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snowboarding in sundance, utah (a very beautiful place)
with josh, my little brother isaac and sister hannah.
someday i will be able to keep up
with these three people on the mountain.
  1. Nice sunglasses. Also, Sundance is gorgeous, even in the summer. Sigh.

  2. haha those are cute of you guys, it's SO freezing!!

  3. beautiful pictures! i never been snowboarding or skiing. :[ it looks really cold.

  4. I'm from Colorado and I LOVE snowboarding! :)

  5. spent last two winters out in park city, sundance is a magical place, my favorite spot in utah actually. i love the old bar and the restaurant. and every time we were there it was not that busy. looks like you all had a great trip.
    ps i sent you an email about a giveaway i'd like to donate, get back when you get a sec, thanks, ann

  6. emily

    that's the spirit.

  7. Cathi

    Beautiful photos!

  8. keli *

    love the pink nails. looks like a fun day/weekend to be had. :)

  9. Sera

    i love sundance! it's so beautiful! look so fun!

  10. You guys are so freaking cute, I can't stand it!

    Love your sunnies and all the snow :) Happy Friday!


  11. Annie

    Such an amazing landscape. Skiing/anowboarding seems to bring out jealousy in me like nothing else…!

  12. Samantha

    it looks so beautiful! i've always wanted to ski in America. i think you've found me the perfect place!

  13. Eden

    you take such beautiful pictures. and kingsley is just about the cutest creature I've ever seen. i love love love your blog! :) i'm going to dc in march for a day trip through my college. are there any yummy places to eat around the holocaust museum (thats where we are going!)?


  14. I realize you're having a ton of fun back in old UT, but seriously, when are you coming back?

  15. Michelle

    This looks like so much fun! I haven't been skiing since high school!

  16. fun! I went sledding up there once down the slopes. Not really legal but way fun :)

  17. EVA

    Snowboarding is sooo hard! I give you kudos.

  18. Love snowboarding, training with my kids for the next Olympics, I am impressed with how much you travel, business is good!

  19. looks so fun, but SO cold. hooray, springtime is almost here!
    xo, juliette

  20. Riley

    It looks so beautiful! I hope you had fun.

  21. Morgan

    great pictures! what a beautiful place!

  22. lovely! super pics

  23. you and me both lady. sundance looks beautiful.

  24. hey I just found your blog and these pictures are amazing! I have never gone snowboarding or skiing. But these pictures are amazing :)

  25. Natty

    lots of fun! LOVE snowboarding. And it doesn't take many trips to get better. :)

  26. okay girl, you convinced me. i HAVE to make a trip to Utah soon. It is just too gorgeous for words.

    plus i've been dreaming of snowboarding but haven't been able to do it for 9 years because of rowing!

    glad you had a beautiful trip!

  27. snowboarding is so painful!! i can't make it down the hill because my legs hurt so bad. i stick to skiing

  28. Angie

    Oh I love that place so much! That is home. Thanks for posting these beautiful pics! I love it.

  29. dbbg

    oh wow, that looks incredible. and i love your blue sunglasses!

  30. i wish it snowed it sunny california…it looks beautiful!

  31. i used to work up at sundance. it is by far one of my most favorite places in the entire world.

  32. Natalie

    ack. snowboarding. the epitome of my existence. i love this post.

  33. Natalie

    ack. snowboarding. the epitome of my existence. i love this post.

  34. krox06

    I miss the snow sometimes. Especially when I see pictures like these. I love Texas but there is nothing like the fantasy like winters I grew up with in Alaska!

  35. JIN

    I've never been snowboarding…I've always wanted to try

  36. love snowboarding. love sundance. yay.

  37. I grew up in Alaska but never really became a skier or a snowboarder…but I wish I had! Sundance looks gorgeous!

  38. looks like you guys had a great time!!! your pics look beautiful! i want to go snowboarding so bad. lol