snowed in sunday.

we were [pretty much] snowed in again this past weekend.
church was cancelled. the roads were covered.
places closed early if they opened at all.
we spent sunday in our pj’s.
held our own little church at home.
watched some movies.
read some books.
made chili in the crock pot.
ate lots of left over birthday cake.
4 cups herbal tea for me.
and hung out by the fire.
we wish we could have gone out and showed kingsley the snow,
but since he’s recovering from pneumonia and all,
we stayed in and cuddled up instead.
he’ll have plenty of snow in utah next week (maybe)
and there is always next year.
what did you do over the weekend?
our first snowed in DC blizzard post here.
  1. Maggy

    I worked and did schoolwork this weekend. I wish I had weekends off.

  2. Spending the weekend in your PJ's sounds perfect!
    My family and i went to Chuckie Cheese, and then Barnes and Noble for a couple hours…i think my son enjoys reading just as much as i do.

  3. clarice

    I went snowboarding with my boyfriend this weekend and also studied for school otherwise.

    That picture is absolutely adorable!

  4. Aaah, bless him!! Kingsley is such a lovely little thing, sitting there cuddled up by the fire :)

  5. cayce.e

    I went sledding with my cousins, found a reception site for my wedding, and spent time with my fiance. glad to see kingsley's back. what an adorable pup. my fiance and i call them baby bullies. so cute.

  6. That picture is SO cute. It looks like he's hanging on your every word.

    I wish we would have gotten snow here in Alabama. We were due for a really bad ice storm. We got the slush, winter mix and sleet – there were even a few deaths due to accidents which is horrible. In the end it didn't amount to much here in the small city – only out in the county.

    I was home in Gaithersburg for the last blizzard – I miss snow so much but that storm was crazy!

    Stay warm! ox

    P.S. I like that you held your own small church mass at your home, that's wonderful.

  7. jane

    Oh my, what a sweet sweet pup.

  8. dbbg

    spent it much like kingsley's weekend, recovering from being sick! although i didn't have a cozy warm fire. he's a lucky puppy! take care :)

  9. Danielle

    Gorgeous photo! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Held your own church service at home? Well then, it's true, your home IS your temple! What a wonderful idea xx

  10. Meredith

    What a perfect snowy Sunday! And, silly me! I asked about pictures of Kingsley in the snow- I had no idea he had just gotten over pneumonia- I'm brand new to your blog!

  11. Maddy

    Over the weekend I did lots of school work and relaxed from the week with my bf and puppy. It was a good, relaxing weekend :)

    Kingsley is so cute in that photo! He loves you

  12. sounds like a perfect sunday to me :) good luck flying with kingsley – will he have to go in cargo? my little dog flew from the US to Switzerland in cargo :(

  13. You guys are getting more snow in DC than we are in Boston! Lucky ducks!

  14. I had a productive weekend! (a very rare event these days). We bought fabric to make the baby's bedding, ran errands for Alex's business trip in NY this week, and listed our house for rent!

    Relaxing, but productive.

  15. We were snowed in too!

  16. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday! We're getting tons of snow in WI here but that usually doesn't stop anyone.

  17. being snowed in can be so cozy and fun. i'm actually jealous of all your snow in DC…here in Toronto we've had an unusually small amount of snow this year…I miss it! I spent the weekend enjoying sushi with my good friends, completing a case analysis of Google for school, and taking the train throughout Ontario.

  18. we were snowed in too!!! and chilli sounds yummolicious!

  19. I think it's so sweet that he just loves that spot by the fire! Smart little guy (and so so cute too!)

  20. Oh my goodness, this might be the cutest picture I have EVER seen. He's such a doll!

  21. LauraAnn

    That is hysterical that Kingsley loves the warmth from the fireplace. Our youngest bulldog, Rooney, LOVES to be as close to the fireplace as possible too! He is also one to snuggle under every blanket that he can find. Such warm bodies!

  22. our town shut down too! i basically stayed bundled up and caught up on some homework. Hot chocolate and a little sledding to top it off!

  23. You home looks so nice and cozy

  24. I love snow days! I grew up in RI but we don't get them here in San Diego. Looks like you and Kingston are having a great conversation!

  25. your apt is so cute!

  26. Cutest picture ever!!
    i love when dogs turn their head to the side like that…

  27. I baked and cooked until my little studio apartment was filled with food. Then I had friends over and made them eat themselves into comas. All, in all, quite productive.

    Kingsley is adorable.

  28. dominika

    We have here much snow, too! But is going to be better I think. Cause we want to see some grass at last. Lots of loooove!!!! Your little doggie is so sweet.

  29. Not much snow here in Utah. Let's hope it doesn't change.

  30. Love the photos of DC from last year's snow!

    I admit I 'borrowed' one for an old blog post of mine – but gave Rockstar Diaries credit.

    Please take more! I love your perspective on the city, and promise not to poach. Your shots are much better than all those boring monument shots of the city.

  31. Emmy

    You guys are definitely getting slammed this year. But it sounds like you made it a lovely day

  32. it is crazy how much snow DC gets!!!
    but that picture is so adorable! good to see kingsley is well enough to do one of his favorite things!!

  33. pen.ny

    spending sundays in pj's is my fave.

  34. Kari

    My husband's cute little grandma came to visit us from Washington. She says things like "For cute!" and "For fun!" :) She also talked about how much she misses her husband, but she wouldn't mind if Elder Uchdorf or Harrison Ford came and swept her off her feet.

    I am currently jealous of: your hair, your hat, and your fireplace! ;)

  35. OMG I love your dog. He is so cute. And I MISS snow. I moved to Vancouver just before the winter hit and there is NO snow in Vancouver. Nice.

  36. i love the way he peers at you in such admiration!

  37. aww kingsley looks like he enjoyed the snowed in day :)

    i deep-cleaned our apartment…not the most fun, but boy did it feel good once it was finished! also enjoyed some homemade chili yum :)

  38. Ayla

    I love how kingsley's got his little bumb all cuddled into that corner! hehehe way too cute. And I love those days; unfortunetly no snow for us yet in Vancouver, which should make the olympics possibly a little dissapointing to those who think Canada = snowy wonderland.
    woah sorry long comment :)

  39. Ali

    LOVING that hat!

  40. Meghan

    Aww! I love this picture!!! So adorable!

  41. are you really asking what I did? What didn't I do!!! lol

    My daughter had her psat test on Sat morning and then Winter Formal that night so it was a whirlwind of events that day. All of that combined with me throwing my sis a "green" baby shower at my house on Sunday. What a weekend! I must say I am jealous of your snow! It was 70+ all weekend long here. Uggh…

  42. i've never experienced such a snow day before. probably because i live in california.. but it sounds so nice to be surrounded by a blanket of white, but stay warm from a hot fire.

    on the weekend, i went to a winter sports fellowship gathering with my campus ministry, and cheered so much that my throat is still sore. i ate all you can eat korean bbq after that (if you've never tried korean bbq, please do!) i went to church on sunday, and once i got back, took a long nap and studied the rest of the night. oh! i also re-watched 500 days of summer with a few friends who had never seen it. the end (:

  43. Aww Kingsley is beautiful, I hope hes all ok now :)

  44. Please do not take this the wrong way but are you sure Kingsley has pnuemonia? Are you sure it might not be smoke inhalation? I really think it is not good for a growing puppy to be sitting that close to fire…..sorry but his illness made me think twice after your other fireplace pictures.

  45. Life is Love Cherish Life,

    Thanks for comment and concern. It was pneumonia for sure and our vets (there are 4 we have seen at the animal hospital) all say there is no harm in him sitting close near the fire for warmth.


  46. glad to see the king is better! xx,

  47. Morgan

    i hope it snows here for your trip it did on saturday night but it was all melted by the time we went to church on sunday :(

  48. Nicole*

    It snowed here too! we went sledding and ate snow cream and then on Sunday I stayed inside and put together a movie of all of our sledding pictures :)

    ps – i love when you post pictures of your dog because Kingsley is so darn cute!

  49. naomi, i just love your home. your snowed-in weekend sounded lovely. it rained all weekend on my island. so i was stuck inside as well. i can't believe you made that cheeseburger cake! it looks amazing! xo.

  50. britt

    i love being snowed in. and spending the day in pjs. its pretty magical. and rare. and fun to have a pup to do it with.

  51. I've always wanted to be snowed in. Sometimes we get rained in (but that's by choice). Love your beanie. Hope you (and kingsley) are feeling better!

  52. sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!
    i spent my sunday working (i'm a youth pastor–so it's never really like work!)

  53. Michelle

    Sounds like a cozy weekend! I can't wait for another huge snowstorm here.

  54. Sounds lovely and oh so yummy! That Kingsley is sure adorable!! Glad he's getting better!

  55. naomi, i LOVE all of your hats!!! where is this one from?

  56. snow days are fun.

    my husband LIVES for snow. sadly it rarely snows here in oregon. he's so funny though, because he still looks out the bedroom window every morning when we wake up (during the winter) and checks for snow… just in case. it always makes me smile.

    oh…and p.s. i'm pretty sure we have the same rug in our bedroom. i think it was from target, but i can't really remember anymore.



  57. dear TAZA,
    I've been awfully curious… what did you ever end up doing with that claw-foot bathtub?
    love, Kelly

  58. amanda

    snowed in and hanging out by the fire in pjs sounds like the most perfect way to spend a sunday.

    the way kingsley is looking at you in that picture is so adorable.

  59. I went to a wonderful place to drink a coffee, but here is so hot that I drank a cup of pineapple juice… I need a little bit of snow…
    Liked your yellow warmth photo (:

  60. Marion

    Spending most part of the week end in my bed : sick.
    Just wanted to let you know i love your blog. So much fun.
    Please, take a look at mine
    Have a lovely week
    Xo, Marion.

  61. Sounds like the best day ever…

  62. Looks so cozy! I wish my indoor-wear looked half as cute as yours :) Philly is expecting snow tonight, so maybe tomorrow will be my snow day with my pups.

  63. Bethany

    I truly do hope you get the snow you're looking for while you're here. We need the air to be cleaned up!

  64. :) erin

    you are getting more snow than me and I live in Juneau, AK!! Hope you enjoy the little package I sent you. Looks like you're nice and cozy by the fire.

  65. megan

    this is the cutest photo ever (and i love all the colors)–look how kingsley's little head is cocked!

  66. R.

    Had a Big Mac today and thought of you! xo

  67. Your life is amazing!!!!! I wish I had your puppy!! I want to name mine King Henry, so appropriate right?!

  68. That photo is so adorable how he is looking at you with his head tilted.. ugh, it kills me! I love it!

  69. Dear Taza and Husband,
    (and Kingsley)

    I accidently happened upon your blog the other day. It was one of the good kind of accidents, the ones that make you happy you had the accident. So happy that you want to pretend like it was completely intentional as opposed to the accident that it was. Anyways, it was none the less an accident and I just had to say: I adore you and your love! You give a single girl (living in provo no less) a little hope. Also a craving for cupcakes. Just sayin. So, since I am new here I just wanted to introduce myself and because I already feel like we're the best of friends I feel silly doing so. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
    With love,

    PS-How do you keep your beautiful lipstick from rubbing off on Josh? Impressive for sure!

  70. love the way Kingsley couldn't be closer to the fire. Our little Dave does the same thing.. he's going to love summer and sun bathing!

    Hope he's feeling better.. very scary for you all. Looking at all the photos of Kingsley reminds me of when we got Dave.. A hairy baby who is all consuming.

    Beautiful Blog and I hope my life can be half as happy as yours seems to be.


  71. sb

    that sounds lovely! i spent my weekend braving the cold, but no pretty snow to make it more bearable! here's hoping some might be on its way!

  72. sounds like a perfect sunday! i kind wish it would snow in sf so we would be forced to stay inside and cuddle :)

  73. Meg

    I love this headband!! It would go so perfectly with my valentines dress!

    I hope I win! =o)

  74. Minta

    lucky me went on 2 fun dates with my hubby of 9 months!! :)
    We shot his new gun and watched a modern dance concert… guess which of the 2 was my pick of activity??
    I like your hat! Where'd you get it? the yellowish one

  75. Britti

    I love the picture, the colours are so bright and warm! So cute how Kingsley is looking at you.
    Here in Germany were lots of snow too, but luckily church wasn't cancelled. :)

  76. CAPow!

    Kingsley and that fireplace! His obsession is so freaking cute!

  77. Sum

    So cute! I love how Kingsley snuggles up by the fireplace.

  78. That's one thing I really love about DC– everything shuts down when it snows! (Such a perfect excuse for having to stay home…) Sometimes having "church at home" is a treat, don't you think?! I believe that Kingsley prefers it that way, haha!

  79. Mara

    aw so glad he's doing better!

  80. INKY

    I love your beanie! :)

  81. Your puppy is so cute I can't take it. Love your blog as well. I have a bulldog/beagle pup and she is my second bulldog mix. There's nothing better. Keep up the good work!

  82. i haven't smiled at a photo so much in a long time. just look at the way kingsley casually looks back at you…
    what a cool dog.
    PD LOVE x

  83. $mith

    We're here in DC too and no church for us as well. We played our favorite game, Carcassonne many many times.

  84. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  85. Hanako66

    oh what fun! we were rained in this weekend and did much of the same!

  86. nevin

    This photo is so cute.. beautiful.

  87. malia

    heavenly–a legitimate snow day. and you have a fireplace? jealous!