1. Esther

    It's beautiful!

  2. I don't know how New York missed the snow. It sure does look pretty!! Nice breakfast!!

  3. Fabulous! We just got a lot of ice and dusting this time around.

  4. Emma

    such beautiful and bright photos! Your breakfast looks yummy too!

  5. Morgan

    Great pictures! So beautiful!

  6. I can't wait for the pictures of the dirty snow. Snow is so pretty for the first day…. Then it turns into gray poo.

  7. It's so beautiful and quiet…

  8. Adrienne

    i was snowed in with friends in philly this weekend. such a huge winter snow. mmm brunch!

  9. Mallory

    Nothing looks more delicious than your breakfast! Ah! Jealous.

  10. these pics are too cute! Glad the pup is feeling better and got to enjoy the snow :)

    I am loving him all the way from South Florida.

  11. carly

    so pretty! I definitely plan to visit DC in the winter time at some point

  12. Emmy

    Did you make that breakfast?? It looks amazing!

  13. OMG it looks sooooo beautiful!!!How I wish it snowed in Miami, Fl
    We had a cold front this weekend….it was a wopping 60 degrees :(

  14. Wow, that's usually what it looks like here in WI! I can't believe how much snow you've got!

  15. Winter wonderland over there! Soo pretty & your breakfast looks delish!

  16. Liz

    blue sky against white snow is my favorite! the pictures are lovely!

  17. it's gorgeous, but i bet your ready for it to be done

  18. that breakfast looks incredible!!
    and the last picture is gorgeous! they blue-blue-blue sky against the white snow! i love it!

  19. How fun! Breakfast for every meal is the best, especially Brinner (breakfast for dinner)j.

  20. eden


  21. Melissa

    The food y'all eat looks amazing! Every time I see one of the pictures, I get hungry. Haha.
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  22. looks like you're surviving in the snow – very well it seems!

  23. Lauren

    oh my gosh, i want to eat that breakfast!!!!!!!

  24. beautiful photos – and your breakfast looks delish! can you believe the snow around here? Fredericksburg got about two feet…and supposed to get more tomorrow?!?!

  25. amanda

    breakfast is the best! yayyyy snow.

  26. holtkamp

    the snow (from here in non-snowy salt lake city) looks beautiful! hope you guys are staying warm, and have power :)

  27. Eden

    your photos are beautiful. the colors are absolutely amazing! what do you use to edit them?

    xoxo, Eden

  28. Natalie

    ahhh i can't wait to moooove!!

  29. tessy

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  30. tessy

    where's kingsley!?
    it is so funny, this is probably the first post in weeks without kingsley in it and i am devastated :)
    every time you post new pics of your cute fur-ball i have to show my mom, we are fans!

  31. Rosa Blu

    Amazing pics, amazing breakfast! Keep cozy and warm, guys!!


  32. Meg

    wow that's a lot of snow… lucky you! i can't wait for spring here (because all it does is rain) but if we had snow like that i'd be loving the winter!

  33. Meghan

    I know that snowstorms are chaotic, but these pictures make it look positively peaceful!

  34. Cara

    Your breakfast looks so good!!! Is that a pancake??? Recipe please :)

  35. Red

    what did you make for breakfast, it looks amazing!! recipe please.

  36. Kelsi

    Lovely photos- the colors are gorgeous! It seems like you guys have had a crazy amount of snow in D.C. this year; that's the same way it's been here in Arkansas. I've never seen so much snow in my life!

  37. lynette

    I must know what that breakfast is? Looks very yummy!

  38. Michelle

    gorgeous color in those photos!

  39. Brittany

    yummm…strawberries are beautiful right?

    and your photos are brilliant. i love trees with snow, even though i don't like snow that much.

    happy monday!

  40. The snow and the breakfast are equally beautiful.

  41. these photos are stunning!!! love all of them. what a beautiful & delicious breakfast! xo

  42. AlliJean

    oh, that breakfast looks amazing! Recipe please!! I love how his is a pool of syrup.

  43. You know that first picture of the tree? Yeah, I want that to be my Christmas tree next year. :p

    Also, that breakfast looks scrumptious — I love fruit with pancakes!

  44. That snow is absolutely magical. I hope you're enjoying it and thanks for sharing! xx

  45. Hey DC – stop stealing all the snow!

  46. Hillary

    Your photos are so beautiful! And breakfast for every meal is definitely the way to go on snowy weekends (or any time, for that matter)!

  47. yummy photos! i love the snow…wish it would stick here in houston…but it never does. thank you for giving a bit of snow to me today…i need the frost pleasure.

  48. gorgeous pics! breakfast is my absolute favorite meal…anytime. :)

  49. it's beautiful!! i went on a walk saturday it was gorgeous outside!!! except for when it strated to get cold outside

  50. laura.

    i wish i could play in some snow.

  51. dear naomi,
    please post how to make your delicious pancake-esque creation. it would be appreciated by all.

  52. the breakfast is called Puffed Pancakes (or German Pankcakes). It's nothing fancy, but we ate it almost every weekend at my house as a kid and both Josh and I think it's so yummy.

    1 Tablespoon butter
    1/2 C Milk
    1/2 C Flour
    2 Eggs
    1/2 tsp Vanilla
    dash of Salt
    dash of Cinnamon

    1. Melt butter in pan in oven while it is preheating.
    2. Whisk all ingredients together in bowl, pour into pan w/ melted butter and move to oven.
    3. Bake at 425 degrees for 10 – 12 minutes or until the pancake has risen and is firm.

    Serve right away (it will start to puff down, that's ok) with fruit, syrup, powdered sugar… whatever you want!

    *we always double it so we each get our own.


  53. Lesya

    Beautiful pictures! Snowed-in weekends are the coziest times with nothing to do but enjoy the day and have no place to rush off to. Thanks for the recipe!

  54. XO-C

    I'm a sucker for pancakes and try to make them for my son at least once a week.
    This Satruday I just might have to try to combine the Puff Pancake with the Bisquick Melt in Your Mouth Pancake. Is it Saturday yet?

  55. you take the most gorgeous pictures. that is quite a talent. i'm going to have to try that recipe sometime…too bad we have 8:30 church because it would be perfect for sunday.

  56. Shauna

    That breakfast looks absolutely wonderful!

  57. thanks for the recipe… nothing better than breakfast food!

  58. its so pretty!!!!! and yum yum yum! im going to make that!

  59. Beautiful pics! And thank you so much for that recipe- I plan and making it ASAP for the fam.

  60. Love the photos!
    Fortunately… or unfortuantely we are getting even more snow this week!! So more snow days photos to come?? :)

  61. Cathi

    First, thank you so much for sharing a recipe with such precious memories behind it!!
    I can't wait to make it for my family.
    Also, do you prefer people to call you Taza or Naomi?

  62. Cathi

    Oh…and your photos of DC in the snow are gorgeous!

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  64. Ooohh….We love to make German pancakes! My husband is actually quite envious of all the snow that you guys are getting on the east coast. We live in Western Oregon, and we're lucky to get snow once a year.

  65. how wonderfully cozy! gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  66. Anaïs

    Wow !
    it kinda looks like winter holidays …

  67. Katie

    thoe pancakes look amazing naomi!!!

  68. Megan

    What kind of pan do you use for the pancakes???? This looks like it could be a lovely Valentine's Day treat.

  69. Those pancakes look amazingly delicious!

  70. malia

    way excited about this recipe. i think i shall try it this weekend. hope all is well with you guys!

  71. Hanako66

    so making those this weekend!

  72. thanks so much for the recipe it looks perfectly yummy for this weather (I'm stuck in zee snow in Baltimore).

    Hope you're staying warm.

  73. I tried the Puffy pancakes. They were great! Thanks for the recipe :)

  74. ooo! what was that crinkly pancakey thing you made? can you share the recipe? breakfast/brunch is my fav meal EVER!

  75. oh damn. i just saw the *asterick that mentioned you'd posted the recipe. DUH. Thanks!!

  76. lynette

    How do you get the curly edges for these delicious-looking pancakes?