park city main street.

“it’s me, kingsley, again!
we’ve been in park city this week with dad’s family. yesterday we went down to main street where i got to meet lots of people. people sure like to pet me…
i kept warm in the rocky mountain candy store while mom got candy apples! i didn’t get to snowboard this trip but i still really like park city.
tonight we’re heading back down to provo and the WH for the weekend. there is too much cat hair (yuck) here in the park city home for me to handle.
have a good weekend!
love, kingsley
p.s. thank you mom for helping me type this.”
  1. Umm, your hot pink lipstick is amazing… I have totally stalked your blog for a few months and even though I'm Protestant, you almost make me want to be a Mormon! Loves!

  2. Kingsley is the cutest!
    And Utah seems so lovely. I'd love to visit one day.

  3. Jenae

    This makes me smile. I love when kingsley shares. Hope the trip is going great, family is the best to be around.

  4. Gretchen

    i <3 kingsley!

  5. your such a missionary! (1st comment)

    love park city!

  6. TeriLyn

    I love your Kingsley posts. And I'm so happy I'm not the only dog owner that talks for my dog. :)

  7. Teresa


  8. M and C

    Oh I love Kingsley…
    And I love Main St in PC.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your trip.

  9. Please tell Kingsley that he looks utterly handsome! :) I'm so happy that you all are having so much fun in Utah! And in Park City! Easily one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! :)

  10. Kari


  11. carly

    now i keep envisioning kingsley snowboarding…it needs to happen!

  12. ashlina

    oh my goodness….he is too cute! hope you are enjoying the beautiful park city! i LOVE it there…..

    dying for a pup like him to go with my fur baby!

    happy weekend guys!!!


  13. Juliet

    Cute pic! Kingsley is getting so big! Are dogs allowed in many stores there? I hate that in Memphis my dog is only allowed in pet stores!

  14. I love posts written by dogs. Kingsley has surprisingly good grammar usage.

  15. Every puppy should enjoy Park City! And possibly Main Street Pizza and Noodle, Yum!

  16. ahlin

    i am seriously praying that i somehow run into you in provo tonight. you're so great! :) i'm glad you're having a good time!

  17. welcome back to Utah!! So glad to hear cute little Kingsley is loving it. :)

  18. Caitlin

    Love Kingsley posts!! He looks as thought he has gotten quite big.

    this is too cute.
    i could seriously just eat him up.

  20. Riley

    He is the cutest dog! I love the Kingsley posts. :)

  21. Sherrie

    Kingsley! you are so adorable!! I really need to make a trip out to Utah

  22. Louise

    Awww I love the Kingsley posts!!

    Gorgeous pink lipstick xx

  23. molly

    okay I need to know the color of that lipstick. it is spot on, the perfect shade of pink. and as always you look rockin'. and kingsley, well he almost makes me want a dog.

  24. erin

    kingsley! isn't park city great? glad you got to go for a visit!

  25. Hi Naomi – I just read the piece they did on you in the "Capital Comment Blog" and loved it!

    You really have such a fresh optimistic outlook on life and it is truly refreshing. So thank you!

    And that picture of you by Chris Leaman is beautiful!!! (Of course most are!) xo

  26. Shauna


  27. Mary

    oh have fun in Provo tonight! and i love blog posts from Kingsley :]

  28. ah, kingsley, such a good writer!

    have a lovely weekend!!

  29. ah, kingsley, such a good writer!

    have a lovely weekend!!

  30. ah, kingsley, such a good writer!

    have a lovely weekend!!

  31. haha naomi he's almost too big for your arms. glad you guys are having fun on your vaca! and very nice job on the post kings, you're a pretty talented writer;)

  32. kwistin

    dear kingsley and taza,

    i LOVE park city. i'm headed there next weekend! provo, eh? you should definitely make it to byu for an opening reception of my friend's BFA art exhibit from 6-9. or to muse music for a new band's e.p. release at 9.

    jus' sayin. ;) but really, i hope you have a wonderful time here! your d.c. snow puts our little flurries of today to shame.


  34. JKreids

    You're making me laugh, Naomi. I mean… Kingsley.


  35. Emmy

    I love the way the girl to the left is looking at you two.. I bet she totally thinks your mom is a celebrity as she looks like she could totally be one. :)

  36. $mith

    aw, I miss Provo.

  37. amanda

    mmm…i wonder what you sound like in real life, kingley. i'm sure equally as cute as you look!

  38. I am liking the Kingsly updates, &isn;'t Park City just gorgeous. I love how it snowed today :) Not that you guys need any of that while your on vacation!

  39. Kingsly you have a fan in me :)

  40. um go to chloe lane in park city. the sale section of course. its the best you'll love it. kingsley, can you tell your mom that?

  41. kingsley…your mom's a bit of a dork but in SUCH a good way ;) Tell her I love her hair! oh, and your super cute too!

  42. Amy

    I know EXACTLY where you're standing on Main Street! I live 20 minutes away from there, and it's easily my favorite weekend getaway. Way to rock the PC pride, Kingsley!

  43. Awwwww Kingsley is too cute!! Have a fun trip out there!!! Its going to warm up a little here in DC this weekend, so snow will be melting, yay!!! Have a great weekend!!! xo

  44. Hunter

    Aw! Look at his lil belly. :)

  45. Kingsley is getting big! his paws are impressive!

    Pleased you refer to yourselves as mummy and daddy.. makes me feel a lot better that there are other people out there loving their hairy babies!

    sorry should be writing this to Kingsley! have a happy holiday x x

  46. Dennise

    First of all, you are adorable and your Kingsley posts are so delightful! Second, um, girl spill on that lipstick. I love it! Although I doubt I'd wear it as well as you do! xoxo

  47. aww i love park city! glad you're having fun!

  48. Cathi

    Park City is always gorgeous Kingsley and my gosh, you're getting so big!!

  49. Ruth

    Kingsley, you're so funny. Wish my dog was more like you.

  50. CAPow!

    Even though you haven't been able to snowboard on this trip, I think you should really ask your mom and dad to help you learn how to SKATEBOARD when you get back home to DC!


  51. Birdie

    I absolutely love your lipstick. Where is it from? Im jealous that your in Utah. I miss that Mormon/Westcoast vibe! Have fun!

  52. Eri

    too cute, too too too cute!!

  53. Angie

    Can I just say, I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE THERE!!! I am going in two weeks though so I guess I can't complain. ;) Hope you're having a fantastic trip! Thanks for getting me even more excited for mine!

  54. these post just make me smile so big! i love them!

  55. Jen

    I was just introduced to your blog and I absolutely love it! You are so cute and funny!

  56. oh my heck, my husband and i are drooling! we want a bulldog!!!

  57. oh my heck, my husband and i are drooling! we want a bulldog!!!

  58. rachel!

    you and your mom are quite the dashing pair!

  59. Oh goodness, I love it when Kingsley blogs. So adorable.

  60. Mara

    aw SO cute! It sounds like you're all having such a great time!

  61. Maren

    um. not. fair. I love park city. AND provo. I recently moved to tulsa, oklahoma and I'm feeling a little homesick for my Utah snowy mountains. enjoy it for me! Also, you totally look the Park City part.

  62. Gisela

    Your blog makes me happy!

    Thank YOU, Josh and of course the fabulous Mr Kingsley – I am your biggest fan in Germany



  63. Gisela

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  64. Luna

    i love kingsley. so adorable.

  65. Natalie

    I have no clue how you could go to PC and not board!!

    I lovelovelove PC. Specifically because of their amazing boarding. Ay.

  66. so cute… hope you're enjoying the trip!


  67. I was in Park City this weekend too!! Wonderful food, wonderful people, wonderful snow!

  68. Soap Box

    Hope your trip was fun!

  69. come baaack! :) i want to read more about your trip and lil kingsley!

  70. kate.

    yay park city! i love it.

    p.s. you look like a movie star, naomi. you are SO gorgeous.

  71. shopgirl

    Aw Kingsley, You're just too cute for words!

    p.s. glad you're having a great time in Utah!

  72. Ok Mr. Kingsley, you should've been there during the Sundance Film Festival– you would've stolen the show! You'd better get yourself a rockin' pair of celeb sunglasses soon…

    Love love love Park City… and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's caramel apples– yum!

  73. PS- Kingsley, I forgot to ask if you had a chance to meet any of the felines at Dolly's Bookstore?!!

  74. Julie

    with your hair tucked into your jacket like that, it totally makes me think you should get your hair cut into an angled bob with bangs!

  75. 7upkels

    you are so beautiful naomi!!!

  76. isabird

    i'm loving these kingsley updates!

  77. Lori

    Kinsley, you are way too cute.

  78. so cute. i've been searching for the perfect pink lipstick for months! would you share yours? that looks gorgeous! sounds like your trip was a smashing success, by the way.

  79. Liz

    I have that same tote, & I carry it everywhere! My mom always makes fun of me & tells me I need to get a real purse, but I can't help myself. There's just something about the royal bulldog.

  80. WHERE did you get that bag?! I LOVE it!