cute little video.

i was browsing nate pickett’s blog the other day
and maybe watched this video of his three times in a row.
he shot it in california using only natural light, at night!
and in black and white.
this couple is absolutely adorable. (so is her pregnant belly. i love it.)
and this video is so rockstar.

in collaboration with gideon photo.
this is NOT a sponsored post.
  1. Caitlin

    What a fantastic little video! I really can't believe that it was shot only in available light. I guess thats a testament on how many lights are on in CA at night.

  2. I die! Sooo sweet. Love Nathan Pickett!

  3. Vanessa

    gorgeous video! thanks for sharing! and what a sweet couple for sure!

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  5. EVA

    Aww, reminds me of when I was first dating :)

  6. As a former videographer…this video ALMOST makes me wish I was still filming. That was an inventive video. So adorable…but mostly I'm jealous that I can't dress that cute when I'm prego…or ever for that matter, I'm such a fashion klutz!

  7. this totally inspired me today. the filmmaker in me wants to start a new project now! :) thanks for sharing, naomi!

  8. wow this video is so precious. is the song by vampire weekend? what's the title?

  9. Tara

    Oh i love it! So so so adorable!

  10. That is my friend Joy. I was watching this on her facebook. It is so darling!

  11. Mary

    i love his films so much! this was lovely!

  12. Anna

    That was so touching. I love it.

  13. Riley

    That was so sweet I loved it! :)

  14. Maria

    This is absolutely fantastic! Makes my heart melt with joy (:

  15. Melinda

    Yay! Balboa Park, San Diego! We had our reception there. Cute video!

  16. Kelsi

    How sweet! This just makes me want to be pregnant in a little dress in the city. Swoon!

  17. seriously. love. so darling. i want one.

  18. carissa

    aw. that was pretty. and made me miss my home. cause that park is where i group up. imean. near that park.

  19. ~L~

    I love love love Balboa Park. So beautiful in any light.

  20. I love this video, now, too! Thank you so much for sharing it. It's so lovely and sweet.

  21. Jalene

    Nathan Pickett is going to be our videographer for our wedding!!! We are beyond excited. He is the coolest guy ever! :)

  22. oh my gosh sooo cute!!

  23. Dara

    i love it!

  24. oh my gosh yes amaaaaazing

  25. Courtney

    that was so beautiful, thanks for sharing : )

  26. Michelle

    This was seriously amazing! That couple has such a great energy and vibe together! I looooooved it!

  27. Jodi

    Dear someone above me, the song is Taxi Cab by Vampire Weekend. So good.

  28. Victoria

    This video has filled me with a warm and fuzzy feeling! Thanks for sharing :)

  29. kanishk

    that was pretty. and made me miss my home. cause that park is where i group up. imean. near that park.

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  30. That is the sweetest! Oh my they are the cutest couple.. and the fact that she's pregnant makes it even sweeter. I think I have a toothache now ;) thanks for sharing.

  31. Whitney

    I am going to go visit this couple in San Diego in a couple of weeks! Joy is beautiful!

  32. Wow. Thanks for showing us this. She is the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen. And what a pretty city they live in.

  33. Lindsey

    This is one of the most wonderful things. It makes me smile.

  34. That almost made me cry. I'll blame that on the hormones of being a new mother. Beautiful vid. Love love love it.

  35. What a sweet video! I love it when he fixes her coat. Such an adorable couple.

  36. keli *

    this is precious. great way to show what love should look like.

  37. can't stop watching this :) love it :)

  38. this was filmed in Balboa Park! I am from San Diego and I just KNOW that is where this was filmed. It is my favorite spot back home. If you ever go you need to walk around, it is just beautiful! The architecture and everything… simply breathtaking.

  39. Amanda

    What a darling little piece. It makes me love filmography and falling love, and of course Vampire Weekend is an excellent choice of soundtrack. Thanks for sharing :)

  40. so perfectly sentimental.

  41. robyn

    love. love love love.

  42. So cute.

  43. Connie

    you nailed it- they are an absolutely adorable couple!!.. love this!

  44. This is the cutest video I've ever seen! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  45. Dot


  46. mare

    wow. this is breathtaking. it's seeping with love.

  47. mare

    wow. this is breathtaking. fills your heart with love.

  48. Travis

    Oh gosh. Can I look like that when I'm pregnant? Heck, could I look like that even when I'm NOT pregnant? That would be ok with me….
    Sheesh that's adorable.

  49. jordyn.

    this is about the best thing ever.

  50. Ash

    Probably one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen.

  51. Bamber

    that is balboa park in san diego. its beautiful there.