valentines day. who and what do you love?

i really love this holiday.

because i love love.
all kinds. it’s good for you. it’s healthy.
i love josh.
because he’s my best friend. he loves me for me and we’re a little family.
i love my mom and dad.
because they continue to be there for me. and support me. and still love me even though sometimes i pretend to know it all.
i love kingsley.
i know he’s not a baby. he’s a dog. (no kidding! –thank you to everyone who has pointed that out). but he’s a pretty cute dog and he’s going to continue to be a main topic on this blog. so incase you missed it the first time, i love kingsley.
i love my sisters. and little brother isaac.
because we are family. and they are pretty rockstar.
i love my friends.
i have the best of them. they are really good to me.
i love D.C.
even on the days i say i don’t.
i love key lime pie.
it’s just so delicious.
i love my life.
so grateful to be alive. to have free agency. to be me.
i love where i’m at in life.
because i believe i’m making progress each and every day. even if i’m no where near where i thought i’d be at this point in my life.
i love seeing the sun rise.
even though most mornings i’m still sleeping when she rises.
i love snacking.
life is just so much better with FOOD.
i love being a woman.
it’s so much fun.
and i love my heavenly father.
sometimes i think he’s forgotten about me. but that’s just silly talk.
i am a child of God and he loves me.
however you celebrate this holiday, i wish you the very best valentines day weekend ever!
i hope you’re loving everyone and everything around you, too!
  1. Lovin' your list! Writing those lists is such a great way of seeing the good, the great and the fabulous in life and not give too much weight to all that is not (yet) well.