kingsley makes friends during the snowpocalypse 2010.

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my favorite part of the snow storms we’ve been experiencing in DC is how people always come outside, with big smiles on their faces and meet their neighbors during a storm. you see people on country skis, lots of sleds and shovels and the best part…..dogs everywhere!

kingsley has fully recovered from his pneumonia phase last month, but we’re still paranoid parents and only took him outside for a few minutes on saturday before bundling him up back in doors. we don’t want to take any chances.
he loved the snow. and making new friends in the snow. he is a fearless puppy who likes getting on older dogs nerves.
p.s. and LOOK! we figured out how to turn the camera the correct direction! gold stars for the davis’!
  1. That is one cute puppy!!!

  2. he is super cute! i cant wait until i am settled enough to have a puppy of my own

  3. Dogs and snow are a perfect recipe for making friends.

  4. Brooke

    Kingsley has completely changed the way I look at bulldogs. I love him!

  5. Ha! I just about spat out my coffee when he sniffed the other dogs butt! Dogs huh, why must they always do that?
    When you see him next to other dogs you realise how tiny he still is! I still think he needs a little cigar.

  6. Such a cutie and a typical male puppy.

    I'm still laughing…

  7. Kari

    I seriously believe that if I had KiNGSLEY, then I would like snow more. It was -4 degrees in Rexburg, Idaho this morning :(

  8. ♥Lola

    Awww he is the cutest thing ever :)

  9. aww how cute :D looks like he's having a BLAST!!! i completely agree with you the neighbors seem more friendly when it's snowing!! we're expecting another storm tuesday night!!

  10. Leslie

    I love watching all of the dogs enjoy the snow! It makes me hate the snow less. Kingsley looks like he is having a great time!

  11. Nicole

    Kingsley is absolutely precious! He makes me want a dog!

  12. I love seeing stuff with this little doggie :) So cute!

  13. That is adorable!!! I think Kingsley needs his own show!!

  14. Mikaela

    aw! I loveee puppies!

  15. I love him!!! so funny!

  16. I am dying from the cuteness! Kingsley is adorable. I wish my pups liked other dogs more.

  17. carly

    puppy dates are the best

  18. haha! kingsley is rad. i love how brave he is!

  19. Kate

    Kingsley is too cute! Keep the updates coming…love them.

  20. Sarah

    really, you can't post too many pictures or videos of Kingsley. it makes me happy!

  21. i love that. was that kinglsey making the purring noises?

  22. i love this, it's super adorable :)
    i'm glad you're all enjoying the snow.

  23. Ali

    He looks as good as new!

  24. Ali

    He looks as good as new!

  25. Riley

    awww he is so cute!

  26. Amanda

    Your puppy love is adorable!

    PS- I was fortunate enough to score one of your headbands and I'm so excited to wear it!

  27. puppy party! i love puppy parties! i wish everyone's puppy could get together and be bff.

  28. so how DO you turn the image so it goes straight?! I shot video with the camera vertical, and now I don't know how to make it straight on the computer! share the gold stars please…?

  29. Frau

    I love it he is a little pup that thinks he is big! So cute!

  30. Amber

    That's it. I'm in love with your dog.

  31. dbbg

    i'm am so in love with kingsley! keep the vids coming they make my day!

  32. awww… your little guy is so brave!
    He's too stinkin' cute!!

  33. amanda

    puppy friends are awesome! kingsley shows no fear with those big dogs. you've taught him well!

  34. -L-

    ridiculously cute! It's funny to watch how puppies move so awkwardly.

  35. dogs are totally the best part about snow and kingsley is the sweetest puppy, you are so lucky!

  36. Alianna

    He is fearless! What a cutie.

    P.S. I can't believe how much snow you have! We have none; zero. Not so much as a mini-storm this year.

  37. so cute!! he's not even scared of the bigger dogs thats could possibly crush him!!

  38. No lie, my brother asked what I was watching on my laptop and when I said "Kingsley," he RAN over and asked that I start the video over gain. I think your puppy has a fan.

  39. TeriLyn

    oh my gosh, he is so freaking cute!

  40. Bridget

    that is soooooooooooo cute. he's like "guys, come on! lets be friends!"

  41. does kingsley have a collar and tags?
    God forbid he gets lost or some sort of dog napper gets ahold of him!

  42. does kingsley have a collar and tags?
    God forbid he gets lost or some sort of dog napper gets ahold of him!

  43. does kingsley have a collar and tags?
    God forbid he gets lost or some sort of dog napper gets ahold of him!

  44. does kingsley have a collar and tags?
    God forbid he gets lost or some sort of dog napper gets ahold of him!

  45. Emmy

    He really does have no fear, too funny

  46. kwistin

    that. is. adorable. (!)

  47. so many rolls!!! he's gorgeous!!!

  48. Jing

    Kingsley is adorable. :)

  49. Hanako66

    how fun!!! my dogs would just love it!

  50. Lol..he's thinks he's a tough guy! He is getting big though!