bulldog birthday party.

in-between a costco run, baby shower, scout activity, getting ready for mark & julie’s reception, and my mom and brother flying into town, we made it to bailey’s birthday party (kingsley’s bulldog friend) on saturday (she turned 3) with 18 other bulldogs at the park!
yep….18 bulldogs were in attendance!
from 3 1/3 months old to 12 years…. it was amazing.
and since the weather was so lovely and we were on schedule (thank you josh), kingsley got to play with all his bulldog friends for almost 2 hours.
kingsley is the one in the blue harness (not to be confused with little bart who is close to his same size in the blue collar).

L-R: bart, scarlet, forget this one’s name, and really big jack.

kingsley and josh.

this is pork chop (or porky.) how adorable is she?

let’s make a big bulldog pile!

love the side swept tongue. adorable.

and this wrinkly face? priceless.
our little mister kingsley and his tongue.

i think this one is pearl? or winston.

we love our little bulldog club in DC. it’s a lot of fun to be a part of.
the bulldogs are beautiful and their owners are great!
and we love kingsley more and more every day. he is such a fun little puppy!
  1. ahlin

    that looks like so much fun! oh my gosh they are all so adorable. especially little kingsley :)

  2. wow! looks like a lot of fun. you've inspired me to find/create a Boston Terrier club in my area, i'd love to see a few dozen of them together like this! thanks for sharing :)

  3. im at work giggling out loud at those pictures! especially the one where they look like they're having a little group meeting! haha i cant believe how adorable they are, i never thought i'd be a fan of bulldogs but you guys have conformed me!

  4. Bulldogs are the best dogs, ever! They have so much personality! I can't imagine what a whole group of them would be like. We're expecting a puppy in April (born March 1st!), and it is the only breed we will ever own again!

  5. Celeste

    how adorable is little kingsley among the big dogs!?!? love this!

  6. Becca

    Kingsley is the best-looking by far.

  7. these pictures are too funny! the dogs all remind me of kids playing together-ha!

  8. Britt

    That is seriously the funniest thing ever. A dog birthday party… Brilliant!

  9. Helen

    awww this is too cute! i'd love for my yorkies to have other yorkie playmates too

  10. omg that is adorable! i love my puppy as if it were my own child, so i definitely understand the connection. i love it!!

  11. A bulldog birthday party is my idea of heaven. Period.

  12. O! MY!! GOODNESS!!! I want a bulldog!

  13. Alex

    I'm getting a bulldog and naming it Winchester. Maybe they can be pen pals! They are all soooo cute!

  14. Jordan would have been in absolute heaven. This looks like a hilarious situation.

  15. This is PRICELESS! These pictures are great, I almost feel like I'm there! So many bulldogs! Wow! I bet it was so fun to watch them all play together!

  16. Emma

    all those pugs in one place is so funny, i love it!

  17. Hannah

    a bulldog club blows my mind! i LOVE it, that is so adorable.

  18. That looks like such fun. And how cute are those bulldogs!

  19. This is so amazing! I wish I lived in DC so I could have come with my bulldog!!

  20. Kelly

    This is so cute! Where did you find such a club?

  21. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I have already looked at these 3x!!! Thanks for sharing them! (This blog is addictive!)

  22. Cute!!! Reminds me of the Boston Terrier meetups. Miss Makes A Lot – go to meetup.com and check out if there is a Boston meetup group in your town! :)

  23. amanda

    i love that you belong to a bulldog club. that's so adorable!

  24. awww how adorable!!!! it's too cute :D

  25. emily

    you were right. bulldog heaven. how fun for you guys!

  26. Morgan

    Crazy cute! So fun that you guys are a part of such a fun group!

  27. omgoodness – that is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  28. Ali

    I can't take this post! IT'S TOO CUTE!!!

  29. Amy

    cute overload!!!!!!! cute overload!!!!!!! i love their wrinkly faces!

  30. Riley

    All of the the bull dogs are adorable I bet Kingsly had a lot of fun!

  31. Naomi,

    I must know what lipstick you wear! I'm on a hunt for spring/summer and yours always looks perfect in your photos!


  32. Rad! I love this – all these photos make me smile.

  33. Rachel

    this is absolutely ridiculous. and awesome! oh to be a bulldog at a bulldog bday

  34. they're all so happy and wrinkly and wonderful

    but between you and me – kingsley is by far the cutest :)

  35. I probably would have exploded from all the cuteness. It's all I have to make it through this post alive from all my "AWWWWWWWW's". So. So. Cute!

  36. how fun is that!!! i love it! shoot, i need to find me a bulldog club in hawaii!

  37. This is the most adorable thing ever! It totally just made my day. I love that people throw parties for their dogs.

  38. so jealous!! Love them all!!

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  40. Kelsi

    oh my, this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! they're so adorable piled on top of each other!

    p.s. i loved the wild things reference ;) let's make a pile!

  41. Cathi

    We love doggie parties! Our dog didn't invite their friends over on their birthday because they weren't quite as cordial as Kingsley is with his friends. What we did do is everyone (dogs included) loaded up in the Suburban and delivered doggie treats to all the doggie acquaintances.

  42. Shauna

    love kingsley! and congrats to your friends mark and julie! and i love your dress that you wore to their reception!

  43. oh my goodness these are all SO CUTE!!! All the wrinkles and faces and the piles and bow legs.. awww.
    what a great post!!! thank you.


  44. Sharon

    agh! there is too much cuteness for one post…love it :)

  45. Rhianne

    this looks like the best party ever! I can not wait to get a dog now and I love catching up with your blog after weekends away :) it always makes my day!

  46. Oh my! Oh my! So cute- what a fabulous party. So glad you guys were able to attend & Kingsley had a good time :)


  47. This is hilarious! So glad Kingsley has some friends who don't ignore him or find him pesty (like the big dogs he met during the blizzard)! Yay for bulldog love!

    Quarterlife Curiosity

  48. Ivy

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  49. Ivy

    OH MY GOODNESS! how do you handle all the cuteness??

  50. oh my goodness! how adorable is this!
    when I first began reading your blog a few weeks ago it was when you were writing on behalf of kingsley, I mean when Kingsley took over your blog, and as a dog fanatic (a little over-obsessive) I shared it with my mom (who is even more of a dog-lover) and she thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I do too, and that's why I look forward to reading your lovely posts all the time!!!!

  51. Risley

    OMG! how cute! I have a 3 1/2 year old bulldog!

  52. Boomka

    AHHHH FAT DOG PARTY! I love these. I love that first picture. It's like the one on the right is saying, "Hey you guys want to get together and sniff some stuff? Me too. Cool. They are so big and jowly and squishy and adorable. Nothing better than a big pile of bulldogs. Such great pictures!

  53. Lindsey

    Shut up! That is hilarious! You guys are bulldog crazy.

  54. janeen

    animals are the best :) haven't commented in a while so figured it is time… it's just so easy to click on someones blog and click off though, oops…. your blog is adorable :)

  55. Tatjana

    Awwww, we have a bulldog meetup group here in Mass. We LOVE it.
    The people are awesome.
    The bulldogs are awesome.
    Everything about it is pure slobbery goodness!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

  56. How fun! Kingsley is the cutest one – although Winston/Pear is cute too. Oh they are all adorable!

  57. pen.ny

    ah-mazing. kingsley is clearly the cutest.

    everything about this is incredible. yes!

  58. Annie

    seriously they are adorable. i want one for myself! (kingsley is definately the cutest)

  59. CAPow!

    that looks like so much fun!

  60. how adorable is that! a bulldog party, what a great idea. it looks like it was so much fun!


  61. when i look at all these old bulldogs,i think of old english gents ha

  62. i bet there was a lot of nubbin wagging going on!

  63. Kamaia

    this is the most adorable thing i have seen all day!

    i'm in a study hall at uni and the people around me are staring 'cos i can't stop smiling. soooo cute!

  64. Your Kingsley is so adorable!!!

  65. Blair

    so cute!! i have a french bulldog, oscar. dog bday parties are so fun!

  66. These are the cutest dogs EVER!

  67. Amanda

    I just stumbled upon your BLOG this morning, and…ummm…THIS POST IS MY DREAM.
    I'm writing a post about this post on my BLOG [www.my2010ishere.blogspot.com] right after making this comment.
    I want a bulldog puppy of my very own one day, and OH! how i would adore and love and lavish the day that i get to take her to a bulldog birthday party! AHHH!
    This post is the stuff of my dreams.
    God, I love the blog-o-sphere.
    I'll be regularly visiting. ;)
    Happy Saturday!

    Amanda Z from NYC

  68. All those bulldogs are so precious . . . somehow things are even cuter when they're in great numbers!

  69. All those bulldogs are so precious . . . somehow things are even cuter when they're in great numbers!

  70. Holy crap! That one on the far right in that first pic looks like he wants to eat Kingsly lol.

  71. abbey

    bulldogs are my favorite! that is so awesome… 18 of them for a little party :) how fun.

  72. Kari

    Ok, you are going to get soo sick of me, but seriously. this is blowing my mind! I looovee this wrinkley litte faces. Wish my baby could have been there. I swear she prefers to play with other bullies. So much fun!