a christenberry lunch date.

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josh had been wanting to check out william christenberry’s work
we had a little lunch date yesterday and finally ran over there to check it out.
christenberry is especially known for his snapshots
taken with the kodak brownie holiday camera back in the 70’s.
thirteen of this snapshots of the south in the 70’s were on display.

here’s some of the other work on display.

below are our three favorite snapshots. can you believe the coloring?
i read online that he developed most of his film over the counter
at local drugstores, which i think is awesome.
i can’t believe how vibrant the coloring
remains on these original vintage snapshots decades later.
they are beautiful.

a sleeping dog at the gallery. i thought he was pretty cute.
  1. Naurnie

    i love these!! that dog is an airedale… my parents have one named gus and he is precious.

  2. Looks fun. I love finding new artwork and exploring new galleries. And lunch dates are awesome as well.

  3. Celeste

    the colors!!! i can't believe they're so vibrant

  4. Kari

    My husband and I are both from the Seattle area, but we moved to Rexburg, Idaho to attend school.

    GOSH, I miss living in a city and being able to so cultural things like going to museums!

    You ARE a rockstar!


    I loooooooove your blog!

  5. I love seeking out art with my husband! One of our favorites!

    Looks like a great musuem!

  6. Jenae

    That sounds really awesome. By the way you & your husband have the cutest style EVER.

  7. What a cute lunch date!

    Love the exhibit, cant believe the colors are so bright all these years later. That's amazing!

  8. I love William Christenberry. His work is amazing. There was a an exhibit awhile back at the Potrait Gallery. It was inspiring.

  9. Maddy

    Those photos ARE beautiful. All done with film, wow! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Caty

    Wonderful photos that man has taken! I miss Utah's art galeries.

  11. Alison

    those vintage pictures are marvelous! sounds like a great lunch date :D

  12. ooh this inspires me to go find some pretty art myself! what a fun date!

  13. e and d

    i think you look super cute in your casual little outfit! i love it! :)

  14. Eri

    awesome exhibition! what a great idea for a lunch date :)

    Love the brooch you are wearing too xx

  15. absolutely incredible! i love art galleries… i would love to own one someday. and of course, there will definitely be a sleeping dog like that one! ;)

  16. those colors are fascinating! i love developing my own film!

  17. ooooh, and did you cut your hair? it looks shorter and darling as usual!

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  19. Cathi

    I love this post! It's like visiting the Met website. Thank you!

  20. Kelly


    p.s. I loves that pin on your shirt!

  21. love the plates. they would make some amazing cake stands! xox

  22. these are all such great things but I'm smitten with your broach on your shirt – stunning! ox

  23. lucky for us they let you photograph it! thank you!

  24. lucky for us they let you photograph it! thank you!

  25. Glimmer

    He is an Alabama-born artist but we are happy to share!

  26. You're shirt is SO cute! And wow, those photos are powerful & vibrant. Thanks for sharing. :)

  27. Belle

    An airedale ♥
    My pup is an airedale, gorgeous image!

  28. LOVE william christenberry and so jealous you got to see his work in person. looks like yall had a wonderful time. cheers!

  29. Emily

    Hi there! What a fun lunchtime date. :) Would you mind sharing where your white tee is from? I love the shape of it.


  30. emily– the white shirt is from Target! xo