kingsley diary.

“i guess i’m pretty cute when i sleep because EVERYONE always comes and gives me kisses right as i start to doze off. it is so annoying. when will they learn that this wakes up a dog?

here is my aunty hannah doing just that as i tried to get a few moments of peace to myself on mom’s comfy coat in utah. ugh.
in other news, i lost my two front baby teeth last night while playing frisbee with dad. my parents went crazy with pride and kept opening up my mouth to check it out. beyond embarrassing.
now i chew everything because i’m teething like crazy. i especially love to chew mom’s favorite frye boots, the desk chair legs and EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE that i can get my paws on. i call it pay back since the vet told mom i was getting a fat tummy and to cut back on my lunches. SERIOUSLY?
  1. Alex

    I seriously can't get enough of him!!

  2. how funny! i remember when our pup lost his teeth, we were so proud, buying everything again that he chewed up was awful!

  3. your kingsley posts make me happy.

    there's this stuff called "bitter apple spray" that you spray on stuff to keep dogs from chewing on it. works like a dream…just fyi :).

    your pup makes me smile.


  4. Morgan

    So funny and adorable.
    what's not adorable? Him chewing on your Frye boots. That needs to stop asap! :)

  5. Kelly

    haha this makes me laugh. My husband and I are ridiculously proud puppy parents as well… but our pup hasn't started teething yet. Fingers crossed she doesnt chew up important things like frye boots!

  6. i remember the chewing days of my pup-they were awful! thank goodness she is an angel now.

  7. Lisa

    if kingsley diaries is a book, i would buy it and read it to my future children. haha

  8. Kingsley you are getting so big!

  9. He is so cute!

    I didn't even think about how dogs lose baby teeth. I don't remember my puppy ever doing that. Wow, maybe I'm a negligent god-mommy.

  10. i mean dog-mommy!

  11. how sad kingsley, you are like on diet. don't worry is for your own good, xoxo!

  12. I love this little fat thing, it makes my day when I see him.

    Sorry about the boots Mommy, but it's so worth it!

  13. ashlina

    watching your baby pup grow up is the best and the worst….
    totally awesome + yet can be so sad because i wished they could stay puppy cute forever.

    kingsley is SUCH a cutie!

  14. logan

    I love roley poley kingsly. Keep him nice and round!

  15. leigh

    aww, i remember the teething phase with pupstar ;)

    as for that bitter apple spray… it might work, the pupstar just licked it off and nibbled anyway… but he's a little odd sometimes ;)

    and yes, agreed – Kingsley Diaries should be a book!!

  16. do dogs really lose baby teeth?? ive never heard of that! such a cutie!! :)

  17. aww i love kingsley post!!! and im sorry you're on a diet that must suck!! btw your such a cutie :)

  18. JenRem

    Will you hate me if I told you I like reading Kinglsey diaries more than yours? I hope not, but seriously, these are the cutest things ever! <3

  19. cassie

    hahahaha that was hilarious!!

  20. What a big boy he is now! And who could resist giving him puppy kisses? But the teething…I have lost many a good shoe to puppy teething.

  21. TeriLyn


    the end. :)

  22. HILARIOUS POST!! Watch out for electrical cords too (computer, vacuum, lamp, etc.). Teething puppies love 'em. Our Bichon chewed through a vacuum cord in NO time. Fortunately it was unplugged!

  23. JenRem- I don't hate you at all for that! I LOVE kingsley posts more than mine too. Haha. He's such a riot. I am slowly fazing us out and turning this blog into a Kingsley Blog. Just wait.

    Leigh- That BitterApple Spray doesn't work for us either. Kingsley just chomps away- and we end up getting whiffs of the nasty taste in our mouths instead. I hate it.

    And Katherine- I wish someone had told me your advice sooner. Kingsley chewed through my phone charger in the care (unplugged) the first week we got him. And just last night he was going after my iMac cord behind my desk and I almost died. He's getting us ready for baby proofing. That is for sure.


  24. love kingsley's little diary posts :)

  25. I love your Kingsley diary posts! Too cute. To piggyback on Lauren's comment, if you spray a pet with a water bottle every time they do something bad, it actually teaches them not to do it anymore because they associate the action with bad feelings. Sort of like a backwards Pavlovian trick. ;)

  26. i love it when kingsey is a guest blogger! so cute!!

  27. Love your blog!!! And your dog! What a precious little guy. Looks like Hannah and Kingsley have become kissin' cousins (or something like that). Sweet!

  28. Jen

    My puppy never chewed anything in our house but we got teething toys as soon as she lost her first tooth. Have you tried a toy with tons of little bumps that look like they will massage his gums? My dog loved those!

  29. Luna

    kingsley is too cute. i love when he guest posts. sorry about the diet situation. diets suck.

  30. t.

    aww! kingsley is adorable! maybe some flossies and bully sticks will help keep him from chewing things he should not. my furbaby goes crazy for them!

  31. Shannon

    Can I borrow him, please?!?! Absolutely darling!!!

  32. Blicious

    OMG his little belly and his little paws! so freaking cute! love!


  33. soooo freakin cute!

  34. Sara

    I want to gnaw on his paws. He's the best dog in the world.

  35. This is soo cute it kills me!! Hope you all are doing well… and you know what they say you gain weight when your happy.
    Kingsley tummy is just justification that he just in much in love with you as you are him.


  36. Michelle

    ha ha this is too adorable! He's getting so big so quickly!

  37. Alison

    It never occurred to me that puppies go through teething! Unfortunately, I imagine that doggie teething is more destructive that baby teething..?

    Also, if you read this comment, I'm curious about where you bought Kingsley. My husband and I are searching and searching for a reputable bulldog rescue (maybe breeder) that won't charge an arm and a leg. Insight is desperately needed!

  38. 7upkels

    haha this is so cute.

    and i am the same way. when our puppy starts falling asleep i have to start kissing him. they're so cute!!!

  39. Riley

    He is getting so big and I just want to rub that tummy of his. :)

  40. There's nothing quite like posts written from the perspective of an adorable dog.

  41. Mara

    haha this is so so cute! I love Kingsley the Blogger!

  42. Cathi

    Oh Kingsley!
    How you make me laugh!!

  43. Ha! Kingsley is GREAT! he is getting bigger and growing up, not a puppy any more!

  44. C.Sarah

    This was such a cute post :) And i can't believe how big Kingsley is now!

  45. Shanley

    i am secretly so in love with him. i guess it's not so secret anymore. i even think about him sometimes during the day and how much i want one just like him!

  46. What a cutie! He's definitely got lots of love!

  47. AHHH I want to kidnap your dog… SERIOUSLY! SO CUTE.

  48. SO cute – he's a puppy aren't puppies supposed to be round? Our vet always tell us our dog needs to lose 10 lbs. She's like 150 – when she was a puppy he gauged her to be approximately 150.. What's up with that?

  49. Jen

    Aw, too cute! I do that to my dog too… I always bug him when he's sleeping cuz he's just too cute!

  50. LOL! Love these Kingsley posts! haha ;)

  51. Melissa

    I am LOVING Kingsley's posts!!!

  52. Karen

    I love reading everything from Kingsley's perspective! :)

  53. Kingsley, you are the man!! Great diary entry!

  54. Victoria

    I annoy my dogs when they're snoozing too. Can't help myself! x

  55. oh my gosh, that belly is so freaking cute. i love it!