1. floreal

    Such beautiful pictures!!!
    Love them

  2. Emily

    Great pictures! Especially the one with the couple on the tandem bike! That is my dream! Hope your allergies clear up soon!

  3. Love those!!!!!!!


  4. Awesome pictures!

    I hope your allergies get better!


  5. Sarah

    Hi Naomi! I believe that the pic of the couple with the bike was taken by SimplyBloom Photography, of Huntsville, AL. They did our family portraits this summer and they are two seriously talented ladies. Thank you for sharing!

  6. love the last one! You should do more of these posts, love it!

  7. Love these pictures!! Especially the couple on the bike. So cute.

  8. hi sarah! i will credit the photo now. thanks so much for sharing! love their work.


  9. Amber

    love those photos!

  10. I got attacked by allergies one year without EVER having them before too! I just lived on allergy medicine and dreaded the next spring – but it never happened again thankfully!

  11. These are beautiful. I love love LOVE the bicycle one and the heart tree.

    Sorry about the allergies. I never had them either until a couple years ago after moving to Hawaii. All the mold and dust finally got to me. It's dreadful.

  12. these all put a little smile on my face!

  13. ahlin

    love them! hope you feel better!

  14. these are all such lovely images, especially the second. the lighting, the adorably dressed boy, her yellow shoes and that bicycle? too cute! xx

  15. Jen

    I would love to be riding a tandem bike with a pretty boy as the sun sets – what a wonderful way to pass the time!

    Lovely photography here.

  16. Riley

    I love the pictures! :)

  17. a perfect dose. thanks lady.

  18. Great images! I've heard about your blog way over here in AZ and am finally paying you a visit! I'll be back!

  19. Annie

    the last one ♥

  20. Love these photographs! So light and fresh! Miss you!

  21. lovely photos!
    also, I just saw your request for allergy help. I don't know if somebody already said this, but in Switzerland people usually eat local honey and dairy products to help allergies. I usually do this and add in claritan. Something about the bee/cow having "fed" on the same flowers and breathed in the same air that is making you allergic, once you eat the honey/dairy product you have less of a reaction?
    I don't know if they have local honey/yogurt/milk etc. in DC but maybe give it a try? Good luck, and also I love your outfit from the Friday Night Date Night :)

  22. i want to find a boy to go cycling with. then we would stop and kiss and then carve a heart in a tree. so special.

  23. i want to find a boy to go cycling with. then we would stop and kiss and then carve a heart in a tree. so special.

  24. The tree photograph is just gorgeous x

  25. Love the choice of pics.
    Sorry about the allergies, I can totally sympathize … you might want to look into N.A.E.T., I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet. It's an alternative med treatment. I thought it was pretty "out there" when my sister told me about it, but swear by it now that I've been treated for several things. My sister had pretty bad hay fever and since being treated she's allergy free!!! I haven't been treated for my seasonal allergies yet, but will be soon! (I'm being treated for other allergies right now). You want to make sure you get a well seasoned practitioner though, I wouldn't get one who had been practicing less than 4 yrs or so). Good luck!

  26. LOVE these… jonathan canlas is one of my favorite photographers! :)

  27. caitlin

    Oh! I love that photo of Las Vegas, makes homesick!

  28. Chessa!

    yay spring! such lovely images on this rainy and gray afternoon in NYC.

  29. Tis nothing sweeter than fresh flowers!

  30. love the black and white – just feels like a peaceful day when you get to go online and enjoy – possibly searching for inspiring images rather than work related.

  31. Kate

    Hi there! I noticed I was getting lot of visitors from your lovely blog, but I think you gave me credit I don't deserve! :) It's not my photo, but maybe I lead you to it? I can't tell who the photographer is. But thank you for the link love anyway!!

  32. hi kate! oops, sorry for the confusion. it might not be your photo, but i am pretty certain i found it on one of your posts on your blog? maybe not. i am so very often wrong…. thanks for the comment!


  33. Megan

    Your post is a goldmine. Thanks for sharing one of my photos here, how lovely. Keep posting, you are on a roll!

    Best, Meg