utah trip. part I

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sister hannah and kingsley love.

we loved spending the past week in utah with our families. it’s such a beautiful place, and we had a wonderful time.

we got lucky that my little brother isaac’s 12th birthday happened during our trip, so we got to be there for the festivities and see him ordained to the aaronic priesthood at our church. we also had time to snowboard in sundance, spend a few days with josh’s family in park city, go to the salt lake city temple (i’d never been inside that one, absolutely beautiful. an experience i will always remember), and do a lot of things as a family.
i love utah. and our families.
i wish utah and DC weren’t so far apart!
  1. Brittan

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I'm visiting Salt Lake next month because my best friend is getting married in the Salt Lake temple! I hope to get some snowboarding in while I'm there too. I love the east coast, but Utah is such a nice break, especially when the people you love are there.

  2. oh how fun! so glad you loved it. your family is adorable. and yay for lil bro getting the priesthood! the SLC temple is where we got married and i had never been inside before that. its beautiful.

  3. I live in Utah and still don't enjoy it as much as you do or take as pretty of pictures. sigh

  4. Jalene

    i'm getting married in the slc temple in 3 months!! i'm so excited. i love that temple. it's so beautiful!

  5. ahlin

    i love visiting my family too. i'm so glad you enjoyed your trip! it really is beautiful isnt it? :)

  6. Stunning pictures! I especially like your little brother's "Where the Wild Things Are" shirt. :)

  7. Maria

    YOur pictures are spectacular and look very cold!!! I bet the skiing was great!!

  8. Caty

    I used to live in Salt Lake City (now in Missouri) and I miss so many things about it, too! Wonderful place to visit.

  9. ahhh so so so so pretty! utah is probably one of the most beautiful places i have ever been!!

  10. Liz

    Looks beautiful and so much fun! family time is the BEST!

  11. sarah

    lovely! i love the black and white.
    now i have an enormous craving to ski.


  12. roysie

    Beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous of your ski trip!

  13. I am dying to go to Utah! All my friends at church talk about how wonderful it is all the time and I feel left out! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time & let me just say I am totally jealous! By the way, I love your blog! I was so excited to find out you're a member of the church!

  14. gorgeous black and white photos, naomi! :)

  15. Rachel

    I adore the photos you took!! of all the snow!!! and I completely understand about wishing 2 places with awesome people and family werent so far apart =/ but hey..at least we have blogger =]

  16. Riley

    WOW the pictures look great and I can't believe all the snow Utah got.

  17. Maria

    All these pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I want to visit Utah!

  18. Wow those pictures are GORGEOUS! I've never been to Utah but now I want to go!

  19. Beautiful pics! I have family in SLC :)

  20. Annalise

    beautiful temple picture.
    i love to see the temple

  21. annie

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family!

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  23. erin

    whoops! just wrote from the wrong site! just wanted to leave a note saying how lovely your photos are. and relate the new that james is very jealous of your trip! glad you had fun!

  24. What a stunning landscape. I hope to visit Utah someday to see it for myself. (And happy birthday, Isaac!! He looks so much like you in that picture!!)

  25. These images are breath taking! I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves! Maybe if you swing a rope around Utah from DC and I swing one from Alabama to Utah and then one back to you in DC and we tug really hard we can make Utah, Alabama, DC and Maryland all close together so everyone will be happy ;)

  26. Your photos are lovely!

    – Emily

  27. I miss Park City soo very much and the very delicious candy apples you can get out in Utah. I think I might have to visit soon.

  28. Lindsay

    i love that pic of you and kingsley, he has a look on his face like ugh, mom you're squishing me…again. haha.

  29. Paige

    I have reading you your blog for a while and love your bangs! I have bangs but just can't get them to look so perfect. What's your secret? Know of any good Bang cutters here in UT??

  30. these photos are so stunning! and especially striking in black and white, it compliments all the snowy, magical goodness! :)

  31. Alie

    Oh, yes yes! The SLC temple is one of my favorites. I look forward to our temple trips there!

  32. Your pictures come out so pretty! What is your secret? :)

  33. Jen

    Looks so beautiful and serene! I want to ski there!

  34. your family is absolutely beautiful and your pictures are breath taking!

  35. Tina

    oh fantastic!!! I'm so enjoying your trip to Utah!

  36. p.s. The Salt Lake Temple is a unique one isn't it? A very different cool experience. I get distracted by the amazing beauty in the details on the ceilings :)

  37. where the wild things are shadow puppets are on clearance at urban outfitters for $2!!!!!

  38. So fun!!! The kids were sick. We missed church :(
    Have a tone of fun.

  39. your sister looks so cute &beautiful; in that pic with kingsley!

    i love that pic of the temple.

    the mountains are really amazing. i forget when i'm away from them.

    your brother is too cute in his where the wild things are shirt! i just picture him being so spoiled by his sisters!

    i miss my family too. my husband moved out to alabama for his schooling and i am from vegas &he; is from california, so i know how you feel!

  40. Absolutely breathtaking!

  41. I was married in that temple! =)

  42. JenRem

    You always take the best photos. Seriously, love these, especially in B/W. <3

  43. Lucie

    I love the pics.
    And little Isaac is trully a rockstar with his cool t-shirt (WTWTA), your whole family rocks !

  44. Colleen

    The picture of you and Kingsely great – Utah looks gorgeous!

  45. Beautiful pictures! Glad you got to spend time with family, that is always my favorite vacation time.

    x, ash

  46. your pictures are amazing especially in b/W!!! and your little brothers t-shirt is awesome – where the wild things are!! im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!!

  47. emily

    isn't sundance great? looks like fun… i hope you will keep giving snowboarding a try, it is really worth it. glad you had a good time

  48. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! I went snowboarding once and it was so hard for me, I never tried it again… but I think I'm going to! Shaun White inspired me, haha. :)

  49. Sarah

    Fun photos! Glad you had a great time in Utah :D

  50. Melissa

    I love it! I'm from Utah and it's really nice to see pictures of "home". Looks like y'all had a blast!

  51. I've always said I wish I could pick up Utah and sandwich it in between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Then I'd get the best of both worlds. :)

  52. em

    That first picture is beautiful! wow.. i love that photo! haha

  53. you and your sister are identical! so very gorgeous. xoxo

  54. kanishk

    I live in Utah and still don't enjoy it as much as you do or take as pretty of pictures.

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