kingsley brings me my lost mitten. and other snow things.

a few more photos from saturday’s monster storm.
we’re supposed to be getting 8-10 more inches today…
i feel like i’m living in the mountains of utah again.
this first winter in DC has us all confused.
being snowed in the past 2 weekends in a row
has proven a few things at our house:
1. i get on josh’s nerves after being cooped up together for 12+ hrs.
he needs his space. apparently, i don’t need mine.
2. kingsley goes bonkers being stuck inside for days at a time.
he’ll bite you a million times (i do not like this)
& forget everything he once learned about potty training & barking.
3. life would not be possible if it weren’t for our corner market.
when every other store in D.C. runs low on supplies,
the corner market still has milk, cookies & pellegrino (and no lines.)
4. it’s time for us to buy a shovel.
  1. Nic

    I can not get over how much I am in love with your dog! I wish I could pet him and wrestle him all day!

  2. Kitty

    It's a rather lovely day here in utah! I was wondering where all our snow went..
    you found it!

  3. i'm usually the one who needs space in my relationship. but don't worry, it's normal!

  4. Meg

    LOVE these photos! it's spring here in vancouver already, but you make me wish for snow!!

  5. Lauren

    We have no real seasons in Orange County.

    so jealous.

  6. ohmigash! I can't believe how much snow you guys have there. It's actually way more than we have in Utah.

  7. i love your photos!!! as for a shovel im so their!! our shovel had quite a beating on saturday snowstorm

  8. emilita

    kingsley is so freaking cute. i just needed to say it! that much adorable should be illegal, but i'm glad it isn't. :-)

  9. Kari

    1. I love how you organize your thoughts in a list.
    2. I love lists. Can you tell?
    3. I thought I was the one in a snow globe here in Rexburg.
    4. You definitely have more snow there.
    5. I look forward to new pictures of Kingsley every day.
    6. Is that weird?
    7. I love your blog.
    8. :)

  10. I need my space after about that long too…

  11. Yowsers! Maybe I picked the right year to move away from the snow bound states. What a crazy winter this has been.

    PS: The shovels are probably sold out.

  12. I also need my space, so I understand Josh. My boyf Ricky is just like you, though — he'd rather follow me around the house and drive me batty, lol.

    Those pictures of Kingsley are too cute. Hope you guys make it through the "snowpocalypse" okay!

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  14. Misha

    same with berlin (germany), it keeps snowing all day long…

  15. boots

    the snow is headed my way too now. WAH! hang in there lady!

  16. I'm like your hubby – if I'm stuck around my hubby for too long I get a little cranky.

  17. I am a MD resident. I CANNOT TAKE IT NO MORE. GAH. Hang in there!

  18. emily

    i really hope the snow doesn't effect your flight out this weekend. and we are taking a road trip and i am really nervous we won't be able to go. pray pray pray!!
    p.s. i love the video of the king making friends. it's funny how dogs get to know each other :)

  19. pen.ny

    HAHAHA LOVE the first one. I don't need mine either, my S has a hard time with this at times. Made me laugh. xx Good luck with the incoming snow you are about to get again. Lots of family and friends in DC and I;m thinking about all of you.

  20. Lucy

    It feels like spring right now in Utah! Now I know where all our snow went! Thanks for taking it, I really like being able to drive and not slide all over the place :)

    Your little family's adorable

  21. almalu

    he's sooooo sweet!!!

  22. Kristina

    Love the Kingsley videos – he's like a little tank when he moves! It's adorable! Aren't we so lucky to have the corner markets?! Happy to lend a shovel if you need one – I hear Frager's is sold out – yikes!

  23. Ashley

    Wow..the snow is so pretty, but I would be getting tired of it by now as well. I didn't even realize it could snow so much in D.C.

  24. Love the snow pictures! I've seen "snow" once in my entire life (and I put it in quotation marks because I'm not entirely sure that 1 inch of dusting counts as snow!). And the idea of a corner market is so fun to me…I live in the country so that concept just doesn't happen (unless you count our vegetable garden as a market).

  25. Cortney

    Two things-

    1) It is my belief dogs should be trained in useful things, and Kingsley has proven himself useful :)

    2) If I hear *one more single person at all* here in Texas say "So much for global warming, amirightfellas?" while referencing the snow storms in the East I will scream.

    That is all. I am jealous of your snow, but I'd only want it for about 4 hours, enough time to play in it, make a snow angel or two, build a snowman, and then be done.

  26. Stay warm and busy!!! My father is in Gaithersburg and he's been busy shoveling and helping his neighbors do the same. I hope the next storm misses all of you!!! ox

  27. we haven't gotten dumped on like that in Utah this year yet, I mean it snows all the time! But that much in one weekend would make anyone hole up by the fire and not ever want to leave!

  28. lynette

    At least you've been getting some gorgeous photos out of all this snow!

  29. i love his facial expression with his prized possession in his mouth.

  30. husband's are funny like that, they need space, but us wives don't. i love kingsley's face with his treasure! he looks so pleased!

  31. it's easy for me to romanticize the snow, especially the whole thought of being "SNOWED IN" like some cozy firelit party…but that's of course because we only get snow about ONCE a year and i'm sure in actuality it gets a little old. corner markets seem romantic to me too! i love the description of the DC life. good luck with the new dumping!

  32. Rachel

    He's so stinkin' cute!! :)

  33. samantha

    i love looking at the pictures of your pup! my boyfriend and i are looking into getting our first pet together and after reading your "gush posts" about Kingsley, i've made my mind up that we will definitely be getting a little english bulldog puppy :)

  34. Hillary

    Kingsley is so sweet!

  35. Wooooah! That is alot of snow! I live in Wisconsin & I don't even think I have ever seen that much snow!

    Kingsley sure is sweet! :)

  36. It never ever snows here in Miami… so to us you're kind of lucky…but I'm sure i'd go crazy too with all that cold. We wear coats in 40 degree weather. lol

    love your blog :)

  37. Marcia

    Nice photos! Although all the snow must be a nusance at this time.

  38. Kelsi

    it's been snowing in all the wrong places this winter! i live in fayetteville, arkansas and although we usually get one good snow a year, this year we have gotten TEN. i mean, i know we're in the mountains and all, but this much snow/cold is ridiculous.

  39. Rhianne

    heh, maybe its a guy thing (whatever species…) as my boyfriend is exactly the same if we're cooped up together too long… I can't believe you are getting more snow though, everything here shut down after just 6 inches… x

  40. That snow is absolutely incredible!!
    We've gotten more snow here in Nashville than usual.
    I heard about the snow coming to DC and thought about you.
    But it's absolutely beautiful!!
    {plus, the mitten thing is super sweet :D}

  41. Emmy

    Good luck and hopefully this really will be the end of it for you

  42. I love how romantic snow looks in your pictures! Are you guys out of work too because of the weather? This is making me jealous and I'm in San Diego!

  43. I love how romantic snow looks in your pictures! Are you guys out of work too because of the weather? This is making me jealous and I'm in San Diego!

  44. WOW. That is SOME storm!!

  45. he is too sweet! my husband is totally the same i need no space but he needs some every 4-6 hours of being with me ;)!

  46. aaww little king… so cute! my goodness, that is a LOT of snow. can you send some to southern california? ;)

  47. Good luck getting a shovel in this town. They have been all out here in Alexandria. :)

    I do want you to know that this really is not typical of DC winters. I love your pictures and Kingsley is super cute. Stay warm as I will be trying to do the same here in NoVa. :)

  48. We have no snow in Utah….sunny skies here. I think you guys stole our snow.

  49. dbbg

    all the snow looks so beautiful!!!

  50. CAPow!

    so much snow! kingsley is cute as always. I can imagine starting to go stir crazy with all that snow!

  51. christy

    LOVE these pics! they look straight out of a magazine! I wish I could play in the snow right now!!

  52. Cleveland's supposed to get hit hard tonight too… snow day? (crossing fingers)

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  54. i can't wait! i think we are FINALLY getting snow here tomorrow in nyc… i've been so jealous of all of you and your mountains of snow. i hope this storm lives up to its hype… am i crazy??

  55. Ebony

    Being snowed in is such a romantic idea, but I can totally see why it would be annoying. I also am one of those people that don't need space but David does. I swear I have ADD, when I'm on a plane and don't have an iPod or a good read he has to put up with me chat chat chatting. It's funny how annoyed he gets.

    That photo of Kingsley with your mitten is ADORABLE.

  56. Skye

    You already know this but I just have to say that Kingsley is a doll! It's nice to see that he has such loving parents.

  57. Rachel

    my mouth literally dropped open when i saw these pics!! talk about a winter wonder land…. a wondering of when it will staop that is!

  58. LOVE the photos… ! May I borrow for my blog? I always give you credit and include links! Seeing more snow tonight is confusing to put it nicely…

  59. as always, kingsley is adorable but i really love that first photo. what a beautiful shot!

  60. hahaha so cute puppy with the mitten!!! you guys should build a romantical snow fort!!!!!

  61. I'm loving these posts of Kingsley in the snow. :) He is adorable! I just want to pinch his floppy little cheeks.

  62. Roxanne

    I love how sweet Kingsley looks. I've seen scary bug-eye looking Eng Bulldogs that slobber all over the place and attempt to eat my shoes..
    I think your adventures with Josh is way too cute & I loved that video. Little dog syndrome ahhaha

  63. being snowed in is fun especially if you have cookies in the house!

  64. Woah!!! I've only been away from the blogging world since last Friday, and Kingsley looks MUCH bigger! What a handsome fellow he is!! Happy snow-storming! It looks like a blast!

  65. I absolutely love Kingsley, he's adorable!

  66. Lizzy

    oh my goodness, Kingsley is so flipping cute! i love these Kingsley post.

  67. Cathi

    You make me smile! I like #1. Sound a lot like me and my husband!
    Three years ago this month while on a road trip from Florida to California we stopped in DC. Sadly it was during a snow storm and everything was closed. Your beautiful photos make the snow look so magical. Our experience really wasn't. ;) We moved on down the road to our next stop.

  68. Your photos make me wish I was there! I love the snow. We don't nearly enough here in Utah!

  69. Natalie

    pellegrino and i are BEST friends after a long day at school.

    it's my mormon-attempt at the aristocracy of wine.


  70. the snow looks so amazing! and kingsley is of course adorable as always :)

  71. The snow here outside of NYC is insane as well!!! I had so much fun hiking today with my doberman mix.

    Beautiful images, and I adore your dog. My husband would LOVE to get an English Bulldog.

  72. Noell

    Laughing! Completely Laughing and loving your blog!

  73. Liz

    Husbands always seem to need their 'alone' time. Cloister yourself in a room with a book and time how long it takes for him to come find you. You'll be pleasantly surprised. :)

  74. malia

    your puppy is so very cute! love. and wow! you guys got a ton of snow. i don't know how much we got here in the city but it wasn't nearly as much as there. funny though, everyone was talking about this supposed "epic" storm that we were supposed to get. schools closed, people went home early. kind of funny.

  75. Natty

    would you believe that that much snow hardly gets us a snow day here? But we also have fleets of plows and teams of snow removal people. AND, we haven't had any storms as big as yours this year. Such a weird winter.

    Anyway, looks like you are finding plenty to do to keep yourselves busy. And yes, invest in a shovel!! Oh, and I plan on trying your puff pancake recipe for Valentine's Day!! Thanks for sharing it.