1. So gorgeous. You have such an adorable family.

  2. mariseo

    love, LOVE it! So perfectly captured!

  3. Would love to see this in color, and could we have a closeup of our bulldog.

  4. Maddy

    I love this!!!!

  5. ahlin

    totally love it! so beautiful.

  6. This is so gorgeous. What a treasure. Everything is perfect – the centering of the tree – your long shadows – Kingsley at the end of his leash…

  7. Katie

    Wonderful :-) Let's see the rest!!

  8. Fawn

    he's fabulous! I just emailed him about possibly having him as my wedding photographer! thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVE.IT. the end.

  10. Beautiful yes!..but where is the color? It is the SPRING cherry blossom festival is it not? Please show some with color.

  11. Mindy

    I was there for the Cherry Blossoms last year but the paddle boats were closed! I HAVE to get on those paddle boats! Such a beautiful picture though!

  12. i like your blog. and after some recent facebook stalking of an old high school friend, i discovered he now hangs out with your sister hannah. small world!

  13. Morgan


  14. Rebecca

    Ahhhh this is beautiful! I'd love a similar portrait of my husband and I.

  15. bumpkin on a swing and gwenevere,

    don't think we went to the cherry blossom festival and shot only black and white! seriously! leo shot mostly color film. and it will surely be equally amazing when he shares them.


  16. This is so gorgeous! The black and white is amazing for this shot too!

  17. R.

    So lovely! Can't wait to see the ones in color! xo

  18. Amber

    This is such a cute picture! Definitely a work of art. I can picture it in a large frame in a living room!

  19. Sydney

    This is so gorgeous!

  20. Rhianne

    wow, such a beautiful photo :)

  21. Angela

    Beautiful!! I love cherry blossoms, and am now looking into going to the festival next year :)

  22. Kat

    this is so damn beautiful. i love leos work! i hope to meet him when he comes to london…soon i hope!

  23. dude. that is beautiful.

  24. Katie

    Wow, that is AMAZING!

  25. Mady

    I heart this Pic

  26. Kelly

    You're so lucky to have photographer friends! This is a great family portrait. We always are taking horrible selfies of ourselves.

  27. Wow, that is sooo georgeous!!

  28. odessa

    wow! so lovely.

  29. Flutter

    So beautiful…I recently had the privilege of meeting Leo at my friends wedding in Los Angeles. Her pictures were amazing…he's so talented!

  30. you guys are cuh-ute.

  31. Beautiful! Love it!

  32. this is so beautiful – i LOVE it.

  33. Riley

    Amazing I love it!

  34. totally looks like something out of an old movie. i love love love it!

  35. Oh my, I am so obsessed with this shot. Gorgeous!

  36. this is AMAZING!!!

  37. So fun. I met Kingsley the other day and got to see his growing underbit. He's adorable.

  38. This is gorgeous!


  39. Emily


  40. oh la la! beautiful love it love it!

  41. CAPow!


  42. gorgeous! I want one!

  43. Teresa

    Oh wow. This is stunning.

  44. i love pictures. you guys make great art.

    thanks for sharing.

  45. Caty


  46. monique

    such a wonderful picture! i love dc in the spring and am so jealous of you there! i think my hubby and i will need to go and take some pics as well..once we get some flowers blooming here :)

  47. love love love this! precious!


  48. You are the cutest couple on the internet :)

    This is definitely frame-worthy! Love it!

  49. kylie

    i absolutely love this picture! it's so pretty and artistic! :)

  50. Beautiful! We are headed this weekend for photos. This has to be my favorite time in DC!

  51. Love, love, love it!

  52. megan

    stunning. i hope you frame this one. :)

  53. oh my gosh, i need one of those (of me and my husband, not you and ours, even though it is totally amazing). love it!

  54. You guys are such a gorgeous family!

  55. i have just deposited this into my mental picture bank. so inspiring! xx

  56. marilee

    breathtaking! love the black and white

  57. That is adorable. Love home kingston is trying to get away. mushy love stuff.

  58. Kate

    Adorable! :0)

  59. now this is a family portrait. absolutely dreamy.

  60. Too adorable. Loving the addition of Kingsley!

  61. i love this picture!!! beautiful composition.

  62. Cortney

    Seriously, all of these cherry blossom pics are making me miss living in Japan so bad it *hurts*!

  63. Estee

    Amazingly beautiful.

  64. This is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen! you guys are adorable!

  65. WOW WOW WOW, this is so beautiful! x

  66. Renée

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOh this is the cutest picture ever!!that is really adorable!


  67. Amazing and so lovely <3

  68. almalu

    you look so sweet and in love!!!truly adorable!

  69. Britti

    So amazing! You both are just so attractive people!
    Love that picture!

  70. HR


  71. AMAZING PHOTO!!!its so pretty & cute!!!

  72. This is SO beautiful. You know growing up for over 20+ years in Maryland I never once made it to the Cheery Blossom Festival – or even to see them in person for that matter. How sad is that?

    I vow to make it there for it – maybe next year. I doubt the blossoms will still be there when I visit home in May.

  73. 7upkels

    this picture is a snapshot of what i hope my life looks like one day.

    so beautiful!

  74. tvmom

    beautiful…I've got to go see the cherry blossoms!

  75. so gorgeous! you're so lucky to have such lovely people to photograph the two of you. so many great shots that you can look back on ; ) love!

  76. I think Im in love with all of you :)

    xo, stefanie

    p.s. loooooove the pic <3

  77. this is absolutely beautiful.

  78. Lanie


  79. jones

    amazing. truly amazing.

  80. umama

    So classic, I love it!