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this may come off really cheesy, but sometimes i like cheese.

so, i was watching the bachelor the other day (yes, i watch it. yes, it’s a joke. but yes, i absolutely of love it) and one of the contestants started opening up and professing her love for jake, the bachelor. it appeared so sincere and sweet that it got me thinking back to the first time josh told me he had fallen in love with me (it is one of my sweetest memories to date).... Read more

kingsley diary.

“i guess i’m pretty cute when i sleep because EVERYONE always comes and gives me kisses right as i start to doze off. it is so annoying. when will they learn that this wakes up a dog?

here is my aunty hannah doing just that as i tried to get a few moments of peace to myself on mom’s comfy coat in utah.... Read more


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bowling with sister hannah and brother isaac. i won the first game with three strikes in a row! then i lost the second game to hannah and realized my strikes were just “bumper luck.” still wanting to start a bowling league in DC though. how fun would that be? ... Read more

utah trip. part I

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sister hannah and kingsley love.

we loved spending the past week in utah with our families. it’s such a beautiful place, and we had a wonderful time. we got lucky that my little brother isaac’s 12th birthday happened during our trip, so we got to be there for the festivities and see him ordained to the aaronic priesthood at our church....

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park city main street.

“it’s me, kingsley, again! we’ve been in park city this week with dad’s family. yesterday we went down to main street where i got to meet lots of people. people sure like to pet me… i kept warm in the rocky mountain candy store while mom got candy apples! i didn’t get to snowboard this trip but i still really like park city.... Read more