day after the storm.

are you sick of seeing photos from this storm yet?

i’m getting there.
i was able to get out and walk a few blocks yesterday which felt like heaven.
especially since we’ve been stuck in doors for almost a week
and i gained 5 pounds to prove it.

being “snowed in” is beautiful and fun and romantic for 24 hours….tops.
but being “snowed in” for almost a week? we don’t recommend it.
the one thing i’ll probably remember most about this historic week in D.C. weather is the canker sore it gave me inside my mouth the size of a temple that just won’t.go.away.
looking forward to a trip to the beach this summer.
counting down the days.
  1. This is really beautiful and peaceful. But I really understand you for counting the days until beach and sun!

  2. Rosa Blu

    I never have enough of such beautiful pics like these! They're awesome, love the colours!

  3. Hayden

    what camera do you take these pictures on? they are beautiful. and it seems like they must be digital because you upload them so quickly. i'm on the market to buy a camera… just wondering!

  4. TeriLyn

    Gorgeous pictures! I like to look at the snow, but I'm glad I'm not surrounded by it. :) I live in NC now and don't miss Utah winters at all!

  5. wow, that's GORGEOUS!

  6. We got snow up in NY too but not this much. I agree it's great in lil doses but a week's worth?? Geez. I hope you get out of the house a lil bit & some warmer weather comes to melt some it!!

  7. Winter wonderland looks beautiful. But I would go crazy staying in the house for days and days. Can just imagine. We had our share of snow here in NY as well, but nothing compared to your area. I took my camera out for a walk as well and got some nice shots.

  8. Mandi

    The sun is finally out today, and our massive piles of snow are beginning to melt. Hunks os snow are falling down from the roof and scaring my little Yorkie. It's so funny. :)

  9. I am definitely sick of the snow too…i can't wait till it gets warmer out so i can get to the beach too.

  10. It's so pretty but yikes that is a lot of snow! I am so ready for summer!

  11. so beautiful, almost eerie it's so serene!

  12. bethani

    12.5 inches of snow in Dallas, Tx today!

    Totally Amazing. Loving every minute of it.

  13. Nichole

    it's like you've had Christmas for weeks & weeks!

  14. Jaime

    These are such pretty photos- though quite alot of snow! I am heading to dc today for the long weekend…not sure what to expect! :)

  15. Rileigh

    OH my gosh I hear you! (we are in Columbia MD) Today is sunny but being a California girl I am terrified to drive. I am anxiously awaiting spring and berry picking at the local farms.

  16. keli *

    despite you being over the snow, your pictures are lovely. I would opt for your conditions over the slushy mess I see outside my window. :)

  17. We're sick of it too! And I hear you one the five pounds. All we've done is bake and eat. I'm ready to get out of the house!

  18. Natty

    Rinse your mouth out with salt water several times a day and the canker sore will heal really quickly

  19. You got some good shots of the snow…..I was stuck in my house for 2 days till my bf came to rescue me last night…my car is still stuck though : ( And yeah, I'm joining the gym tomorrow if I can get my car out!!!!

  20. it is so gorgeous. funny how during summer we can't wait for snow and to cuddle indoors and in winter all we want is the warm sand and sunshine!

  21. jones

    i can certainly relate to your cabin fever. finally, back at work today! hope that your c.s. is doing much better. and gorgeous photos

  22. Well, I'm glad I'm in CA now. Yay

  23. oh you are hilarious! now, you should buy yourself a fabulous bathing suit or fantastic pair of sandals to combat all that ickiness!

  24. ariel

    i am jealous of all of your snow! if it's going to be cold, there may as well be snow to make things beautiful.

  25. you may be sick of the snow (we got a ton in NYC as wel), but these pics are beautiful–glad you got to go out and enjoy the snow from a new perspective!

    -elizabeth at:

  26. Seeing this much snow is crazy because EVERYthing is shut down in my town today for some flurries that didn't even stick to the ground! (That's Alabama for ya; we don't really know how to handle snow.)

    But the good news is that I was off. Now a week of this, I don't think I could stand either. You'll make it!! (and no, I'm not sick of seeing your beautiful photos!)

  27. Beautiful pictures! I was starting to feel a little crazy with the weather last week, and I only had rain to deal with!

  28. Emmy

    I could never get enough of your pictures of the storm, they are all beautiful. And I love the different things you take pictures of, you really have an eye for it

  29. benson

    I invited all east coasters to Phoenix this Valentines Day where it will be a wonderful and perfect 77 degrees…only problem is most won't be able to fly out of that frozen igloo you all are living in right now. ugh.

  30. your pictures are so beautiful!
    i also love how you're the only person outside!!
    xox alison

  31. sheila

    oh. my. goodness.

    I DO NOT like snow, so I feel bad. The pictures are beautiful though.
    I'll try to blow some Hawaii weather your way.

  32. Emma

    such pretty pictures!

  33. i think it's beautiful! but I would prefer the beach as well… :)

    i saw you in the paper here in utah, congratulations

  34. at least you have some lovely pictures!

  35. lovely photos. hope you enjoy some more walks soon!

  36. Carrie

    Beautiful as these photos are, I think I'd be going crazy from being stuck indoors too. Hope you guys get un-snowed-in very soon! :)

  37. Maddy

    Eeek! I've been complaining so hard about the weather here in Florida and you guys have had it so much worse! I hope the weather gets better up there :)

  38. Yikes!! I'm ending you some sunshine from Arizona!!

    p.s. Summer will be here before you know, and I'll be the one complaining about heat waves {sob.}

  39. Cathi

    I'm very much a stay at home gal but that includes my yard. I can't imagine being stuck inside the house without ever going out.
    Your photos are so beautiful!! Many of them would look lovely framed and hanging on the wall. Especially the snow covered tree hanging in front of the four little windows and the black gate.

  40. jamin

    When you come visit Utah, would you be so kind as to bring the snow along with you? I miss it.
    Thanks. xo.

  41. Bridget

    gorgeous pictures.

  42. the amount of snow you guys are getting is almost laughable…keep warm!!

  43. chloee

    your new page is adorable! i like the little changes!

  44. Briauna

    Have you ever heard of zilactin? It is this wonderful stuff you put on your canker sore. It creates kind of like a sheild around it and it helps it heal faster. It helps it not hurt you as much. You can buy it at the store. Good stuff.

  45. Alyssa

    Oh, dear. That is so much snow. It really is only good for about a day or so. Here's hoping it goes away soon!

  46. .debbie.

    beautiful pics! love the first window one and the Capitol Hill street sign

  47. CAPow!

    your photos of the storm are gorgeous! they make me want to get snowed in (for one day, not a week :)

  48. I'm glad you all are OK. I was getting worried.

    Hope you got lots of cuddles in.


  49. I love all the pictures – it makes me miss home. My father has been giving me a call about every 2 days updating me on the snow fall. I hope it breaks up soon for you guys. I know what cabin fever feels like and it's not always fun.

    Note: Swish some salt water in your mouth that should help heal the canker sore. I hate those things. It will sting a little bit but in the end will help the healing.

    Stay warm! ox

  50. $mith

    I agree. I'm done with this snow! I need sun and warmth. And my mail!

  51. i'm definitely not tired of seeing snow photos! this little southern california girl is loving it! :) it's been sunny and in the 60s for the past few days… i wish orange county would just get an inch of snow! that's all i'm asking. ;)

  52. The Snow is beautiful!! and it's great but you're right–summer is so much better!!!
    Spring & Summer, hurry!!

  53. I live in the area and I am also getting tired of the snow and the snow weight that has gone with it. My doggie, Franklin, also loves the snow but I think he is done with it too. Happy weekend!

  54. Mallory

    Canker sores are just… the worst. The complete & utter worst. I hope yours disappears soon.

  55. Wow, I was supposed to go to DC last weekend (friend convinced me not to) and totally would have missed my flight to Singapore.

    Totally recommend Oral B Mouth rinse (worked on my mother of a sore a few weeks ago). Zilactin and the other stuff is hard to apply.

  56. Angie

    Now THAT is snow. Up here in NYC we really didn't get a whole lot. Everyone still freaked out and closed schools, but they were overreacting. Your storm kicks our storm's butt! Awesome pictures. (Although being snowed in for a week sounds a little much.) Here's to hoping spring comes SOON for you guys in DC!

  57. Jen

    Such gorgeous pictures though! It makes it all worth it to realize the beauty in the middle of winter's chill.

  58. Wow I love your blog! I love these photos of a snowstorm. Wish i could have on of these.


  59. Yup, still love the photos and will no longer poach! The Capitol Hill sign is classic!

  60. I could never get tired of the snow pics. Growing up in New England, I can appreicate it all. Living in the southern hemisphere now and not ever seeing snow here in Australia – it's just not the same.

    My husband promised me when we move to New Zealand, we'll head up to the mountains and have a Christmas in July in the snow… what a guy :) <3

    love the image of the window and the sideway snow. it almost looks like sleet!!! gorgeous! xo

  61. Dot

    your photos are always so cool and beautiful. I can't believe D.C. is getting so much snow!

  62. Love the photos, there's something so peaceful about snow. Although, after a while you've had enough!

    Glad you were able to venture out, you got great shots :)

  63. Morgan

    beautiful photos… as always!

  64. i'm in ohio + we're getting dumped on as i type. 10+ inches MORE… seriously? the snow is a being a bum… just sitting out there, all squishy + useless… and i refuse to give this one any change! sigh.
    hope everyone is staying warm! :)

  65. Wow, that much snow is pretty gnarly!

  66. Apt. #34

    This makes me miss DC!

  67. Bitsy

    Your snow looks AMAZING. Our snow does not look like that. Our snow is slushy and grey. Boo!

  68. Even something as crappy as unending winter storms has a bright side: Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  69. hillary

    i love that snow man. :)

  70. Tillie

    This makes memiss DC. We spent 7 days there in Novemmber and it looked just like this, it was so beautiful. I miss the city alot.