Kingsley. And other pets we know.

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josh’s parents have a pretty adorable cat named hopi.

she wears pink bows in her hair!

she is one big ball of fluff.
such a big ball of fluff, that you can’t really find her eyes unless you lift up the fluff on her face.

i don’t exactly care for cats (well, marci’s cat maude is pretty adorable)
but before we got kingsley, i tried to talk josh into letting us adopt hopi from his parents.
i really love her look and temperament.
but josh is very allergic to cats (and… he hates them.)
anyway, kingsley lOVED chasing hopi around.
he was just so curious.
she liked running away, hissing and trying to paw his face off.
kingsley also loved trying to become bff’s with ben (josh’s parents dog)
and buster (my family’s dog) but with no luck.
older big dogs dislike him so much that they ignore him.
and my mom’s chickens were so scared of him. they just hid under the coop
the entire time he was outside.
i’m proud of his many attempts to win other animal’s hearts though.
he makes a valiant effort to befriend a new dog (or squirrel)
everyday on our walks.
someday, he’ll find a best animal friend.
until then, he’s stuck only winning the affection of humans.
  1. kingsley's sooooo cute! and i love the look on josh's face in these pictures. he's definitely eyeing hopi.. :)

  2. Riley

    I swear Kingsley is the cutest dog and I'm sure he will have his doggy BFF soon. How could somebody not like him!

  3. Haha I love that he chased hopi around :)

  4. Ahaha, that cat is awesome. The other cats and dogs are just jealous of Kinglsey, btw. Well, I guess the chickens' reasoning might be a bit more sound.

  5. Maddy

    I don't like cats at all either, but those fluffy ones are so hard to resist!

    I'm sure your little King will make some good buddies one day- maybe you all will have to get him one? ;D

  6. Krysta

    Awwww. All it will take is one patient pup. My bullie is the same way even at 3!

  7. This post makes me happy.

  8. My dog Monte is the exact same way – he wants to be friends with our two cats SO BAD but they just are not having it. They tolerate him at best.

  9. Leslie

    Knightley loved playing with Kingsley! He liked that Kingsley had as much energy and love of the chase as he does. They should play again sometime soon!

  10. i just KNOW if little kingsley met my french bulldog Olive they'd be the best of friends! Olive just loves playing with little hyperactive puppies…

  11. Caroline

    Aw, what a sweet pup! This story made me go "aww". :)

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  12. That is too sweet! Why is it that cat's never get any lovin'? I love my cats (one of which I feel closely resembles Hopi). I hope Kingsley finds a BFF soon!

  13. I love your blog! The black and white pictures, the nice posts, it's such a rockin' blog! I am following your blog now!

  14. That's a perfect coffee table. It looks like it's out of a magazine.

  15. Poor King! He can be blog buddies with our cat, Ronnie. I think they would be fast friends, they're personalities are pretty similar!

  16. logan

    Oh love those pics of Hopi and Kingsly checking each other out. Too funny. I hope Kingsly finds a doggie BF soon!

  17. Ha ha- yes, Maude is pretty adorable.

  18. okay, i finally had to comment… this post brought me out from hiding.

    the way you and your hubby are with kingsley reminds me of my hubby and i 6 mos. after we got married.

    we got a french mastiff puppy, who was the most adorable puppy (until kingsley came along) and brought him everywhere with us, he was seriously our child.

    now he's a giant… and we just had our first baby 4 months ago, so big boy isn't quite the center of attention any more, but he would adore your little ninja. my sister used to have a miniature eng. bull dog named pip and she and big boy were literally the best of friends.

    anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say, is i wish kingsley could meet big boy because i know they would be immediate friends.

    and i also wanted to tell you that you are absolutely adorable.

    sorry for the novel.


  19. so adorable!
    ps, what a hottie mother in law you have!