kingsley says hello.

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when we first brought kingsley home the week of christmas
he weighed 7 pounds. he’s 20 pounds now. and forever growing.
(probably the only dog out there who GAINED weight while sick on an IV
–4 pounds to be exact.)
i’m pretty sure we’re a perfect match
because eating has proven to be his favorite thing in life, too.
it’s getting harder to pick him up and easier for him to tackle us
as he’s proving to be more of a tank than anything.
this video is from christmas. he was tiny then. 7 pounds. a baby. i love.
  1. i was at the vet with lulu yesterday and there was a four month old miniature bulldog there named rocky. he was so cute and reminded me of kingsley. well at four months he is 32 pounds, so cute! his little legs were so wobbly with these great big feet attached that he still does not quite know what to do with. i have a feeling kingsley still has some growing to do.

  2. Oh gosh! He's a big boy now. If I had a flip cam it would be all Harlow all the time …

  3. this is adorable! how big is he supposed to get?!

  4. Emily A.

    Too cute! Nothing sweeter than little puppy noises.

  5. la beast

    oh my. too cute!

  6. AWE! the three of you are absolutely the cutest little family in existence! :]

  7. Holy wow he's turning into a big boy!

  8. Tori

    I remember when I first brought my pup home. He was six weeks old and eleven pounds, and had these short, stubby legs that made him look like a deformed little sausage. Now my BFF jokes that he's "a full-grown cow" – weighing in at 60+ lbs. with a personality that's just as big : )

    They grow SO quickly – take lots of pictures!

  9. Lindsey

    aww hiii kiiiiing

  10. i saw a bulldog tumble like a rolly polly. it was the cutest thing i've ever seen!!

  11. Meghan

    Aww! So glad Kingsley is feeling better!

  12. sweetest little man. i am ever so enamoured with his cute face and wrinkles. xo

  13. Awww so sweet! They grow up so fast. lol

  14. fuuuun! kingsley was SO small! he has grown A LOT! goodness gracious. he tackles you? ha! i hope it doesn't hurt.

  15. gosh, he is precious! SO glad he's feeling better!

    xo, J

  16. You will cherish this footage FOREVER! Darling.

  17. geez, a TEENY LITTLE BEWILDERED NEWBORN! what a precious. i can feel the love beaming from you, naomi!

  18. britt

    ah seriously so darling! he is such a wee little squeeze. how do you make those videos? is it on your mac? id love to make those! i just got an imac so im new to the apple world, but am in love with it. id love all the pointers i can get!

  19. eden

    it's amazing (and sad) how fast they grow! (i sound like a mom talking about her kids…) i have a pup for a "baby" too – although he's 13 years old, so not much of a pup anymore.

    he's a cute one!

  20. Natalie

    eating is my best talent.

    no joke.

    i remember one year, spring show, i came into class with a snickers, and our artistic director said something along the lines of "you realize you have a partner that has to haul you across the stage; right?".

    i smiled and nodded.

    'aint no thang.

  21. That hat is AMAZING! And seriously, Kingsley it toooo cute!

  22. sweethearts! at first i tought he was
    wearing a bow tie.
    (not a bad idea)

  23. aaaahahhahahhaha what a cute little runt! so precious.

    kingsley photos make my day @ work better :)

  24. my puppies have gotten to the point where I can barely pick them up but my husband still carries them around like babies – and even at 30 pounds they each think that they are lap dogs

  25. my how he's grown!

  26. Dear Naomi,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am so glad that it crossed my path. everything is so cute. & I love Kingsley. Loves!

    p.s. if you have time, i would love it if you stopped by my blog!

  27. awwwwwww. so.darn.cute.

  28. Absolutely cute! I love your puppy. :)

  29. Hanako66

    oh, how could you not love that face?!!