first signs of spring.

new little flowers, green grass and a very very blue sky
stopped by capitol hill this week.
we hope this means spring has decided
to come live on the hill permanently for the next few months.
we love spring.
  1. janis

    i too am SO EXCITED for spring! it just makes my heart dance!

  2. don't shoot the messenger–but it's snowing in AZ–which means it's most likely headed your way next. yikes!

  3. You're in for a most lovely spring! I lived in D.C. for five years and it's the best time of year there. Sadly for me, I now live in Sweden, and while the sun as finally come out, I'm still feeling oh so cold…

  4. I love spring as well! Everything in bloom and the lovely weather!!

  5. YAY for spring! It is one of my favorite seasons.

  6. Yesssssss! Spring is the BEST! I love the first signs of Spring!

  7. Spring. Yes please!

  8. You got flowers already!!!!! I'm so jealous! hehe. Bring on Spring!!!

  9. Riley

    I can't wait for Spring!

  10. Emma

    such pretty pics!! spring is coming to utah, i can feel it.

  11. Sera

    oh how i love springs in dc! i miss them!

  12. Emily

    :) I can't wait for spring!!

  13. LOVE that last photo! so cool.

  14. Great photos…i love that you already are seeing some sign of it…YAY SPRING!!!

  15. YAY! Love flowers!

  16. the colors of the last photo are so beautiful.

  17. I'm visiting D.C. next weekend- for the first time ever! I'm glad Spring has sprung there!

  18. beautiful pictures!

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  19. we had such a beautiful weekend but now its freezing and so windy again!

  20. yay for spring time! spring is awesome :)


  21. :) erin

    ahh, can't wait for spring to come to Juneau. making some new necklaces you might like.

  22. Seriously: I am so ready for Spring! These photos bring hope – it's still so cold in London!

  23. I am so ready for spring!

  24. i think we will have an early spring. just cuz we deserve it. ; )

  25. Love the spring flower photos! I saved the lilac one for my desktop. I always enjoy your photos.

  26. It just snowed an inch here in AZ, I wish spring would hurry up!

  27. i can really smell it! it smells love …thats spring!love it!
    kisses from 'springful' Greece

  28. rachel!

    ohh, i love always seeing these first signs of spring!!

  29. These are lovely pictures. The last picture of the row of terraced homes remind me of the homes in London.

    I don't think Italy gets a Spring. It kind of changed directly from winter to summer. Cold to hot.

    Have a wonderful spring in D.C.!