flowers were blooming…then winter showed up (again) and stepped on them.

to be honest, i didn’t want this snow storm to show up.
i have been ready for spring since christmas ended.
but this latest storm has been beyond fun
for us to experience with kingsley.
so i guess i don’t mind for kingsley’s sake…
it’s a total understatement to say he is loving it.
have a beautiful weekend!
if you’re in DC, i hope you made it to the store
for eggs and milk before they all ran out!
if not, come by our house! i stocked up on thursday.
keep warm!
and i forgot to announce the giveaway winner yesterday,
i’m so sorry. here she is:
thanks to everyone who entered!
it meant a lot to me. xoxo
  1. Nina

    kingsley is so cute standing on his hind legs!

  2. Emma

    aw such beautiful photos. Kingsley is one cute pup!

  3. loving the pics!!

  4. Lauren

    that last photo of you two is beyond precious.. like way beyond. what a cutie!

  5. so glad to see kingsley back playing in the snow!!
    adorable photos! and congrats to rissa and jared! lucky lucky!

  6. Wow– snowpocalypse INDEED! Glad you stocked up! :)

  7. Meaghan

    What a crazy winter! DC has been getting more snow than Boston, we are just getting the crazy antarctic cold. You guys and your poochie are just too cute for words! I need me a buddy like him!

  8. Meghan

    Please send the snow to Chicago! I want to have fun and play, too!

  9. Kingsley needs an argyle puppy sweater.

  10. your blog is just delightful. thanks for being awesome.

  11. Kari

    Great minds think alike ;) because I just wrote a blog post about all the snow here in rexburg. Maybe if I had Kingsley , snow would be better??? I think so. :)

  12. Meg

    wow kingsley is getting so big! these pictures are adorable :)

  13. Karina

    Kingsley is adorable!!!

  14. carissa

    aw cute doggie in the snow… enjoy the rest of the weekend… it makes everything so pretty and magical. we were out walking today and it was just so fun.

  15. carissa

    aw cute doggie in the snow… enjoy the rest of the weekend… it makes everything so pretty and magical. we were out walking today and it was just so fun.

  16. benson

    I'm SO happy we don't deal with that much snow- hooray for Arizona!

  17. caroline

    beautiful photos.

  18. when i first saw the picture of Kingsley from a distance i thought had on a sweater.
    then when i actually saw it i was like "oh its his rolls/wrinkles"
    and i dont mean that in a bad way, i have a fascination with dogs that have rolls.
    in fact, a dog like your and a Sharpei are my top two dogs I want to own haha

    i know if i lived in snow i would be miserable (since i am from california) BUT i have NEVER witnessed snow in my entire life so i am quite jealous.

  19. Lauren

    so precious. love your boots.

  20. WHAT THE! is he really standing up that cutely? can that be possible? i love it so much. that family picture is so sweet too, you are all just happy and in love with each other. now that is the way to ride out a snowstorm. i saw it in the paper today and thought of you…crazy over there!

  21. krista

    you guys are so adorable. seriously.

  22. Yikes, holy snow!

  23. ahh but then you would have missed the chance to frolic in the snow again! just the cutest little family ever!

  24. Kingsley looks so cute in the snow!!! I know the snow is horrible, spring please get here! I live 15 minutes from DC, we went to the store Thursday night too, it was crazy but glad we did! I have a pug puppy , she is 3 months and she was not loving the snow!! Have a great night!!!

  25. Rachel

    ummm Kingsley is ultra adorable, and the pic of the 3 of you is SO cute!!! I miss snow….you can send some to me please :)

  26. Kingsley looks so happy in that last photo! Our pomeranian loves the snow – she jumps into snowbanks and disappears because they are so high (Philly got snowed on, too). Our chihuahua prefers the warmth of my jacket!

  27. heather

    glad to see that kingsley is all better & playing in the snow!! he's getting so big!

  28. Looks like you all had so much fun in the snow!! I'm glad Kingsley is feeling better!

  29. wow! that's a lot of snow! i don't remember the last time i saw snow like that! little kingsley looks so cute in it, i bet he's having a blast!

  30. i thought we avoided the snow in raleigh this time but i spoke to soon! no i think i'm losing my mind a little out of boredom:) i'm so ready for spring and flowers!

  31. kingsley is getting to be such a big boy already!! too cute!

  32. Nina

    aww he's so cute, love the last photo! i remember when my cats stepped on snow the first time…what joy!

  33. AmyK

    Aw, where's the little boy's coat?! He's so cute. I hope he's loving the snow!

  34. What wonderful photos! And you all seem to be enjoying being in it as well, not just your dog.

  35. Kingsley's first snow! How cute. Stay warm you guys!

  36. Melina

    I wish it would snow here in Seattle, it's just raining. Cute family as always!

  37. ♥Lola

    So glad to see Kingsley looking better :)

  38. amanda

    way to embrace in the snowy wonderland. i'm kind of loving it. i like having an excuse to be lazy and not have to run out to do errands.

  39. Just wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! We live in DC too and are surviving the latest snow (luckily were able to stock up on french toast supplies!). Keep up the great blogging

  40. Amber

    Aw, I'm so glad Kingsley got to play this time!

  41. CAPow!

    you 3 are so adorable playing in the snow!

  42. LJB

    That snow is crazy. Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

  43. Kelly

    I'm so jealous! I wish I could play with my puppy in the snow, but winter in London is all rain :(

  44. Rhianne

    I love your photos, it looks like you are all having a great time.

    I'm ready for spring now though and pretty flowers :)

  45. I thought kingsley was recovering from pneumonia

  46. $mith

    It has been fun! We went on a big walk through the snow today.
    No church again :( Let's hope for it next week!

  47. Sara

    omg, he is adorable. I watch the puppy bowl today, he should have been in it :)

  48. carly

    i don't think harper would know what to do if it really snowed here in austin.
    there were a few flakes here in december. he just looked up at me like "why mom, why?"

  49. Golly I hope you guys are doing ok with all that snow! We've been watching the news and the supermarkets there look like the rapture has come! Deary me!
    And Kingsley is getting so big, he looks like a little wrestler! Cute!

  50. Michelle

    Kingsley is too cute! I'm glad he got to see a huge snowstorm this winter!

  51. ow…I want to keep me warm, but no at the melting point! I want to play with snow too! hehe good week! kisses

  52. Shawn

    Can I mention again that you are so gorgeous—-and your little family is adorable? It makes me want to be young again…..sigh…..

  53. such great pictures! You're so beautiful

  54. Fawn

    i am in LOVE with your little Kingsley!

  55. i know how you feel!!! i didnt want the strom to come BUT in the end it was fun!!

  56. Helen

    awww my dogs love the snow too! so cute.

  57. Vee

    getting ready for round two, that is coming this afternoon, love your blog!

  58. Alicia

    i could eat breakfast for every meal too!! ;) i LOVE all your photos. such a colorful and fun blog to read.

  59. I am honestly in love with Kingsley, he is such a cutie!!!! I am glad he is enjoying the snow! I love your jacket, the color is amazing =]

  60. OMG!! Your dog is the most adorable thing i've seen in the blog world! Oh it just makes me miss my doggie Camilo even more! i adore your blog!! And that dog is definetly one of the reasons!! Nice to see him better

  61. Hanako66

    that must be so fun!

    and i love your new bangs!!!