right now…

…this is what it looks like outside our front door.
the blizzard is back, and she’s bigger than ever with 37 MPH winds.
hope you’re tucked away inside if you’re anywhere near D.C.
  1. lovely weather :D

  2. I can't even imagine. Be safe!

  3. sam


  4. Kelly

    your weather made the news here in california! i was at the gym and saw it on the television. i instantly thought of you! stay warm and safe!

  5. Dennise

    That's insane!

  6. Rasha


  7. went to the store across the street from where i live and it was horrible!!!

  8. Wowzers!
    I have lived in California all my life and I can't imagine what that would be like. My husband grew up in NY so he loves it, but wow it looks kind of fun!!!!

  9. Liz

    oh my word! 37 MPH!?!? I'm cold just thinking about it!!

  10. Elise

    yikes!!! snow is sooo pretty but it sure does get old after awhile. hope you're not going too stir-crazy! :)

  11. kamille

    will you laugh at me if i say i'm freezing inside my home in AZ? not quite blizzardy out but i'm freezing!

  12. Morgan

    yikes! stay warm!

  13. TeriLyn

    BRRRRR!!!! We aren't getting the snow, but the wind in NC is crazy!! Stay warm and safe! Cuddle that bulldog. :)

  14. Maria

    Apparently we're supposed to get some snow flurries thursday night in South Louisiana! *crosses fingers*

  15. Carrie

    It looks similar to this in Kentucky today. Lol. Hope you guys are cozy and warm and out of that snow! :)

  16. ellen

    No fair. I'm in Boston and we were supposed to get dumped on today and so far, NO SNOW!

  17. I'm in southern New York state and omg we are getting so much snow too!!!

  18. Stefanie

    It's simply BEAUTIFUL!! Of course I can say that because I'm in Texas!!

  19. that looks so pretty! what cool buildings you are surrounded with! when are you coming to utah? id love to go to lunch if you have time! you will prob be super busy though

  20. man! i wish it would snow like that in georgia!

  21. lovely! and i too hope that everyone is able to find someplace warm and safe to hunker down. i miss the snow days we used to have in wyoming ever since i moved to texas. lol! they don't know what snow is down here. :P

  22. P

    Send some our way please in VT and NH. We're forgetting what snow is like. We haven't seen any in so long – you are getting it all this year.

  23. lar

    i know, i know! i'm in baltimore and it's unbelievable! my kids are loving it though! stay warm!

  24. Naurnie

    holy smokes, lady!! the king-ster is gonna get buried!

  25. love the view despite the crazy snow! WaRm wishes.

  26. love the view despite the crazy snow! WaRm wishes.

  27. B

    Stay warm and safe!

  28. Take care xo

  29. Hunter

    Who knew the DC sky had it in her?

  30. Chelsea

    your neighborhood looks so cute! keep warm in all that snow!

  31. Meg

    wow! i'd give anything to witness that gorgeous snowstorm first hand… but maybe only for an hour or two :)

  32. ohhhh wow! i wish southern california looked like this. ;) even if only for a day! i've never really experienced a snow storm before. stay safe and warm and cozy!

  33. Oh my goodness! I hope you are still stocked up on milk and eggs. Breakfast for every meal sounds like so much fun! Stay warm, can't wait to hear more Kingsley stories. xoxo H

  34. Morgan

    burrrr! stay warm inside!!!

  35. Briauna

    What a contrast to sunny las vegas. Just came back from the park with my kids. I hope you find something entertaining to do while you are stuck indoors.

  36. Crystal

    That looks awesome! I would love to be in a blizzard! Being snowed in, staying your pjs, reading, hot chocolate sounds GREAT. Although this is coming from someone who has only seen snow like 3 times my whole life. I'm sure the novelty soon wears off!

  37. amanda

    i'm right outside philadelphia. so i'm in the same snowy boat.

    stay warm!

  38. Jo

    Wow! That's a great pic! It looks beautiful! ….and it's so hard to imagine that people are experiencing that kind of weather right this minute as I grab my sunglasses to head out for a hike. I hope you and Kingsley are warm and cozy! :)

  39. I've never seen something like that before, that's fantastic.

  40. Kelly

    Wow! What a storm! We've been hearing about it on the news here in London! Hope your little family can stay warm :)

  41. buttons

    that is beautiful! i LOVE snowstorms. perfect for cuddling and hot cocoa!

  42. Heather

    That's crazy!

  43. ♥Lola

    Wow that is amazing! Just saw this on the news in Australia :) It looks so so cold…

  44. {B}

    Holy cow! All the storms have missed Utah this year I believe. You guys have gotten slammed!

  45. Noell

    My goodness, that really is beautiful!

  46. Noell

    My goodness, that really is beautiful!

  47. People suggested to me that I move to DC. Ummm, no.

  48. Emmy

    Great shot! And it looks beautiful from my computer here in California :)

  49. chesca

    we have both snow AND sun here in england. pfft.

    what happened to real snow blizzards like your picture?!

    it looks amazing :)

  50. Blicious

    wow, it looks gorgeous!

  51. damn, that's a really blizzard and that should be pretty cold, here it is but D.C. must be incredible cold!

    I have discovered your blog and i'm in love with it so far! All the posts you have and the pictures are darling. Definetly on the top of my favorites so far!!

  52. I am in Philly, so the scene outside is exactly the same…stay warm!

  53. sb

    here too! luckily, the university closed again! keep safe&warm;, love!

  54. I know how annoying that weather can be, but it must be a beautiful sight nonetheless

  55. yikes! That looks awful cold! Hope you're staying warm =D

  56. i'm kinda so jealous! i want to be forced to stay inside and school and work canceled!

  57. Juliana

    Brrr….I thought it was cold in California I think you have us beat!

  58. Lemon

    the blizzards have moved our way, in michigan. thought a bit hazardous, i LOVE snow. i do!

  59. Jen

    So pretty! I guess you guys are really getting used to the snow down there in DC!

  60. wow, that's intense! love the photo, though! :)

  61. Diana

    Yikes, sorry! I hope you are stocked up on fresh groceries!

  62. woooo so pretty.. and craaazy! stay warm! hopefully spring comes soon :)

  63. Britti

    here in germany dc was in the news this morning because of the snow :) i thought of you, when i saw it.

  64. Cassie

    So pretty but a little scary. Stay safe all of you xx

  65. Rebecca

    love this photo!

  66. Corr, we've had snow blizzards today here in south east England, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to yours! Keep warm!

  67. bethani

    so i thought about you this morning when i got up and saw inches of snow on the ground. only thing is… I live in DALLAS TX! and we're supposed to get up to 9 more possibly through tomorrow..

    Freakin bizarre man!! But I LOVE IT!


  68. bethani, i love in denton, tx and i had the same reaction! i have never seen this much snow :)
    btw i love d.c. i went in the fall and it is gorgeous!

  69. wow. that's really beautiful but really scary!

  70. Joan

    we have had some scary snow for nashville (4 inches) but now it is pretty much gone. stay safe and warm! give kingsley some extra cuddles for me!

  71. Brittan

    That looks like something out of Harry Potter! I love NYC and all but I think I want to live there.

  72. Ana

    You were featured in BYU's Daily Universe today! Loved seeing you in there.

  73. Linda

    Been there, shoveled that! Now enjoying blue skys in Las Vegas. Stay warm.

  74. marie

    that's absolutely insane!
    utah just had a storm this morning, but i didn't look like this!

  75. I can't believe how much snow DC is getting! I don't think I have seen that much snow even in Utah for a long time.

  76. Ellen

    That is a great picture! It's not easy to capture the snow falling like that! Stay warm & safe!

  77. I am so jealous of all your snow. Can you please send it on over to Utah? We could really use it!

    There is a nice feature on your blog on the front page of The Daily Universe today. Thanks for the "we believe" link on your blog. Gotta represent!

  78. Amanda*

    Wow! That's crazy!! Be safe :)

  79. amy

    Wow. I live on the sunny Gold Coast, in sunny Queensland, in sunny Australia! That looks like another WORLD! Swap? :)

  80. Melissa

    Though it may be nasty outside, this is a beautiful picture.

  81. Melissa

    Though it may be nasty outside, this is a beautiful picture.

  82. i love your street buildings! they are gorgeous in the snow! i hope you and your family are doing well cooped up in your darling home!

  83. wants some ice "snow" cream =)