when i was a little girl living in utah,
my dad would take us girls out to tommy’s hot dog in provo
for daddy-daughter dates.
i think i fell in love with tommy’s when i was 6 or 7 years old.
it is probably my favorite little place to grab lunch in utah county.
i was so glad we made time for a run by on our trip last week.
my family is originally from chicago so everyone always gets a chicago dog!
even though i was born there, i still eat my hot dogs with nothing but the bun.
haha. i love it.
and how cute is this little man reading the newspaper outside tommy’s?

if kingsley wasn’t getting such a big tummy
i would have shared. (at a moment when josh wouldn’t be looking….of course.)
*and i just realized its proper name is tommy’s burger,
but we have always called it tommy’s hot dog at my house.
we don’t go for the burgers….we go to stan’s in provo for that.
  1. emily

    my brothers used to take me there when i would visit them in provo. how fun. p.s. i'm totally an advocate of journals too. i'm trying to be better about being more up to date. and blogging helps too :)

  2. that last picture of you and kingsley is too cute!

  3. that last picture of you and kingsley is too cute!

  4. My dad's favorite too! Oh man. I really miss my dad and Provo right now. Lucky!

  5. Kay*

    i so love a good hot dog!

  6. omg Stan's is the best burger place I have EVER EVER been to in my life

  7. TeriLyn

    How did I not know about that place while I was in Provo?? I did eat plenty of J-Dawgs. nom nom nom

    FYI, I gave Kingsley an award on my blog today. :) Link:

  8. ellen

    I loved going to Stan's for shakes when I was a Cougar.

  9. Where is this place?

  10. Looks scrumptious! And I'm so bad at feeding the pup… I know I shouldn't and I've enabled a monster. If we don't give him scraps he cries. It's horrible.

  11. Mmm, my family is from Chicago too and I always say there is no better kind of hot dog than a Vienna hot dog. SO GOOD! And I like my hot dogs like you ;-) They're best that way!

  12. oh my gosh. i just happen to love both of those places. when i moved up here to provo last year to attend school i knew i needed to find the best hamburger and the best hotdog. duhdunduh! stans and tommy's. :)
    oh i hope you've heard of the cupcake cafe that just opened in provo. its darling and so delicious. italian sodas to die for.

  13. Maddy

    This look soooo delicious. And how cute is he! I would've snuck him some too ;D

  14. what a fun place! and i love that you called it tommy's hot dogs!! my father/daughter place was shoney's. so it really isn't that fun to go back there! hah!

  15. M and C

    This place is not even a block from the first place we lived when we got married. Always wondered if it was good but never tried it.. I will have to march myself down there and have one

  16. funny thing, my mom use to take us to a place called, "Coney Island" for hotdogs when we were little..with chilli on top..mmm. I always make it a point to go when visiting back home. You and Kingsley are too freakin cute in that photo! xo

  17. katrina

    your blog is seriously just too cute! i love reading it!

  18. Whits

    I went there for 4 years and I never knew their hot dogs were good — I went to j-dawgs for that :)

    I love their shakes. I will have to try a dog next time I'm there!

  19. look at kingsley's face! he wants that dang hot dog so bad!

  20. haha I love how badly Kingsley wants that hot dog!

  21. Oh man, I can't even remember the last time I had a hotdog. And those look sooo yummy.

  22. Rhianne

    I love that last photo, my parents dog is the same with food :)

  23. amanda

    sigh, hot dogs are so delish!

  24. Jeni

    Oh I love that photo of you and Kingsley and how he is looking right at your food with his big eyes. I can actually feel how badly he wants to take a bite. It brings back great memories of my golden lab Solomon. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your visit to Utah! Looks like you're having fun.

  25. kms

    LOVE seeing Tommy's Burger on your blog. Managed it YEARS ago… maybe right around the time you were 6 or 7. I have a framed logo (which I happened to design) hanging in my kitchen.

    Always happy if a trip takes me back to Utah where I can have a Tommy's dog and fries.

    Thank for bringing back fond memories.

  26. Riley

    That place looks great, I want to go there!

  27. what a fun tradition!!

  28. Becki

    I don't love hot dogs, but I second that Stan's is the best diner around!

  29. Great place!!
    I started my blog because i don't write or if i do, my 2 year old tears up the pages :(
    I like that in a blog you can also put pictures. Keeps the memories alive. i keep also the kids drawings…cards…

  30. I love that you're a girl who doesn't just nibble on lettuce and celery. Yes!

    I love that your dog covets your (hot)dog! (Sorry buddy…)

    I love Kirk W's review of Stan's on their website– hilarious!

  31. Wish i can go, the hotdog looks so yummi!

  32. Jenna

    How have I been living in Provo for the past 8 months and never seen this?

    I want your opinion on Sammy's on Center, or the ever famous Jdawgs. If you haven't already tried them, you need to! I value your opinion as a fellow foodie.

  33. I lived in Provo for 7 years for college and grad school and I have no idea how I could have missed both of those places! Seriously, I am a "live to eat person", in a "I need therapy" sort of way. I'll have to try them next time I'm in Provo to visit my sister at the Y.

  34. yay. i love it. right around the corner from my house! the husband and i have always talked about going but never have. now we must.
    ps, your freckles are darling.

  35. Emmy

    That post made me hungry!

  36. Sera

    all i want now are fries, a hot dog, and a coke. i definitely need to check this place out!

  37. That's crazy because MY dad used to take me and my brothers there too! Yum!

  38. Amy

    that's a pretty cute spot. i don't like hot dogs, but i would definitely nom on fries and a coke!

  39. yummm… i'm going home to chicago next week, and just might have to hit up superdawg! i don't like my hot dogs with all the junk on them either though. does that make us bad chicagoans?

  40. yummm… i'm going home to chicago next week, and just might have to hit up superdawg! i don't like my hot dogs with all the junk on them either though. does that make us bad chicagoans?

  41. yummm… i'm going home to chicago next week, and just might have to hit up superdawg! i don't like my hot dogs with all the junk on them either though. does that make us bad chicagoans?

  42. tjt

    i've noticed this blazer in a few of your posts. so cute! where is it from?

    ps. y'all are too cute!

  43. JenCoen

    Whats funny is I grew up on Tommy's Burgers…. what I realized is that it is very different from your Tommy's Burgers…

    heres a link.

    I love food stands that are nostalgic of our childhood…

  44. Yum! I love little places like that!

  45. emilita

    totally weird/random thing to say, but you have perfect bangs, and its really evident in these pictures… me and bangs have had a long and complicated relationship. they annoy me most of the time because i spend hours (not really) styling them, but as soon as a gust of wind comes, i get crazy hair. it makes no sense. i would let it grow out for the millionth time but i was traumatized by an italian hairdresser in a london vidal sassoon salon who told me i have a "huge forehead."

    where do you get your hair cut?

    hope all is well!

  46. Josh

    tjt- my blazer is from UO.

    and emilita- bobby at pr partners salon here in DC is the pro behind my bangs. if you live in the area, i highly recommend him.


  47. Josh

    p.s. it says JOSH but this is naomi.

  48. Alianna

    We had daddy-daughter dates too! Aren't they the best?

  49. emilita

    snazzy… thanks! I'm in NYC, but one day hope to visit our nation's capital. Until then, crazy bangs it is! I'm getting a trim this weekend and am bringing your picture in as a bang model. Maybe that'll work….

  50. so good girlfriend…. just ate at Tommys last week :)