here’s to happiness {by chanel}

i am bringing back the happy lists!
mostly because when i receive one, it makes me feel so happy.
and i kind of love that feeling, very very much.
hope you enjoy them as well…
i loved this one my dear friend chanel emailed me today.
we studied at juilliard together and she’s in her second season
dancing professionally with trey mcintyre.
i love her dearly.
10 things that make chanel terribly happy:
  1. yogi purely peppermint tea…mmm.
  2. laying on the grass, nuzzled in the shoulder of someone you love.
  3. laughing. uncontrollably.
  4. disney movies! especially the little mermaid.
  5. crepes. preferably with bananas and nutella.
  6. watching the sunset.
  7. sending and receiving lovely things in the mail.
  8. the indescribable feeling you get after performing for a loving audience.
  9. sweet, stolen kisses.
  10. bacon cheeseburgers. with fries.
thanks for sharing, chanel!
love you girl. xoxo
photo via papertissue.
  1. We are having crepes with bananas and nutella for dinner, so I am happy about that too!

  2. I thought this was going to be a giveaway by Chanel, and I got SO EXCITED. But a happy list is good too.

  3. Mary

    i am so happy you are bringing happy lists back again! i love them so much! i love thinking about how i love many of the same things… such as bananas and nutella crepes. oh my favorite :]

  4. #5 got me..I saw it 5 times (in the expensive theater) I could recite every line. My four year old appreciates it and sometimes I can hear her singing along….

    "I don't know what…
    I don't know how…
    but I know something is starting right now!"

  5. LOOOOOOOOOVELY, do you mind if i start to do this thing in my blog too? Let me know. I love your happy list, bacon cheeseburguer makes me so happy too.

  6. Yay to happy lists, they are so fantastic!

  7. Kayleigh

    i've been converted to your blog. it's absolutely lovely. :)

    i'd say it's definitely on my happy list!

  8. so cute. i love happy lists!

  9. Renee

    Love your blog!!! Love your creativity…your happy list is wonderful and your puppy Kingsley is definitely a Rock Star!!!
    What a cute family…I will spend more time on your blog…check out my Grandpuppy, George, who is now 2 and one of the loves of my life!!!

  10. Bridget

    a happy list is pretty great. glad you're featuring that – by you or someone else!

  11. i'm watching the lion king right now!!! thank you disney for so many wonderful songs i get to sing with my sisters

  12. I love the Happy lists! So glad they are back. Thanks for spreading the happiness.

  13. Courtney

    Trey Mcintyre, eh? They call my hometown "home-base" and I've had the privilege of seeing some of their pieces debuted– what a fantastic company they are!

    I'll be anxious to watch for her specifically knowing she knows you, in a totally un-creepy blog stalker sort of way.

    Your happy lists truly are something inspired. Thanks for making a bright spot in my day often!

  14. I made crepes, with strawberry's and Nutella for valentine's day dinner this year :) Now I just can't stop taking the jar and sneaking finger fulls of it throughout the day!

  15. Kaiterrs

    I was burned in a fire a couple months ago, and the only thing that kept me going was writing one happy list every day. It made me realize that no matter what life throws our way, happiness is all around. Happiness is a choice. And I choose to be happy in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration and strength. :)

  16. Emma

    love love love this happy list – can't wait to see more x

  17. kayla j.

    thank goddd. i love happy lists.

  18. Love the list!! Cheeseburgers and fries…. yum!

  19. "B"

    mayn, i have missed your happiness lists! i used to read them at work on a saturday morning (:

  20. lynette

    love these sweet lists!

  21. Meghan

    Disney movies can make anyone happy, I'm convinced! Great list!

  22. Lindsey

    laughing uncontrollably – agreed

    nutella and banana crepes – amen (especially from paris…divine)

  23. That's a very sweet list.

  24. amanda

    mmm…bacon cheeseburgers with fries. amen to that, chanel!

  25. Eli

    it's uncanny how a person and food can make you happy!! I love crepes and my boyfriend and they make me happy, hehe

  26. Mara

    haha The Little Mermaid is my favorite. It makes me so happy too!

  27. Riley

    I love your happy list! I agree Disney movies are the best. :)

  28. Burgers. I love burgers! Friday I thought I'd try something new at Applebees so I got a quesidilla burger. It was awesome!

  29. Katie

    i LOVE banana and nutella crepes, especially right off the streets of paris. aahhhh… i need a crepe maker!

  30. Colleen

    Yay! I love these things

  31. Colleen

    Yay! I love these things

  32. R.

    So very glad to see Happy Lists making an appearance once again and what a wonderful kickoff — that entire list is total bliss. xo

  33. Lindsey

    My list…even if you haven't asked for it yet:
    1. When all the clouds in the sky are the same type of animal, like a whole school of fish.
    2. Fresh Vegetables.
    3. My husband's neck.
    4. Losing myself in song (especially at church).
    5. Painting for hours by a sunny window.
    6. The fireplace.
    7. The smell of my 1940's Featherweight.
    8. Saturdays in bed with husband, puppy, and 2 kitties.
    9. When I drop something and catch it quick before it hits the floor.
    10. When students call me and husband Mr. and Mrs. Cool and mean it.

  34. Ali

    I'm glad bacon cheeseburgers made the list!!

  35. Bri

    happy lists….rock! they make me feel all happy and fuzzy inside <3

  36. Chanel

    thanks people! i'm so happy to know that i'm not the only big kid out there who still loves 'the little mermaid' AND crepes! xoxo – chanel

  37. Dot

    this is such a good list! I totally agree.