carissa

    looks like a wonderful walk around a lovely neighborhood! and I'm amazed that an iPhone can take such cool pictures! :) (I obviously don't have an iPhone!)

  67. walks around the neighborhood are my favorite. love your headband!!

  68. jones

    the weather was glorious this weekend. we even enjoyed a burger (and milkshake) at spike's. so delicious!

  69. jones

    the weather was glorious this weekend. we even enjoyed a burger (and milkshake) at spike's. so delicious!

  70. jones

    the weather was glorious this weekend. we even enjoyed a burger (and milkshake) at spike's. so delicious!

  71. Amy

    Love your outfit!

  72. You are honetsly the cutest lady to exist. Your photos. Your hair. your pooch its all too cutex

  73. you and Kingsley are so freaking cute, I die.

  74. molly

    I am totally coveting your outfit from these delightful pictures. You always have clothes, gold star!!! Thanks for being so inspiring!

  75. Sum

    Dear Naomi,

    You have inspired me with all kinds of headband wearing ideas. Thank you.

    Much love,