a few readers brought this incredible dog-stache
to our attention last week. too hilarious to pass up.
so we ordered one for kingsley.
who thinks this genius stuff up?
and what will they come up with next?

oh yes.
a chew toy AND sexy mustache?
kingsley’s excited. he told me so.
  1. how hilarious! i can't wait to see kingsley stylin' that stache!

  2. I love him. I love him so, so much.

  3. Kari

    I am in love!


  4. Jill

    Tony wants to see a picture of Josh with it before you give it to Kingsley!

  5. that's hilarious!! Oh my, I totally want to get one! What a great find!

  6. My husband almost peed his pants when I showed him this.

  7. Jill– I'll make sure we send Tony a pic of Josh modeling the stache! Haha!


  8. Caty

    LOVE this! It really is an amazing idea!

  9. That's just crazy. Unfortunately i know Milo will eat his cool mo in a matter of seconds.

  10. Amazing! I'm trying to imagine my pomeranian with a 'stache…

  11. Riley

    That is hilarious! I can't wait to see pictures of Kingsly playing with it.

  12. this is the cutest toy ever!!!

  13. oh my gosh! that is so adorable!

  14. Bri

    haha oh jeez, just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter!

  15. That is so cute! It's been a bit of a mustache crazy week on my blog so this really cracked me up!!

  16. I believe every dog should have one of those, for when they have to go somewhere classy! haha

  17. this is the best thing EVER.

  18. sanchez

    thats the funniest thing I've ever seen!

    My dog kind of already has a goatee though, :P

  19. How ridiculously awesome! I want one of those SO BADLY.

    Now all I need is a dog.

  20. J

    Ha! That is so adorable!

  21. Kristen

    o.m.g hilarious!!

  22. Maddy

    Man my dog's a girl and she's still getting one. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  23. that is AWESOME!!

  24. Cortney

    This settles it! You *have* to enter his pic on that hipster dog website :)

  25. Kelly

    how funny! Looking forward to the pics of kingsley with his new stache!

  26. Rhianne

    that is amazing, I've seen one of a giant tongue – which is just as funny but never tache – amazing!

  27. Teresa

    OMG. This is th ebest thing I have ever seen. In my whole life.

  28. Amazing! Love it. Can't wait for pics with Kingsley and this cool stache!

  29. hahaha, that is great. I can't wait to see pics! This is esp. perfect for a bulldog for some reason. I just can't imagine it being as cute on another type of dog.

  30. Ayla

    I love this! And that website of dog stuff makes me want a dog again!!!

  31. love that!!!!! hahaha.

  32. quite possibly the coolest thing i've seen all weekend….at least! love this!


  33. Becca

    I can't believe how funny this is!

  34. OHMYLANTA this is AMAZING!! please post pics. cant wait! haha


  35. that is hilarious! I love it!

  36. ummm totally getting one for my dog!!

  37. bahaha this is amazing!

  38. I love dogs and will be getting one in July. I have been already buying things for this future dog which I don't even know what kind I will be getting. This will go in my box of future gifts for my future dog.

  39. rachel!

    oh my goodness

  40. Moriah

    WOW. must purchase one of these for my basset hound, rufus.

  41. Cheryn

    I can imagine it on my cute FEMALE dog.. awesome
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