1. Emily

    you seriously have the CUTEST dog EVER.

  2. Hillary

    This is so adorable.

  3. Kali

    those rolls remind me of my new baby boy's legs. ha.

  4. hillary

    love his wrinkles :)

  5. Sayward

    Oh my goodness. How 'dorable!

  6. Naurnie

    i die. how do dogs get to be so cute, anyhow?

  7. Malia

    hang in there with all the snow this weekend!
    it's been pretty snow-less up in Boston.

  8. Brooke

    He is too cute for words

  9. Minta


  10. Alex A-G

    ahhhhh so cute!

  11. Joan

    i'm so glad kingsley is feeling better!

  12. Kristin

    so cute!

  13. Hanako66

    oh gosh, he's cute

  14. hahaha no shame! He and his rolls are adorbs to the max!!!