rockstar giveaway! (closed)

my little shop has been around for an entire year! crazy.
i’ve had so much fun putting together pretty little headbands for you
and have loved the experience, so thank you!
(and thank you to all who supported haiti by buying a headband over the last 2 weeks!)
with valentines day just around the corner,
i thought it’d be fun to give away this “sarah” headband from my shop.
comment below before friday, february 5th for a chance to enter!
  1. {covet}

    I just adore this headband. Would LOVE to win it!

  2. Nina

    I love hair accessories!!
    and happy anniversary!!

  3. anna

    i love the headbands! so fun and original.
    feliz febrero… el mes de amor!

  4. so pretty! love your headbands :-)

  5. Shifra

    Am I still allowed to comment? I love your headbands!!


  7. ems

    i love it! i have an obsession with putting accessories of some sort in my hair, and this is charming!

  8. umama

    ooo I have the perfect little dress to go with this!!!

  9. i know I'm the last to enter…can I win? pretty please!

  10. Am I late? Anyway, love your headbands and love your blog!

  11. This is a beautiful headband. I would be absolutely delighted to win it.

  12. Ericka

    I'm so lateeeeeeee!

    Hmmm…If I wear this maybe someone will notice me…well, not maybe, they sure will!

  13. Diane

    The sarah is my absolute FAVORITE of your headbands!! It's simply perfect. So I sure hope I get picked!!

  14. Would love one of your pieces. :)

  15. It's beautiful!!!!

  16. ciupa

    a lovely way to step into spring.

  17. careymc

    It's 20 minutes before midnight Pacific time. :) does that still count? I would LOVE one of these lovely headbands that you make!

  18. Holy mongrel that's a lot of comments. But I'm throwing in my own.